What is consigning all about and how easy is it?

A Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale consignor is YOU - smart enough to get top dollar for your gently used items in the EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE! If you tag at least $50 of items and drop them off at Kids EveryWEAR for us to sell them for you, you get a check in less than two weeks AND you earn an "early shop" pass at our exclusive Consignor Sale BEFORE the public shops! (Be sure to volunteer if you really want to get first dibs on the deals though!)

Why consign at KIDS EVERYWEAR in the Spring & Fall & our NEW special Summer EverythingELSE Sale in August?

  • Buy Sell Trade groups got you down? Facebook meetups always end up in no-shows? They haggle, haggle, haggle on your already great price? We are your one stop selling spot SOLUTION!
  • Just TAG, DROP-OFF, and PICKUP YOUR CHECK! We do the selling! You SET YOUR PRICE!
  • Don't even get me started talking about yard sales. UGH! Why hassle with the stress - hours of pricing only to be offered a quarter for an item! And rain? How's that after preparing like crazy!
  • Ever try consignment stores? Got nickels and dimes for your items and tons of items rejected?
  • We pay you 65% of an item's selling price minus a $12 selling fee to help cover the cost of our rent and equipment. You get the MOST for your items!
  • Consignment stores and other options simply DO NOT HAVE 5000 or more shoppers over the span of several DAYS to see and BUY YOUR ITEMS!
  • We take JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING! Our NEW Sale is our Summer EverythingELSE Sale and will have Adult clothing and accessories including purses, scarves, jewelry, and maternity/nursing wear, but NOT kids clothing and accessories. But it will have EVERYTHING ELSE! YOU NAME IT! Kids Toys, Puzzles, and Games, indoor and outdoor Play Equipment, even swing sets! Books, Electronics, Baby Equipment, Bikes and Trikes and Scooters, Large Appliances, Phones, Outdoor and Indoor Furniture, Tools, Housewares. Think Craigslist and FB Marketplace made EASY! No Hassling and Fast Payment. No meet-ups! You drop it off and we sell it! At our FALL SALE we sell kids clothing and accessories too but not furniture or large appliances. So be sure to know what to tag! In our Fall/Winter Event in September and our Spring/Summer Event in March, we take Kids Clothing sizes preemie to 18, but not Adult sizes. We also take Kids Shoes size newborn to Big Kid size 4 in our Fall and Spring Kids EveryWEAR Events, but not in our Summer EverythingELSE Sale.
  • Buyers can see, smell and touch the items, unlike an internet auction such as Ebay or Poshmark. So they buy, buy, buy YOUR ITEMS!
  • We do the advertising for you! And we do it like crazy!
  • Better yet, you won't wait weeks for payment, but will receive your check immediately following the sale!

"I can't believe you had checks ready when I picked up my unsold items!" JB

  • We've taken care of every detail - the advertising, the organization, even the climate-controlled indoor location! We've done it all for you AND you'll make a lot more money!

How do I become a consignor?

  1. Register. Check the box for consignor. This assigns you your unique seller (consignor) code and cardstock color. If your confirmation subject line does not say You are registered as a consignor, please register again and look for the checkbox to indicate that you'd like to consign. 
  2. Enter your items in our online system to indicate the price, description, and discount options you want. You pick the price and discount options! We sell!
  3. Print your tags on cardstock. This is 65 or 67 lb paper. Please do not use regular 24 lb paper as tags will tear and fall off and we won't be able to sell your items!

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! We require specific colors of card stock according to your 4 digit codes! (These make sorting unsold items a much faster process, requiring far fewer volunteers!) Please see the Card stock Color List to determine what color card stock you will need OR just check your consignor registration confirmation page or confirmation email AFTER you have registered. Your code AND card stock color are both listed if you checked the checkbox indicating that you want to consign when you registered.

If you want to donate any items which don't sell, tag them with WHITE card stock so that we don't have to sort them at sale end. White tag consignors shop an hour earlier on Consignor Full Price Shopping Day too!

Registration Details

  • Consignors must complete online registration prior to EACH Kids EveryWear sale in which they plan to participate. This will give you a NEW shopping pass and a spot at this season's event. (Spots fill, so you have to register for one each season so we know you are planning to participate!)
  • Your consignor code/card stock color will not change. You will be assigned the same code when registering for future Kids EveryWear sales. However, if you consigned with us and have old tags printed prior to June 21, 2019 (without our QR code on them), YOU MUST RETAG ALL ITEMS FOR OUR NEW MUCH FASTER CHECKOUT SYSTEM!!!
  • Consignors keep 65% of the selling price of each item.
  • Consignors must bring a minimum of $50 in items for our Summer EverythingELSE Sale.
  • Consignors may shop at the Consignor Sale which is scheduled after Volunteer Sales and before the public. If you would like to shop even earlier, we invite you to consider the many flexible volunteer options.
  • There is a $12 consignor fee that will be deducted from your earnings check to cover facility rental, advertising, additional racks, insurance, etc...
  • Consignors must read and accept conditions of consignor agreement upon registration.


Read our Preparing Merchandise information NEXT!

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