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What's New

Each and every sale we rack our brains to find ways to make our sale better for everyone involved: our consignors, our shoppers, and our great volunteers! Look for details on these and more new features throughout our website! And thanks to all of you who give us suggestions to make our sale great! We are indebted!

What's New for Shoppers:

  • Two separate, speedy checkouts: one in toy store for all toys & equipment plus one central location in hallway for all shoes, clothing and Mommy Mart purchases.
  • We can now outfit your young men! We will accept men's sizes in the following brands ONLY: Hollister, GAP, Old Navy, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Aeropostale. Find these sizes in the Boys 4T and up Store on the rack with Boy's sizes 14-16.
  • Fitting rooms are located in girls and ladies stores. Shoppers in boys and maternity may carry clothing across the hall to try on but, please as a courtesy to consignors to whom those items belong, return unwanteds to original storefronts!

Wanna shop early, but can't volunteer or consign? Everyone is invited to attend our Shop for a Cause Charity Event on Monday, March 3, beginning at 10am!

A copy of the confirmation web page or email showing that you've joined our mailing list is required, along with a gift to donate to your favorite local charity or to Habitat for Humanity. Gifts accepted include:
  • Check for $15 or more made out to Habitat for Humanity with Sovereign Grace Church in the memo.*
  • Check for $15 or more made out to your favorite local church, PTA or kid-friendly charity (see below for details)
  • Unopened packages of diapers, wipes or formula valued at $15 or more.

*Tax receipts will be mailed at year end for all donations by check


Raise Money for Your Church, PTA, or Similar KID-Friendly Local Charity! A $15 check made out to the charity of your choice, complete with envelope addressed to that charity is YOUR ticket to this early shopping date! We'll supply the postage!

Advertise this event in your Charity's bulletin and shop even earlier! Get Kids EveryWear's SHOP FOR A CAUSE event published in your next bulletin or newsletter & you may shop on Saturday, March 1, 5-8pm or any shopping date thereafter !!! Once you have approval to insert our event in your upcoming bulletin, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us details and we'll email you an early shopping pass, provided the bulletin comes out before the sale and is likely to catch the attention of young families! Shop early and raise money for your favorite cause by spreading the word!!! A copy of the bulletin will be required with your shopping pass!

Register Here for the Expecting or First-time Moms Sales which follow the SHOP FOR A CAUSE event. Spread the word to your new friends in your childbirth classes. Feel free to bring your spouse and parents along to help you shop! Leave the boxes for volunteering and consigning blank unless you'd like to participate in the sale and shop EVEN earlier! Simply bring a copy of your confirmation web page or email registration confirmation showing that you have registered.

What's New for Volunteers:

  • Volunteers shop half price on all black and green ink prices on Wednesday and 75% off all black ink prices on Thursday! See event schedule for times.
  • Friends of volunteers shop early only for Full Price due to the new schedule. The Friends Sale is on a Monday this sale.
  • The full price volunteer preview sale is scheduled on Saturday until 8 (not 9pm). See Event Schedule for details!

What's New for Consignors:

  • Tag template now prints 12 per page to save paper! Still have old tags? You're welcome to use them up first!
  • For you book aficionados: Sort your books before drop-off for easier shelving and improved sales. The list on this page will help.
  • Friends of Consignors shop early only for Full Price due to the new schedule. The Friends Sale is on a Monday this year.
  • NEW: Men's sizes following brands ONLY: Hollister, GAP, Old Navy, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Aeropostale (we do NOT have a market for non-teens; please keep your business attire and other brands at home! Thanks!) Hang these sizes in the Boys 4T and up Store on the rack with Boy's sizes 14-16.
  • Consignors shop half price on all black and green ink prices on Wednesday and 75% off all black ink prices onThursday! See event schedule for times.
  • TAX DONATION RECEIPTS are now available to White Tag Consignors! White Tags indicate that your UNSOLD items will be donated to one of several excellent charities post-sale. Tag on white card stock, help needy children AND receive tax credit for the donation of your unsold items. Remember White Tag Consignors shop one hour before other consignors for full price! See Donating Your Unsold Items for more details.
  • MOMMY MART space will be significantly limited. Therefore, Maternity, Ladies and Junior Items must adhere to the guidelines specified on Items Accepted and Mommy Mart pages. Please review these guidelines carefully since items which do not adhere WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED! All Mommy Mart and Junior items must have been manufactured/purchased new in the last TWO years
  • Cribs must be manufactured in 2009 or after and cannot have drop-sides. Please read this article for more information.
  • Mattresses of any size are NOT accepted!
  • You must write the car seat's expiration date on your tag. The expiration date can be found imprinted in the car seat's plastic.
  • Now accepting an unlimited # of boys & girls sizes 0-6 mo. as well as an unlimited # of like-new shoes -- no scuffed toes please.