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No time? Tons of stuff to sell? Don't worry. We've got your back! Drop off your items at our location at the old Sears at Cary Towne Center. We'll do the work! We provide the hangers, the zip-ties, the time, and YOU GET THE MOOLA!


  • Space is VERY limited. Slots fill quickly. Before emailing us to ensure we are able to take your items for Express Tagging and to choose a drop-off time, you must register as a consignor.
  • Next, email us to ask for Express Tag Drop-off. In this email you must forward us your confirmation email which says that you are registered as a consignor. If you can't find that email, register again. Your code stays the same.
    • Your confirmation email will list your code.
    • You must tell us your cell phone number just in case we need to contact you.
    • The express tag fee is $5 for hangers, zipties, cardstock, printing, safety pins, etc. To confirm your Express Tag spot, you will need to paypal us this fee. Your Express Tag spot is NOT confirmed until we have received the fee via paypal to



  • If you want to have colored tags to pick up your unsold items, you must print your tags. If we run out of tags, we will print the remainder of your tags on white cardstock. Use colored cardstock if you wish to pickup your unsold items. Just bring as many tags as you bring items, plus a few extra. You must print a minimum of 15 pages of tags. We are not able to return extra tags.
  • If you choose to print your tags on your assigned cardstock color and not to donate the leftovers at the sale end, you are responsible to go to Pickup to get your leftover items. Any items not picked up are donated that evening. Sorry, no exceptions.
  • Have a few items you don't want to donate? You may mark specific items to use colored tags and bring enough colored tags only for those items. We will print white tags for the remainder of your items.


  • Be sure to adhere to our Items Accepted list. Any items dropped off that are not on this list will be donated as we cannot store and return unacceptable items.
  • All items should be freshly laundered and ironed as needed. Your items must be clean, pressed or neat, and complete. No stains, tears, or off-season items. We will donate all damaged or unacceptable items. PLEASE check your items and discard all unacceptable items before dropping off.
  • All items must be in working condition. Items requiring batteries must have working batteries or we will donate the item.
  • If you feel strongly about the price of large items, feel free to let us know, and we will use the price you suggest. You may write the price CLEARLY on blue painters tape attached to the item and point it out to us at drop-off.
  • Your items must be in boxes or large garbage bags tied shut that we can throw away with your consignor code clearly labeled on the boxes or bags. (A plastic bin is fine but you WILL NOT get it back. Adhere a piece of tape and write code on tape, not on the bin please.) Please write your code on painters tape on any items not able to be boxed or bagged.
  • You drop them off during our Express Tagging Drop-off time that we arrange with you. Drive to the middle set of glass doors on the far side of the mall. The first set of doors is where you enter to shop on the Food Court side of the mall. The third set of doors is on the JC Penney side and is marked No Entry. Between these two sides of the mall is a middle  entrance to the Sears space. There is an Express Tag Entrance handwritten sign, aqua paper over the doors, and no huge banner. There is a tiny parking lot where you will park to unload. Please text us when you arrive and we will unlock these doors. Then bring all items to the location we show you and alert us to any specific items you need tagged at a particular price or with colored tags. 


  • For express tag pricing, we use black ink. Items will go to 50% off and then 75% off if they have not sold before those sale days.
  • We will fill your tags out for you. We will fill out the tag’s description, price, size, etc and hang on hangers, attach tags, put out the items properly, and sell them! 
  • You may come get your check at Pickup or it is mailed to you that week. Remember, your unsold items will only be available at this time if you provided colored tags for them.
  • You pay the standard $12 consignor fee as always. However, you earn 45% of your total sales instead of the usual 65%. 
  • You get to shop our Consignor Pre-sale for full, half, and 75% off!


...keeping down the cost of growing up!


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