STOP!!! You need to PRINT a copy of the first page of this SCREEN NOW!

  • You will need this "PASS" and ID (required) to enter the full price, half price, and 75% off days to shop. You can show the pass to us on your phone.
  • Consignors: You may need this confirmation when you drop off your items if there is any discrepancy.
  • Consignors: You will need this pass and ID at Pickup.
  • Consignors: If you will be having someone else pick-up your unsold items, you need to forward them a copy of this confirmation. They can't pickup your items without showing us your confirmation.
  • If you are registered as a consignor for the UPCOMING SALE, your pass will say so in the subject line and will list your code and the correct month and year in your shopping times.
  • We strongly suggest that you please print and read through this entire confirmation now, in case you do not get the confirmation email, especially if you use aol or hotmail!
  • Consignors & KE Crew: This email cannot be given to a friend to shop in your place. Forward the confirmation to your friends and they can shop at our Friends Sale! Please understand that in order to protect the investments of our consignors and KE Crew, we DO NOT allow sisters, friends, etc. to accompany you at the exclusive pre-sales. Sorry!
  • Your spouse and/or child's grandparents are allowed to shop with or without you with your pass and ID.
  • We accept MasterCard, and Visa, ID required, as well as cash. We do not accept checks. We do not accept Discover or Amex.
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