Donating Unsold Items

Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale makes HUGE contributions at the end of each sale. Please choose to donate your unsold items! It makes a difference in someone's life! Remember that any items you tag with WHITE CARDSTOCK will be donated if they remain unsold at sale end.

Donating Perks...

  • White Tag Consignors shop one hour before other consignors for full price (on Consignor full price shopping day only)! Pick up your early shopping pass at Drop-off with your tax donation receipt.
  • Tax Donation Receipts are available to White Tag Consignors! Pick yours up at Drop-off by showing us your white tagged items BEFORE you put your items out.
  • Consignors are welcome to tag a few special or high dollar items they'd prefer to hang onto with colored cardstock. So long as you tag the majority (90%) of your items in white, you enjoy all the privileges of White Tag Consignors!
  • Remember: Approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of our entire inventory sells during the sales to KE Crew and consignors! At least another half of what remains sells on the first public sale day! With rare exception does a consignor not sell the vast majority of her merchandise unless it is overpriced or sub-standard. Most of our veteran consignors allow their items to be discounted, make a ton of money and sell 90% of what they bring!

"We at St. Mark's appreciate very much your letting us come to the consignment sale to pull and take clothes and shoes for the children at Wilburn School. We relay to you the thanks of those children and staff.

Thank you also for the six boxes of elementary school books for teachers to use in their classroom libraries or send home with children who might benefit from and enjoy the reading of these books.

You are doing a great deal to help agencies trying to assist children and parents and teachers. We are thankful that you are willing to get in touch with and work with us as we attempt outreach to people at Wilburn School."

Unsold items primarily are given to:

  • Catholic Parish Outreach (CPO)
  • Wake Neo-Natal
  • Raleigh Rescue Mission
  • Thrifty Charitable Foundation
  • Wilburn Elementary School - a lower-income Wake County school
  • A Raleigh area women’s group that brings books for Chapel Hill and Durham county schools in need and also brings books to nursing/retirement homes.
  • A program and monthly sends a box of books to an APO address in New York where the military then sends the books on to US Troops serving overseas.
  • A Wake County High School English teacher for their programs.
  • All books of plays are brought to a Wake county high school drama department.
  • Boxes of elementary teacher supplies will be delivered directly to the teacher work rooms in a lower income school.
  • Boxes of teacher supplies and books not as appropriate for the public school system are being brought to a homeschool supply store that has a place in the front of their store where “free for the taking” supplies can be left.
  • Specifically requested clothing is gathered for 2 different Wake county elementary schools for their “closets,” clothing kept for children of need. They even asked for underwear and socks as they say some kids come to school with no underwear on.
  • Social Services collects book bags, luggage, and pajamas to send kids to new homes with.
  • Eckerd Kids' Angel's Watch offers support for families in crisis in the form of temporary foster care, while also coordinating services to help assist the family in getting back on their feet. Angel’s Watch is dedicated to helping preserve the family unit and avoiding state custody in situations where the child has a loving, caring family who has fallen on hard times. The most common issues that they work with are homelessness, financial crisis, medical crisis, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

We are not considering new donation recipients at this time.


Catholic Parish Outreach serves the community     A volunteer stuffs her van full and brings it to CPO when their truck can't fit it all!













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