Your volunteer slot at KidsEveryWEAR for [VOL_INFO] is coming up :


  • Here's where to park and enter.
  • Please check-in at Volunteer Check-in.
  • When you arrive, please let us know of any special needs or physical limitations as well as skills you might have such as typing or great organizational abilities.
  • All volunteers should wear comfortable clothing and bring a labeled meal or snack/water bottle as needed. Some volunteers also like to bring hand sanitizer.
  • At the end of your time, please check out to return your name tag and apron and indicate you have completed your shift.
  • All late night shift volunteers should exit together. Please do not unlock glass mall doors without asking us.
  • Please keep cell phone usage to emergencies only while working your shift.

Detaggers: Watching this video prior to working your shift should help you understand our de-tag process better. Thanks!

Shopping Tips
  • We accept cash as well as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and debit cards. We do not accept checks.
  • We have fitting rooms!
  • There is a wonderful food court. There is also Starbucks and Pei Wei in the parking lot.
  • There is a train ride in the mall for kids.
  • Come prepared to make a day of it!
  • We size UP, meaning that clothing labeled 3-6 months hangs on the 6 month rack. Note: Gap and Old Navy have a size called 6-12 month, and these hang on our 12 month rack. 24 month and 2T hang together.
  • Don't forget to shop for your teen boys and girls, yourself, and the men in your life at Kids EveryWEAR!
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • A fanny pack keeps hands free to browse and haul!
  • A laundry basket can be a helpful "shopping cart." Some drag them along with rope to keep from bending over again and again. Attach a laundry basket to a luggage rack with a bungee cord and you're in serious business. Wagons work great, too! Please label with your name and phone # as these are often forgotten at the sale.
  • Bring a list of specific items you need. Now's the time to think Christmas!
  • Bring your child's measurements and a tape measure.
  • Trace your child's foot and cut out, so that you can slip the template into a pair of shoes before purchasing.
  • Lay flat a pair of pants that fits your child and measure across the front of the waist. Compare this to pants at the sale to see what should fit.
  • Soccer Cleats are in Shoes.
  • Costumes are by size with clothes.
  • Dance leotards hang by size on the racks with all clothing.
  • Heavy winter coats at the Fall sale hang by size on the racks with all clothing.
  • Nursing-specific shirts hang separately from other maternity wear on designated racks.

STOP!!! You need to PRINT a copy of the first page of this SCREEN NOW!

  • You will need this "PASS" and ID (required) to enter the full price, half price, and 75% off days to get in the door to shop and may need it when you drop off your items if there is a discrepancy. You must present ID to check-in to shop. You can show the pass to us on your phone.
  • If you are registered as a consignor for the UPCOMING SALE, your pass will say so in the subject line and will list your code and the correct month and year in your shopping times.
  • We strongly suggest that you please read through this entire confirmation now, in case you do not get the confirmation email, especially if you use aol or hotmail!
  • This email cannot be given to a friend to shop in your place. Please understand that in order to protect the investments of our consignors and volunteers, we cannot allow sisters, friends, etc. to accompany you at the exclusive pre-sales. Sorry! However, your spouse and/or child's grandparents are allowed to shop with or without you with your pass.
  • Consignors: If you will be having someone else pick-up your unsold items, you need to give them or forward them a copy of this confirmation or the email to follow.

We do not accept checks! We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover, ID required, as well as cash.

HINT: Shop even earlier than the times listed above! Volunteer! Very few first-time moms think to volunteer because they have not yet seen the mountains of like-new baby gear at Kids EveryWear. Most of our volunteers are veteran mamas and are not in the market for nursery furniture, equipment, or teeny tiny sizes. By volunteering you are guaranteed first dibs on the best of the best! Remember, your hubby can help out, too! See volunteering options on our volunteer page or by clicking Register under the Volunteer menu.

Wanna shop early, but can't volunteer or consign?

Everyone is invited to attend our Shop for a Cause Charity event on Monday, March 4, beginning at 10am!

A copy of the confirmation web page or email showing that you've joined our mailing list is required, along with a gift to donate to local charities or to Habitat for Humanity. (If you are already on our mailing list, just tell us so at the door. No need to print a new confirmation. You could print one of our emails to speed up your entry into the sale.) Gifts accepted include:

  • Check for $15 or more made out to Habitat for Humanity
  • Check for $15 or more made out to your favorite local church, PTA or kid-friendly charity (see below for details)
  • Unopened packages of diapers, wipes or formula valued at $15 or more.

*Tax receipts will be mailed at year end for all donations by check.

Thanks to the generosity of our shoppers, each sale Kids EveryWear raises $3000 - $5000 for Habitat for Humanity and approximately 50 other local charities during our Shop for a Cause event!

Raise Money for Your Church, PTA, or Similar KID-Friendly Local Charity!
A $15 check made out to the charity of your choice, complete with envelope addressed to that charity, is YOUR ticket to this early shopping date! We'll supply the postage!

Advertise this event in your Charity's bulletin and shop even earlier!
Get Kids EveryWear's SHOP FOR A CAUSE event published in your next bulletin or newsletter & you may shop on Saturday, March 2 from 5-8pm, or any shopping date thereafter!!! Once you have approval to insert our event in your upcoming bulletin, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us details and we'll email you an early shopping pass, provided the bulletin comes out before the sale and is likely to catch the attention of young families! Shop early and raise money for your favorite cause by spreading the word!!! **A copy of the bulletin will be required with your shopping pass!

Register Here for the Expecting or First-time Moms Sales later that day. Feel free to bring your spouse and parents along to help you shop! Leave the boxes for volunteering and consigning blank unless you'd like to participate in the sale and shop EVEN earlier! Simply bring a copy of your confirmation web page or email registration confirmation showing that you have registered. Spread the word to your new friends in your childbirth classes!

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