We offer free vendor table spots to companies willing to direct store traffic while covering your table display in a high visibility location.

  • This spot is for someone able to man your booth and direct Kids EveryWear traffic during sale hours.
  • You may rotate this spot among people on your team willing to man your booth for you.
  • New vendors are only allowed to take ONE free vendor slot. If you work that slot and wish to do more, you can register for extra slots only after working the first one.
  • On the volunteer and consignor sale days and the Shop for a Cause day, you'd be checking people in by their passes and ID's, so you would be able to hand out something and talk to every person. They are eager to shop, but before the doors open they wait in line and like to browse.
  • We strongly recommend that you offer a prize raffle to build your mailing list and offer samples and handouts to anyone interested!

Do I have to commit to being there throughout the whole sale if I choose this option? No, you can choose to man the door at any times you arrange with us.

What do I need to do if I would like to have the free display and man the door for you?

  • Contact us to verify that your company/product is not already represented.
  • Then register as a volunteer and choose the VENDOR door slots that work for you.
  • These slots are labeled "Vendor or Door position for those willing to sit (or stand) and man the door-if you have physical limitations it is a great slot for you!"
  • Check that your vendor slot now shows on our Free Vendor web page.
  • We provide a high visibility space approximately 6' x 8'. You provide your own display set-up: table, chair(s), product display, freebies, etc.
  • Here's where to park and enter to checkin.
  • Your 30 minute setup time is built into your slot. No need to arrive any earlier.

It is very important if you choose this option that you do show up for the slot you commit to through our volunteer registration! Please do not commit to this position unless you are certain you can make it to the slot you register for!


NOTE: Because you are volunteering on our behalf, you also get a pass to shop at the volunteer sale! Your confirmation email lists your shopping time.

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