The following list of available volunteer slots is READ-ONLY. To register for one of the slots, you should click the button Lookup Registration to tie your registration information to your slot request.

[S] is a special slot designation which gives you 6 hours Super status. It takes 2 [S] slots or three 4 hour slots to receive the 12 hour Super Duper status. [S] slots only count as their actual hours for 24 hr die-hards and marathoners, not including the 30 minutes to get situated. Some (but not all) men's slots are marked [S] according to needs.

Volunteers who are Super Duper 12 hours or Diehard 24 hour/Marathoner 40 hr get to shop after both 1st and 2nd drop-offs! Regular 4 hour and Super 6-8 hr volunteers shop after 2nd drop-off through all items.

We have now marked our hardest to fill slots: VERY NEEDED SHIFT! GET YOUR $10 Kids EveryWEAR Gift Certificate at checkout on Volunteer Full Price Shopping Day if you do this SHIFT!

Select the time slots you wish to volunteer for:

Sun 3/10
1pm-530pm: VERY NEEDED SHIFT! GET YOUR $10 Kids EveryWEAR Gift Certificate at checkout on your Shopping Day if you do this SHIFT! Help detag or wherever needed at 50% off to Public and 75 off to Cons/Vols-- -- SHOP YOUR 75 OFF Saturday at 5pm - Please pay for any items pulled before 5pm at 50% off! Do not shop your 75 off until 5pm on Saturday-- ( 1 slot remaining )

(*) We are glad to have men work any slots, however we require men for these specific slots to help set up and break down racks. If your husband/friend can do this, select the slot(s) for them using YOUR name. You and your husband/friend can work at the same time if desired. Simply check the men's slot and the women's slot for a given time. ONLY if there is not a men's position specified for a given timeslot and your husband/friend will be JOINING you to work, sign him up SEPARATELY under his own name and contact us so that you will receive full credit for his time and yours. If you and your husband/friend each work 1 shift, you will be a Super volunteer or you can work a combination of any 3 slots for super duper volunteer status. 

If you cannot find a convenient time slot, please contact us.