Note: Consignor registration is now full.You may register for late drop-off with restrictions. Join the KE Crew for 12 hours to avoid restrictions and use regular drop-off times.

 KE Crew registration is still open.

Your options to consign at Late Drop-off are:

  1. Register as a consignor and for 12 KE Crew hours (2 - six hour slots or 3- four hour slots) and you can ignore all late registration information and drop off at our regular drop off. Just register. Choose consign and KE Crew and continue with your registration, choosing the slots that you can work or adding barter opportunities that work for you. If you join the KE Crew for 12 hours, please PRINT AND BRING your web registration confirmation indicating your KE Crew slots to drop-off to confirm that you can drop off at our regular drop-off time(s). Of course, this also entitles you to shop at the super-duper KE Crew preview sales for both full and half price!
  2. Register as a consignor and to work on February 21, 22, 25, or 27 and you can drop off at late drop off and still used colored cardstock to ensure that you can pick up your unsold items rather than donating them. Just register. Choose consign and KE Crew and continue with your registration, choosing a slot that you can work. Of course, this also entitles you to shop at the super KE Crew preview sales for both full and half price!
  3. If you are not joining the KE Crew for 12 hours or for one of the 4 dates listed above, and you would like to consign, you will need to follow all late drop off restrictions and drop off on the late drop off dates as listed below.

To register, choose one of the following links:

1. Register as a Consignor

2. Register as KE Crew

3. Register as a First-time or Pregnant Mom

Late Drop Off

  • Begins Monday, February 27 from 1 pm until 8 pm and thereafter without an appointment throughout the sale during store hours only! See schedule for dates and times we are open!

We are very selective about what is allowed to be dropped off at these mid-sale times, as about 50% of our sales will have already occurred (to KE Crew and consignors). Keep in mind that we sell about 95% of all toys very early into our sale. So we would love and appreciate late drop off of toys. Toys do not have any late drop-off restrictions.

However, clothing that remains at the end of our sale tends to be older in style, tiny sizes, a bit worn, out of season, or over-priced. We don't want to be sorting clothes we allowed to be dropped off late!

Therefore, the rules for late drop off of clothing are as follows:

  • No clothing will be accepted from size newborn through 9 months. Only 12 month and larger items will be allowed.
  • All clothing must have been purchased NEW at a store in the LAST 2 YEARS. No items will be accepted with any defects or wear.
  • All clothing must be priced in black ink to allow it to be sold at 50% and then 75% off if it does not sell before that.
  • All clothing must be tagged with white cardstock, meaning unsold items will be donated to one of the excellent charities we support.  So, price to sell! EXCEPTION: If you sign up and work a 4 hour slot on our sort day, you may use colored cardstock and pick up your unsold late drop off items.
  • Clothing must be priced reasonably. We will ask you to mark down anything we regard as overpriced or we will be unable to accept it.

We will check every item at the door and will turn away any items which do not meet the requirements listed on our Items Accepted page and the additional requirements listed above.  Thanks for both your understanding of the limitations we face at this point in the sale and your enthusiasm to participate!

Attention ALL KE Crew

  • Please keep cell phone usage to emergencies while working your shift.
  • Click here for pictures of where to park and enter.
  • Please check-in at KE Crew Check-in to get your name tag and apron and a quick overview of what to expect. 
  • All KE Crew should wear comfortable clothing and bring a labeled meal or snack/water bottle as needed. Some KE Crew also like to bring hand sanitizer.
  • When you check in, please let us know of any special needs or physical limitations as well as skills you might have, such as typing or great organizational abilities.
  • At the end of your shift, please check out at the KE Crew desk to return your name tag and apron and indicate you have completed your shift.
  • All late-night shift KE Crew should exit together. Please do not unlock doors to exit. See us. Thanks!

What's New for KE Crew

    • Large items & items priced above $25 now need to have a “Large Item Claim Ticket” attached to them by consignors at Drop-off.
    • For items too large to bring to Holds, the shopper must fill out Buyer Name and Phone on the top portion of the Claim Ticket and bring the bottom portion to the HOLDS KE Crew member who keeps it while the shopper shops. The shopper will retrieve the bottom portion of the Claim Ticket from Holds while his/her items are being processed at Step 1 of Checkout: Item Processing Station while the KE Scanner Crew Member continues scanning their other items. 
    • The KE Scanner Crew Member will  scan the Claim Ticket and hold onto it until the receipt is printed. Then the price on the receipt matching the Claim Ticket item will be marked with a *. The Crew Member will staple it to the receipt and hand the receipt to the shopper to proceed to Payment Processing.
    • The shopper will pay. The receipt and Claim Ticket will both be stamped "PAID."
    • The shopper must show their Receipt and Claim Ticket stamped "PAID" to pick up their item.
    • If the shopper can't pickup the item immediately, they should show their claim ticket and receipt to the KE Holds Crew Member and get help moving the item to PAID HOLDS. They will need to mark the top portion of the Claim Ticket to indicate pickup date & time within our shopping hours or during our Pickup hours only. Items not picked up are donated at the close of Pickup.
    • Drop-off and Checkout KE Crew: Please send consignors with applicable items to the Claim Ticket Station to attach Claim Tickets to items.
  • Marathon spots are limited. To marathon for our Sale, you are required to do 24 hours at a previous sale. Interested? Do 24 hours this sale and let us know you would love to marathon in the future.
  • SCANNING! No more detag. Hopefully this will make for shorter lines! Sign up for detag slots but you will be scanning, not detagging!

Contact Us

If you have read the Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale FAQ and cannot find the answer to your question, and you have read through the sections of our website which might pertain to your question, and you cannot find an answer, then please email at .

Thanks for reading the website first!

Our Facebook Group is also a great resource. Ask there!



If you cannot consign after all

Please unregister by registering again. Type the word unregister in the box beside the consignor checkbox. Thank you.

Important Consignor Details from our website. Please read through each of these!

Top Ten Tagging Blunders

Preparing Merchandise


Boutique Brands


Cardstock Color List

Donating Unsold Items

Print Tags

Dropping Off

Consignor Shopping

Homeschool Items

Getting Your Check

Jrs, Ladies, Housewares

Late Drop-off


What's New for Our Consignors

Each sale we try to find ways to make our sale better for everyone: our consignors, our shoppers, & our great KE Crew! Thanks to all who give suggestions to make our sale great!

Here's what's new or very important for consignors at the upcoming sale:

  • NEW QR TAGS as of June 2019. Super fast sticker and full page pdf options available. We have a NEW checkout system with QR codes that contain price, code, and option description. Description can be handwritten, but price and code must be entered online. We have never changed our tags before and hope to never do so again! 
  • Items Accepted Chart to help you know what to bring to each event.
  • Selling large hard to move items or items priced above $25? We are making it better for you! At Drop Off, attach a “Large Item Claim Ticket” to them. See Drop Off for the details.
  • Pricing Guidelines to help you price.
  • Boutique items will be displayed on specially marked rounders to show them off!
  • Bathing suits will be displayed on specially marked rounders to make shopping easy!
  • Our regular Kids EveryWEAR Sale will no longer include Adult clothing or Furniture. Our sale will have all the rest: Children's Clothing, Toys, Baby Equipment, Nursing and Maternity, Housewares, Shoes in all sizes, Purses, Adult Accessories, and so much more! Any ladies/mens clothes dropped off will be donated immediately and not returned at Pickup.
  • We will pull and DONATE any VCR tapes and any adult rated R or above DVD's dropped off. We do not take accept these and do not have the staff to sort and return them.
  • We will not be accepting adult-oriented books! No adult novels. No cookbooks.
  • If you are selling hangers, you must price them at $1 or under for 12 hangers.
  • If you bring a carseat, you MUST write the expiration date across the top of the tag with a thick red marker like this: EXP 10/28. You will be charged an additional $10 fee if you bring an expired carseat. We will discard the expired carseat and not return it.
  • We will be charging a $10 fee per 10 items dropped off that are very clearly off-season, stained/torn, not on our Items Accepted Chart for the current event, or dropped off in the wrong gender or size. Please place your items correctly.

Most Asked Questions about the Changes

Will my tag color change? 
No. So be certain you throw away your old tags before you start printing the new ones. We don't want you to accidentally tag with the old ones!

Where do I access the new tags?
When you register, you will receive a confirmation email. That email has the link to Print Tags. If you don't get the email, register again and save the final screen. There is a direct link to Print Tags in the Consignor menu as well.

When I am attaching tags to toys or Ziploc bags, etc., can I cover the QR code with packing tape?
NO! Do NOT cover the QR code with tape!

Do I pay the consignor fee when I register?
No, your fee is deducted from your check for every sale in which you sell items.

Can the new consignor tags be photocopied or does each item require a unique QR code?
You may enter prices + discount choice for an entire page of tags, save it as a pdf, and print as many copies as you'd like. You would need to handwrite descriptions. YOU CAN NOT HANDWRITE OR ALTER PRICE OR DISCOUNT CHOICE! Please don't photocopy as the QR code becomes too blurry. Printing hundreds of pages of tags from the pdf is fine, but photocopies of a page are not.



Any unsold items that you wish to pick up will be available on Thursday, March 26, 5pm-8pm. 

  • Pick-up is busiest at 5 pm. Wait till 6 pm and you will get out faster.
  • All items will be donated immediately if not picked up by 8pm and CANNOT be picked up afterward on that day.
  • At Pick-up, you may choose to place any of your items you do not wish to carry home in the donation area, but we strongly suggest that you print your tags on WHITE CARDSTOCK instead and skip the trip to Pick-up as we will mail checks the following week.

Want Your Check But You Don't Want to Pickup Items?

If you are using white cardstock to indicate that you will be donating your unsold items but would like to come during Pick-up hours to receive your sale earnings check, we encourage you to do so!

White Tags

Be sure to use WHITE TAGS to indicate that you wish to have your items donated at the end of the sale so we know not to sort your unsold items. This saves us valuable staffing resources.

What to do at pick-up

  • Pick up your Kids EveryWEAR check.
  • Get your sorted items.
  • Pull your Houseware items. We do not sort Housewares as we do not have the KE Crew capacity.
  • Check Lost & Found for items that have become separated from sets or have lost their tags.
  • Check outdated/wrong season/stained/torn racks: All items which fail to meet the criteria listed in our Items Accepted Chart will not be sorted for pickup at any Event. 
    • Outdated/wrong season/stained/torn Children's items may be found in a designated spot at Pick-up.
    • Remember that adult clothing items, furniture, and all large appliances will be donated immediately if dropped off at our Kids EveryWEAR Event. These items are not allowed at our event, and we do not have room to store them.
  • Have your bins, bags, and items ALL checked at the door before you may leave with any items.
  • Remember, if you have ANY questions about your items or your check amount, only GAIL can help you ( KE Crew can't) and you must see Gail BEFORE LEAVING THE PREMISES if you have any issues. We can't help you once we have donated items and closed the doors to the Sale! ITEMS ARE DONATED IMMEDIATELY!


  • Checks MAY NOT be available at Pick-up in the event that we experience any equipment failures. We will make every effort to have them available for you! We love to save the postage! We have always had them ready, but will email you the night before if checks will not be ready at pick-up.
  • If you are planning to donate all of your unsold items to charity but would like to come during pickup hours to receive your sale earnings, we encourage you to do so!
  • Any checks which are not picked up on-site will be mailed to you the day after Pick-up.
  • Please do not contact us to inquire about a mailed check unless you have not received your check after two weeks.

A few deals you might be interested in at Pick-up, cash only

  • White cardstock to tag will be available (20 sheets for $1).
  • 4" zipties will be available. 100/pack for $1.
  • Stickers to print our new sticker option on our Print Tags page to reprice items (10 sheets for $2). 

Other Important Information for Consignors

  • TAX DONATION RECEIPTS are available to White Tag Consignors! White Tags indicate that your UNSOLD items will be donated to one of several excellent charities post-sale. Tag on white card stock, help needy children, AND receive a tax donation receipt for donating your unsold items. Remember White Tag Consignors shop one hour before other consignors for full price! See Donating Your Unsold Items for more details.
  • Single DVD's must be priced at $2 or under. DVD sets may be priced higher. 
  • For you book aficionados: Sort your books before drop-off for easier shelving and improved sales. The Book Category List on this page will help. We do not accept Adult books. 
  • Consignors shop half price on all black and green ink prices before the public! See event schedule for times.
  • Maternity and Nursing Wear are accepted at our Kids EveryWEAR Sale but must adhere to the guidelines specified on Items Accepted and Ladies & Jrs. Please review these guidelines carefully since items which do not adhere WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED! All Maternity and Ladies and Jrs items must have been manufactured and/or purchased new in the last TWO years.
  • Cribs must be like new, manufactured in the last five years, and may not be drop-side. Mattresses may be offered with the crib but must be tagged "free with purchase of crib."
  • You must write the car seat's expiration date on the top of your tag with a red marker. The expiration date can be found imprinted in the car seat's plastic.

For the full schedule of shopping opportunities, please see our Event Schedule.

Share Kids EveryWEAR!

It's Media Madness!

If you love sharing on Social Media, we need you! Share Kids EveryWEAR and earn an early shop pass!

To earn your EARLY SHOP PASS choose ONE of the following:

Print and distribute our handout advertising the upcoming consignment event to at least 100 people (maybe your child's daycare, your pediatrician's office or your neighborhood Chick-Fil-A)

OR choose THREE of the following:

  • Using the NextDoor App (free), post the following info (and updates) to your surrounding neighborhoods:
    Kids EveryWEAR GIANT kids consignment sale coming March 13-23 to Cary Towne Center Mall! Consignors & KE Crew shop FIRST - anyone can participate! Public shop dates: March 20 & 21 - Full Price; March 22 - 50% off black/green prices; MArch 23 - 75% off black & 50% off green prices. Want to shop earlier but can't join the KE Crew or consign? Join us for our Shop Early event for $15 entry fee and shop March 16, 10am-8pm! Visit for all the details.
  • Mark our FB Event GOING and then invite 25 local friends.
  • Share about us to 10 FB local groups
  • Post a picture on Instagram of an item you bought at the sale and tag us
  • Repost our latest Twitter post
  • Email your HOA, your local yahoo list(s), etc. Follow these directions to register for early shopping as our way of thanking you for spreading the word.

Have another idea? Email and let us know!

To register for this modified " KE Crew slot"

  • Go to our website
  • First Join our email list
  • Next Register as a KE Crew member
  • On the following screen, enter password "daycare" at the top of the KE Crew agreement screen where it says: DAYCARE, MEAL KE Crew, and PRE-SALE KE Crew who have ALREADY completed or been approved for pre-sale work, you may enter your password here to register for your hours (otherwise this may be left blank).
    BE SURE to check the box beside the word "Handouts" on the next screen and enter the daycare/HOA/neighborhood name (or type facebook, pin, blog, etc) and details

presale password entrydaycare checkbox

Please email if you have any questions!

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