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Important Consignor Details from our website. Please read through each of these!

Top Ten Tagging Blunders

Preparing Merchandise

Items Accepted

Boutique Brands


Cardstock Color List

Donating Unsold Items

Print Tags

Dropping Off

Consignor Shopping

Homeschool Items

Getting Your Check

Jrs, Ladies, Housewares

Late Drop-off


What's New for Consignors:

  • If you are consigning and you volunteer for 24 actual hours of ALL slots marked VERY NEEDED SHIFT and forward your confirmation to me, I will increase your consignor earnings to 70%. You also get to shop with the 24 hour die-hards! You may combine these hours with your spouse/parent and forward me both confirmations and ask me to combine them for this opportunity. You MUST choose ONLY slots marked VERY NEEDED SHIFT - no exceptions.
  • We will pull and DONATE any VCR tapes and any adult rated R or above DVD's dropped off. We do not take accept these and do not have the staff to sort and return them.
  • We will not be accepting adult patterns of Queen and King sized bedding - only patterns that are very clearly intended for a child's room will be accepted. 
  • We will not be accepting adult-oriented books! No adult novels. No cookbooks. 
  • This is our Spring/Summer sale. Please don't bring winter coats, winter sweaters, corduroys, winter boots (rain boots are ok), turtlenecks, velvet, flannel, fleece, thermal, wool, sweatshirts/sweatpants, Halloween/Christmas items, and similar items that are clearly intended for cold weather. Spring weight jackets, long pants, and lightweight long sleeves will be accepted only if they can be worn on a TYPICAL day April-August! Lightweight footed pjs for infants are acceptable.
  • We will be charging a $10 fee to any consignors who bring an expired carseat. We will destroy the carseat and not return it. PLEASE write the car seat expiration date on your tag along the top like this:  "EXP 5/2020".
  • We will be charging a $5 fee per 10 items dropped off that are very clearly off season or very stained/torn. 


Unsold items NOT picked up at our designated Pickup time will be donated to charity that evening! We regret that no alternate arrangements can be made other than the choices listed below. PLEASE DO NOT email to say you forgot pick-up or cannot make it to pick-up. Your items are donated at 8pm if not picked up. Any 

Can't make it to Pick-up? You have 2 choices.
Work a SORT shift. You will earn 6-hr super volunteer status for the following sale AND you will be allowed to take your sorted items AND your check home with you at the end of your shift. Available slots are listed online in volunteer registration and you may email if you need us to add a specific 4-1/2 sort time for you during our sort days.
Send someone else to Pick-up for you. They MUST have a copy of your confirmation registration email in order to pick up your items.
Again, we cannot hold any items for you if you fail to make it to pick-up.

  • Make sure you have your Consignor Confirmation or your CODE number. To look up your confirmation, check your tags or register again.
  • Items and checks are sorted by code number! Items are NOT all in one place. Clothes and shoes are together and boys and girls clothes are all combined. Shoes hang in a bag on the rack with your boys/girls clothing or are under the rack. Toys and all other non-hanging items are in a separate location!
  • Unsold items NOT picked up at this time will be donated to charity that evening! We regret that no alternate arrangements can be made. PLEASE DO NOT email
    to say you forgot pick-up or cannot make it to pick-up. Your items are donated immediately if not picked up. No exceptions.
  • Checks will be available at Pick-up unless there is an unforeseeable glitch! Any checks not picked up on-site will be mailed to you immediately following the sale. PLEASE do not email asking how to get your check if you miss pick-up. Please do not contact us unless you have not received your check for at least two weeks after the sale.
  • CLOTHING will be hanging by consignor number in the clothing area. Boys and Girls clothing items are combined. Any unsold shoes and accessories will be bagged and hanging with your clothing.
  • TOYS/EQUIPMENT are in what was our Large Outdoor Equipment/Bikes area.
  • Mens, Ladies, Maternity and Housewares are in their individual departments, unsorted, as per our website. Please check each department for any remaining items.
  • If you hung your junior sized XS, S, M items on the Girls size 12-16 racks, they have been properly moved to the ladies/juniors department. Please check there for them! They are NOT sorted.
  • Remember, tax receipts for donations are available by showing us your white-tagged items at Drop-off. If you failed to get one then, ask for one at Pick-up.
  • Pick-up is busiest at the first hour. Wait a bit and you will get out faster. Charities begin pulling items at 8pm as it is our job to get moved out quickly!
  • Remember that any items you tagged with WHITE CARDSTOCK will not be sorted by consignor code and have already been removed.
  • At Pick-up, you may choose to place any of your items you do not wish to carry home in the donation area, but we strongly suggest that you print your tags on WHITE CARDSTOCK instead and skip the trip to pick-up!

A few deals you might be interested in at Pick-up. Cash only:

  • White cardstock to tag and donate unsold leftovers next sale will be available (20 sheets for $1).
  • 4" zipties will be available. 100/pack for $1.

What to do at pick-up:

  1. Pick up your check.
  2. Check ALL departments: Clothing, Toys, Mens/Ladies/Jr/Maternity/Housewares, plus the designated section for stained/off-season and no tags.
  3. Pick up your clothing/shoes (shoes and accessories hang in bags on a hanger with your clothes if you had any leftover).
  4. Pick up your Toys/Equipment/Books. These are in what was the Outdoor Toy/Bike area sorted into piles by code.
  5. Pull your own Mens/Ladies/Jrs (including adult shoes) & Maternity & Housewares
  6. Check the NO TAGS area for items that have become separated from sets or have lost their tags. You must sign for any items you claim as yours.
  7. Any items which fail to meet the criteria listed in our Items Accepted section will not be sorted. Stained/Torn/Off-season/Outdated items may be found on racks labeled as such near the no tags clothing. (But you didn't bring any, right?!)

It's YOUR responsibility to do each step listed above. Make certain that anyone you send to Pick-up is aware of this information! If you or they leave Pick-up without resolving any issues with us on location, there is no further resolution possible. Please see Gail before you leave if you think you have any issues or if you can't find an item/area.

Other Very Important Information for Consignors:

  • TAX DONATION RECEIPTS are available to White Tag Consignors! White Tags indicate that your UNSOLD items will be donated to one of several excellent charities post-sale. Tag on white card stock, help needy children AND receive a tax donation receipt for the donation of your unsold items. Remember White Tag Consignors shop one hour before other consignors for full price! See Donating Your Unsold Items for more details. Single DVD's must be priced at $2 or under. DVD sets may be priced higher.
  • An unlimited number of friends of Consignors shop early only for Full Price. The Friends Sale is on a Monday. You do not need to accompany your friends. Just tell them ALL to tell your name at the door!
  • If you are selling hangers, you must price them at $1 or under for 12 hangers.
  • Juniors, Ladies', and Young Men's sizing should follow the exact size written on the inside label. Unlike children's clothing for which you should use only numeric sizing, mark your tags for these teen/grown-up items with XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL or the numeric size AS WRITTEN ON THE ITEM'S LABEL and add the word Jrs., Ladies', or Men's in front of the size. Please do not make up numeric sizing for Jrs., Women's or Men's clothing! Also, men's pants should be labeled with the waist and length e.g. 30x32. Remember that we DO NOT accept men's business attire, but only young, trendy brands designed for teenagers.
  • HANG Juniors and Men's clothing on the designated racks! Do NOT place them with the largest girl's or boy's sizes!
  • Men's sizes are allowed in the following brands ONLY: Hollister, GAP, Old Navy, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Aeropostale (we do NOT have a market for non-teens; please keep your business attire and other brands at home! Thanks!) Hang these sizes on the designated racks.
  • Young men's pant sizes are arranged by waist size.
  • Boutique Brands hang on the regular clothing racks by size! Please continue to designate them with the word "boutique" written across the top of the tag and add curling ribbon to the hanger so that customers who prefer these brands can find them easily!
  • For you book aficionados: Sort your books before drop-off for easier shelving and improved sales. The Book Category List on this page will help. We do not accept Adult books.
  • Consignors shop half price on all black and green ink prices before the public! See event schedule for times.
  • Maternity, Ladies, and Junior Items must adhere to the guidelines specified on Items Accepted and Ladies & Jrs. Please review these guidelines carefully since items which do not adhere WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED! All Maternity and Ladies and Jrs items must have been manufactured and/or purchased new in the last TWO years.
  • Cribs must be like new, manufactured in the last five years, and may not be drop-side. Mattresses may be offered with the crib but must be tagged "free with purchase of crib."
  • You must write the car seat's expiration date on your tag. The expiration date can be found imprinted in the car seat's plastic.
  • Now accepting an unlimited # of boys & girls sizes 0-6 mo. as well as an unlimited # of like-new shoes -- no scuffed toes, please.
  • At drop-off, hang COSTUMES by gender and size on clothing racks! Remember to size UP - eg. size 2-4 hangs with 4's. We suggest hanging unisex items in boys as there is typically less from which to choose.


For the full schedule of shopping opportunities, please see our Event Schedule.

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