Daycare/HOA/PTA Advertising

(Advertising opportunities to pta's, hoa's, etc., are listed on our Barter page.)

Are you the owner of a Daycare? Or would you be willing to advertise to your HOA/yahoo groups/fb groups/Nextdoor App/PTA for Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale?

Advertise for Kids EveryWEAR and shop early!

  • Get a count of children/# of handouts needed.
  • Print our 2 per page Handout and distribute the copies to the parents of the children.
  • Once done delivering the handouts, register as a volunteer.
    • If you have never registered before, click the New Registration button under the spaces for your name and house #.
    • On the next screen click the checkbox for "Sign up as a volunteer"
    • On the next screen, enter all of your information so you will be notified of upcoming sales
    • On the next screen Accept the Volunteer Agreement.
    • On the following screen, enter password "daycare" at the top of the volunteer agreement screen where it says: DAYCARE, MEAL VOLUNTEERS, and PRE-SALE VOLUNTEERS who have ALREADY completed or been approved for pre-sale work, you may enter your password here to register for your hours (otherwise this may be left blank).
    • Check the checkbox beside the word "Handouts" on the next screen and enter the daycare name and details.
  • You will receive an email pass to shop at noon on Monday during our Shop for a Cause event.
  • After delivering the flyers, email us:
    1. A list of which daycares received flyers
    2. How many parents received flyers.
    3. The daycare's address and phone #
    4. The director's email address

Thanks so much for helping spread the word!

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