Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale accepts:

  • Anything baby/children if not listed in the Items We Cannot Accept section below!
  • Infant equipment manufactured in the last five years or in like new condition. Please check the manufacture date prior to drop-off! Batteries must be included as needed!
  • Single DVD's priced at $2 or under. DVD sets may be priced higher. No adult dvd's allowed. No rated R+ DVD's allowed.
  • Hangers priced at $1 or less for 12 hangers.
  • Consignors are responsible to check cribs, carseats, and all other infant items for recalls. See for up-to-date recall listing.
  • Like new, non drop-side cribs. Mattresses may be offered with crib but must be tagged "free with purchase of crib."
  • Non-expired car seats. Expiration dates are printed on manufacturer's label located on the side or back of the seat. Please write expiration date on the front of your car seat's tag for easy viewing! Here is a great explanation of where to find the expiration date.
  • Cloth & disposable diapers
  • Like-new shoes. No scuffed toes or dirty footprints. No winter boots in our Spring/Summer sale in February/March. No sandals or flip-flops in our Fall/Winter sale in August/September.
  • Quality children's clothing in excellent repair, manufactured in the last 3 years. Spring/Summer only in February/March sale. Fall/Winter only in August/September sale. Sizes 0-16. Sizes 12 through 16 must be trendy and manufactured in the last 2 years. We will be limiting brands to mall brands such as Old Navy, Justice, Abercrombie, Hollister and Gap which sell best in these larger sizes. If you have other brands that you are certain are trendy and will sell well, you may ask at Drop Off for approval to sell them.
  • Breast pumps & diaper pails - sanitized.
  • Toys in excellent condition. Batteries MUST be included as needed. Games, puzzles, etc. MUST include all pieces.
  • Juvenile/nursery furniture including cribs, changing tables, rockers, gliders, children’s dressers, and bunk beds as well as children’s bedroom sets. All items MUST be assembled to display well! No mattresses!
  • Outdoor play equipment including Little Tikes, Step 2, etc. that is clean and in good repair!
  • Parenting and children's books.
  • Scooters and PERFECT condition bikes - NO rust.
  • Ladies/Jr's and Houseware items (including maternity, non-maternity, housewares and home décor) See Ladies/Jr's page for items accepted and other details.
  • Boutique Brands - Please hang these on the REGULAR CLOTHING RACKS by size! On all Boutique brand items, please write the word "Boutique" in the top right corner of your tag and tie a 1/4” curling ribbon to your hanger at the top of the triangle going around the hook and triangle.
  • Pottery Barn and "boutique" bedding only. Nothing outdated! Price bedding very competitively/inexpensively. Folks tend to want new.
  • We can only accept socks and underwear if they are in like new condition and are grouped by gender and size such that the package is worth at least $1.
  • LIKE NEW CURRENT STYLES Men's sizes following brands ONLY Hollister, GAP, Old Navy, American Eagle, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Polo, and Under Armour. We do NOT have a market for non-teens; please keep your business attire and other brands at home! Thanks!

Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale cannot accept:

  • For our Spring/Summer sale held in February/March, please don't bring winter coats, winter sweaters, corduroys, winter boots (rain boots are ok), turtlenecks, velvet, flannel, fleece, thermal, wool, sweatshirts/sweatpants, Halloween/Christmas items, and similar items that are clearly intended for cold weather. Spring weight jackets, long pants and lightweight long sleeves will be accepted only if they can be worn on a TYPICAL day April-August! Lightweight footed pjs for infants are fine!
  • For our Fall/Winter sale held in August/September, please don't bring sandals, flip flops, sleeveless items, bathing suits, or sundresses. We will be accepting tees and short sleeves in all sizes. We will be accepting shorts only in boys size 7 and up and mens sizes. 
  • Recalled items including drop-side cribs. Please see
  • Men's clothing brands NOT listed above.
  • Items which do not meet the standard lead limits, phthalates standards and toy standards.
  • Mattresses of any kind. Mattresses may be offered with crib but must be tagged "free with purchase of crib."
  • VHS tapes
  • DVD's if priced above $2
  • Adult DVD's and R+ rated DVD's
  • Adult books including adult novels, how to books and cookbooks
  • Hangers if priced above $1 per 12 hangers
  • Out of date clothing
  • Baby equipment manufactured longer than five years ago unless in PERFECT CONDITION
  • Car seats that have been involved in a car accident or have passed their expiration date
  • Handmade clothing
  • Screen print tees (GAP, Old Navy, TCP, etc. okay! Not advertising tees such as YMCA tees or those from your last vacation spot!)
  • Stuffed animals - Please limit stuffed animals to battery operated varieties like Tickle Me Elmo, etc... Build-a-Bear or Webkins with a code still attached are fine!
  • Items with stains, broken snaps or zippers, missing parts, etc. Please study front and back of items carefully.
  • Dirty baby or play equipment
  • Shoes which are not like new. No scuffed toes and foot prints please!
  • Undergarments which are not like new

Kids EveryWear reserves the right to remove items that clearly do not meet these standards and leave them unsorted at sale end. PLEASE, be respectful of others and do not slip unacceptable items into the sale. It is a waste of your time as they will not sell, a waste of our shoppers' time as they have to plow through it, and is unfair to the vast majority of our consignors who faithfully follow the guidelines! We strive to make this a wonderful selling and shopping experience for ALL!


Boutique Brands

At Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale, we ask that consignors please hang these Boutique Brands on the REGULAR CHILDRENS CLOTHING RACKS by size in the designated section of each clothing size! On all Boutique brand items, please write the word "Boutique" in the top right corner of your tag and tie a 1/4” curling ribbon to your hanger at the top of the triangle going around the hook and triangle. Boutique brands include, but are not limited to, the following:

Adorable Originals
Amanda Remembered
Anabelle's Closet
Andy & Evan
Angel Dear
Anita G.
April Cornell
Ashton Connor
Aunt Polly
Austin & Ashley
Baby Biscotti
Baby Lulu
Baby Nay
Baby Sara
Bailey Boys
Banana Cabana
Banbury Cross
Beaux et Belles
Bella Bliss
Bella Lillie
Be Mine
Best Dressed Child
Betsy Johnson
Betti Terrell
Big Fish
Blu by Blu
Blush by Us Angels
Books to Bed
Bow Peep
Boys 'n Berries
Carolina Baby
Carriage Boutique
Cach Cach
Castles and Crowns
Catherine Rebecca
Charlie Rocket
Chatti Patti
Chez Ami
Chez Belle
Chicken Noodle
Chocolate Soup
Chus Shoes
C.I. Castro
City Threads
Claire & Charlie
Classy Baby Inc.
Collection Bebe
Collections by Jessica
Comfy Clothes
Corkey's Kids
Corky Coats
Coton Colors
Cotton Kids
Cottontail Originals
Cupcake Originals
Daisies & Doodlebugs
Da Lil Guys
Deux par Deux
Elf on the Shelf
Elisa B Tween
Emily Lacey
Eric Carle 
Fancy Baby
Fancy Threads
Fantaisie Kids
Feltman Brothers
Five Loaves Two Fish
Flap Happy
Florence Eiseman
Flowers by Zoe
Frances Elizabeth Originals
Frances Johnston
Frankie & Daisy
Friedknit Creations
Fresh Produce
Frou Frou
Funtasia Too
Giggle Moon
Girl Friends
Girly Girl
Good Lad
Gordon & Co.
Gossip Girl / Hula Star
Greggy Girl
Hannah Andersson
Hannah Banana
Hannah Kate
Haute Baby
Haven Girl
Heavenly Kids
Highland Porch Children
Hollywood Baby
House of Hatten
Icky Baby
Imp Originals
Indygo Artwear
Isabel Garreton
Isobella & Chloe
Itsy Bitsy
Jack & Lily
Jack & Teddy
Jack Thomas
Jacob's Ladder
Jak & Peppar
Janie and Jack
Jean Bourget
Jelly the Pug
JJ Gowns
Jojo Maman Bebe
Judy Lynn
Just Ducky
K & L
Kalliope Kids
Kash Ten
Kate Mack
Katie & Co.
Katie Rose
K.C. Parker
Kellys Kids
Kickee Pants
Kids by ME
Kiki Collection
Kissy Kissy
Kitty Casey
Jordan & Co.
Ladybug Kids
L'agneau D'or
La Petite Rochelle
Laundry by Shelli Segal
Laura Ashley
Lavender Blue

Le Cirque
Lemon Loves Layette
Lemon Loves Lime
Le Pink by Little Mass
Le Top
Le'Za Me
Lil Cactus
Lilly Pulitzer
Lisa Anne
Little Diamonds
Little English
Little Follies
Little Mass
Little Threads
Livie and Luca
Liza Jane Baby
Lollipop Twirl
L'oved Baby
Love U Lots
Luli and Me
Lulla Smith
Lullaby Set
Luna Luna
Lynley Designs
Mabel + Honey
Mae Li Rose
Maggie Breen Tween
Magnolia Baby
Malley & Co.
Marika Hahn Designs
Mary James
Max & Dora
Max & Lulu
Mela Wilson
Me Me Me
Me Too
Mimi and Maggie
Mim Pi
Mini Boden
Mini Melissa
Miss Me Kids
Mom & Me
Monday’s Child
Moo Boos
Muddy Feet
Mulberry Street
Mustard Pie
My Vintage Baby
New Potatoes
Oaks Kids Wear
O'Pea Bean
Oink Baby
One Kid
Ooh La La Couture
Organically Grown Kids
Orient Expressed
P & P
P.S. (by S.P.)
PA Kids
Patsy Aiken
Peaches & Cream
Penny Candy
Petit Ami
Petit Bebe
Petite Frere
Piccino Piccina
Picture Me
Pieces by Tam
Pink Chicken
Pixie Lily
Plum Pudding
Polly Flinders
Potato Saks
Pretty in Pink

Proper Peony
Rabbit Moon
Rachel Riley London
Rare Editions
Rebecca Raggs
Rockin Baby
Romantique Bebe
Roxy Girl
Royal Child
Rylee & Cry
Sally Miller Couture
Sarah Louise
Sara Lynn Togs
Sara's Prints
Sara Sara
Secret Wishes
Sew Blessed
Silly Goose
Sir John
Smocked Frocks
Snapping Turtle
Snooty Wear
Sophie Dess
Sophie & Lucas
Southern Point
State Traditions
Stella Jane
Sticky Fudge
Study 342
Sweet Angela
Sweet Beginnings
Sweet Potatoes
T2 Love
T.F. Laurence
The Bailey Boys
The Plantation Shop
The Wooden Soldier
Three Friends
Three Mommas
To the 9's
Trish Scully
Tru Luv by Little Mass
Tutu Du Monde
Two Friends
Two Turtle Doves
Victoria Kids
Vineyard Vines
Vive la Fete
Well Dressed Wolf
Wes & Willy
Widgeon Kids
Wish Upon A Star
Yosi Samra
Young Colors
Yo Yo
Za Za Couture
zoe LTD

Late Drop-off

  • At Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale, Late Drop-off for consignors is during your designated full price shopping time which is during Consignor Shopping if you are not a volunteer. If you use white tags, come to the white tag consignor shopping time. Colored Tag Consignor Shopping is one hour later.
  • Check-in sheets will no longer be available, so be sure to bring your confirmation email and show it to Gail.
  • We will have a White or Color Tag LARGE EQUIPMENT + WHITE TAG/BLACK INK CLOTHING ONLY restocking night on March 7 from 5-8pm the day before our Public opening. We are NOT open to shoppers during restock! 
    *Non-clothing items priced at $15 or above may be tagged with color tags and red or green ink prices to allow you to pick them up if they do not sell. We recommend black ink to allow them to go 50% off then 75% off (black ink) and sell! 

Click the Schedule button in the right sidebar to see the full drop-off, pickup, and shopping schedule.

Items brought in during selling times must be shown to Gail before putting them out on the selling floor.

  • We will turn away any items which do not meet the strict requirements listed on our Items Accepted page.
  • Please find one of these ladies near checkout and ask them to check your late drop-off items.
  • We request you white tag and use black ink if you are using Late Drop-Off. You are required to use white tags and black ink during restock.


Dropping Off

You are welcome to drop off items at either or both of our two pre-sale drop-off times:

  • Sunday, January 20, 1pm-5pm
  • Monday, January 28, 2pm-8pm
  • Sunday, February 24, 1pm-5pm

You do not need an appointment to drop off.

Here's where to park and enter. 

What to do in advance

  • Group all clothing items by gender and size. We have categories in the racks for sizes 2-14. Infant and adult sizes do not get divided by category, just by gender and size. 
  • The categories for our Spring/Summer sale for sizes 2-24 are Boutique (in sizes 2-4 only), Dresses, Long pants, Shorts, Short-sleeved shirts, Long-sleeved shirts. If you are tagging an outfit, it will hang with the longer of the pieces of the set. Any items not listed can hang in the category of your choice.
  • In our Fall/Winter sale, costumes will hang on separate ROUNDERS not on the main clothing racks. For our Fall/Winter sale, coats will have a category divider on the main clothing rack.
  • Check each tag for a PRICE and DESCRIPTION! Descriptions are required!
  • Place a rubber band around the hangers of each group. Layer rubber-banded groups in boxes, bins, or trash bags, keeping girls and boys separate.
  • Bring an unlabeled large cardboard box to leave in the stockroom through the doors at the back of the store. We use these for Sort. You will not get back your exact box.
  • If you are bringing a crib, you must assemble it at the sale. Please bring any needed tools. NO DROP-SIDE CRIBS!!!
  • Make certain you have pre-registered online and have received e-mail confirmation with this sale's dates. Hotmail and AOL users often do not get their email confirmation. Be sure you have in your safe senders list. If you lose your email confirmation, register again and print it.
  • Double check that items have been properly hung and tagged.
  • Double check that tags and pieces are secure.
  • Double check that tag info is accurate and complete.
  • Pack an emergency kit with blank tags, pens, packing tape, cable ties and safety pins, just in case you arrive and find a tag has wiggled loose!
  • Bringing a wagon, luggage cart, rolling suitcase, stroller, rolling rack or dolly (labelled with your name and cell # in case you leave it behind) will help you transport large quantities of items from your car to the racks and shelves. 

Drop-off procedure

  1. If you have large, bulky toys or infant equipment to unload, pull up to curb and quickly unload just those items to the curb.
  2. Move car to a designated mall parking spot immediately. The mall does tow illegally parked cars at drop-off! Do NOT block the fire lanes
  3. Go to REGISTRATION CHECK-IN just inside the entrance.
    1. BEFORE putting any of your items out, verify your code on our Check-in Sheets against one of your tags! Then HIGHLIGHT your row of information if all is correct.
    2. If your name is missing, your CODE IS WRONG, or any information is missing or incorrect, please see GAIL or the check-in volunteer.
    3. If you have all white tags, show your items to get your donation receipt and early shopping pass.
  4. Hang children's clothing items on racks by gender and type. Remember:  The categories for our Spring/Summer sale for sizes 2-24 are Boutique (in sizes 2-4 only), Dresses, Long pants, Shorts, Short-sleeved shirts, Long-sleeved shirts. If you are tagging an outfit, it will hang with the longer of the pieces of the set. Any items not listed can hang in the category of your choice. In our Fall/Winter sale, costumes will hang on separate ROUNDERS not on the main clothing racks. For our Fall/Winter sale, coats will have a category divider on the main clothing rack.
  5. If you bring a carseat, you MUST write the expiration date across the top of the tag with a thick red marker like this: EXP 10/22. 
  6. Place all items other than children's hanging clothing items in designated places on sales floor. Racks, bins, and shelves are clearly labeled and there are ceiling signs and volunteers available to direct you. This part goes much more smoothly if you have pre-sorted items as recommended!
  7. Cribs, portable cribs, swings and ALL furniture must be assembled by you to display effectively. Unassembled items may be removed from the sales floor.
  8. Stack empty, unlabeled box in the stockroom through doors at back of store.
  9. Once your items are in the proper spots and assembled as required, exit quickly! No browsing!
  10. As you exit, our staff will check your bags/luggage/bins as a security measure. We know you, as a consignor, will understand.

A few deals you might be interested in at Drop-off. Cash only:

  • White cardstock to tag and donate unsold leftovers next sale will be available for cash purchase (20 sheets for $1).
  • 4" zipties will be available for purchase 100/pack for $1.

Helpful Hints for Drop-off:

  • If we have to fix the location of 5 or more of your items after drop-off, we will add an additional $5 fee to your consignor fee. Please place your items with the correct size and gender. 
  • PLEASE keep your children with you at all times! Unsupervised children will be given an espresso and a puppy!
  • Tagging lots of books? Pre-sorting into the categories at the bottom of our Preparing Merchandise page will make for a quick drop off! Because we sort our books so carefully, we sell a much higher percentage of them than other sales! At drop-off, you will put your books in bins by these categories. We will shelve them for you. This means we have the MOST AMAZING BOOK AREA! No time to sort your books? Bring them in a box you can leave behind and leave the box of books with our amazing volunteers to shelve them for you.
  • Boutique Brands hang on the regular clothing racks by size! In sizes 2-4 we have Boutique category signs in the main clothing sizes for you to hang your boutique items there. Please continue to designate them with the word "boutique" written across the top of the tag and add curling ribbon to the hanger so that customers who prefer these brands can find them easily!
  • HANG Juniors and Men's clothing on the designated racks! Do NOT place them with the largest girl's or boy's sizes!
  • Juniors, Ladies' and Young Men's sizing should follow the exact size written on the inside label. Unlike children's clothing for which you should use only numeric sizing, mark your tags for these teen/grown up items with XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL or the numeric size AS WRITTEN ON THE ITEM'S LABEL and add the word Jrs., Ladies' or Men's in front of the size. Please do not make up numeric sizing for Jrs., Women's or Men's clothing! Also, men's pants should be labeled with the waist and length eg. 30x32. Remember that we DO NOT accept men's business attire but only young, trendy brands designed for teenagers.
  • Shoes hang from zip ties on racks. PLEASE bring paperclips to hang each pair of your shoes! Have extras? Leave them for other consignors by putting them on the shoe racks in the small boxes on each pole. If your bank gives away paper clips, would you collect them for us? Thanks!
  • Boy accessories (belts, socks, undies, hats...) go in the corresponding boys accessory area, according to size, on the front walls of the store.
  • Girl accessories (hairbows, undies, tights, socks...) go in the corresponding girls accessory area, according to size, on the front walls of the store.
  • Tops and shorter items will hang on the top racks, and pants/dresses and longer items will hang on the bottom racks in our Fall sale. In our Spring/Summer sale, shorts hang on the top rack and shirts and longer items hang on the bottom rack, so group your clothing items accordingly.
  • Items with a size range written on the label, i.e. 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 12-18 months or 18-24 months will hang with the LARGEST size in the range. So Old Navy jeans labeled 6-12 month will hang on the 12-month rack.
  • 24 months and 2T items will be hung on the same rack.
  • Roller Skates, Rollerblades, and Ice Skates display with Sports Equipment. Athletic Cleats display with the appropriate size and gender shoes.
  • Dance leotards hang by size on the racks with all clothing.
  • Heavy winter coats at the Fall sale hang with clothing by size.
  • Nursing-specific shirts hang separately from other maternity wear, so sort and band them separately as you prepare for drop-off.
  • Ladies/Jr's items selling is limited to nearly new current trends. Items which meet guidelines perfectly will be displayed. Items which clearly do not meet guidelines on our Ladies/Jr's page will be returned to you at drop-off or donated if left. Thank you for your attention to these guidelines and understanding of our limitations!
  • Hang pictures on the nails on the walls near the store entrance for best display. Be sure your tag is on the FRONT of pictures.



Any unsold items that you wish to pick up will be available, sorted by consignor code (except Housewares, Men's, Ladies/Jrs, and Maternity items, which do not get sorted), on Thursday, March 14, 4pm-8pm.

  • Unsold items NOT picked up at this time will be donated to charity that evening! We regret that NO alternate arrangements can be made. Please have a friend pick-up your unsold items if you are unavailable to do so! They need to know your name and code. Forward your registration confirmation to them for the easiest pick-up. Please do not email asking for us to hold your items or to come the following day if you forget pickup. We cannot.
  • If you cannot make it to pick-up and you can't find someone who can go to pick-up for you, you can work a 4 hour sort slot and take home your items at the end of sort if sort is complete by the end of your shift. Or you can come to the final day of the sale, pull your unsold items, and show them to Gail with your confirmation email to take them out of the building.
  • Pick-up is busiest at 5 pm. Wait till 6 pm and you will get out faster.
  • If you hung your junior sized XS, S, M items incorrectly on the Girls size 12-16 racks, they have been properly moved to the ladies/juniors section. Please check there for them. Please always hang Junior items in Juniors.
  • Remember that any items you tagged with WHITE CARDSTOCK will not be available as they are donated immediately on the evening the sale ends.
  • At Pick-up, you may choose to place any of your items you do not wish to carry home in the donation area, but we strongly suggest that you print your tags on WHITE CARDSTOCK instead and skip the trip to Pick-up as we will mail checks the following week.

What to do at pick-up:

  1. Pick up your Kids EveryWEAR check.
  2. Check the rack for your CHILDREN'S CLOTHING and a bag of your SHOES and ACCESSORIES by CODE. Find your consignor code in numerical order on the racks in the designated clothing area. Every consignor code will be represented, even if you have sold all items. If you don't find your code, see a sale worker! Shoes and accessories will be with your clothing items if any remain. Girls and Boys clothes are COMBINED for pickup.
  3. Check toys. Items will be sorted on the floor in numerical order, by consignor code.
  4. Check Ladies/Jr's/Maternity/Ladies purses if you brought any items there (we do not sort ladies/jr's/maternity) OR if you brought junior items and incorrectly hung them in Girls sizes 12-14 as those have been moved to Ladies/Jrs.
  5. Check Lost & Found for items that have become separated from sets or have lost their tags.
  6. Check outdated/wrong season/stained/torn racks: All items which fail to meet the criteria listed in our Items Accepted section will not be sorted. Those may be found in a designated spot at Pick-up. 
  7. Get your unsold items from Housewares. We do not sort Housewares items.
  8. Get your unsold items from Mens. We do not sort Men's items.

IMPORTANT Notes about Checks:

  • Checks MAY NOT be available at Pick-up in the event that we experience any equipment failures. We will make every effort to have them available for you! We love to save the postage! We have always had them ready but will email you the night before if checks will not be ready at pick-up.
  • If you are planning to donate all of your unsold items to charity, but would like to come during pickup hours to receive your sale earnings, we encourage you to do so!
  • Any checks which are not picked up on-site will be mailed that week. Details here.
  • Please do not contact us to inquire about a mailed check unless you have not received your check by the first week of the next month.

A few deals you might be interested in at Pick-up. Cash only:

  • White cardstock to tag and donate unsold leftovers next sale will be available (20 sheets for $1).
  • 4" zipties will be available. 100/pack for $1.
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