MARCH Spring 2020 Kids EveryWEAR Sale Schedule

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*On our discount days, it is the DISCOUNT COLOR written under the price only that matters, NOT THE TAG COLOR! 

 Once your initial shopping date has passed, you are welcome to attend the sale on any date! We love repeat shoppers!!!

On Special Shopping Dates when wristbands are required:

  • Your parents/grandparents/spouse/children can shop with you or in your stead.
  • Friends or siblings must register as KE Crew or consignors to earn early shopping privileges OR shop at one of our Presale Event options.

EVERYONE is invited to attend our $15 Shop Early Event! See Shop for a Cause page for registration and entrance details.

  • Our regular Kids EveryWEAR Sale will no longer include Adult clothing or Furniture. Those items will be featured only at the EverythingELSE Sale. Our Kids EveryWEAR sale will have all the rest: Children's Clothing, Toys, Baby Equipment, Nursing and Maternity, Housewares, Shoes in all sizes, Purses, and so much more!  

Consignor Drop Off/Pick Up

Regular Drop Offs:

Come to ONE or BOTH with more & more to SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

Sunday, March 1, 1pm-6pm
Sunday, March 8, 1pm-6pm

Late Drop Offs:

During YOUR shopping time only!

Restocking Drop Off:
(White tag clothes & items priced <$15 only! Colored or white tag toys/equipment priced > $15) 

Thursday, March 19, 5pm-8pm

Consignor Pick Up:

Thursday, March 26, 5pm-8pm

 KE Crew & Consignors Shop

Marathoner 40 hour KE Crew shop: Friday, March 13, 10am-8pm
Diehard 24 hour KE Crew shop: Friday, March 13, 10am-8pm
Super Duper 12 hour KE Crew shop: Saturday, March 14, 10am-8pm
Super 8 hour KE Crew shop: Saturday, March 14, 1pm-8pm
Regular 4 hour KE Crew shop: Saturday, March 14, 3pm-8pm
Consignors Who Use All White Tags shop: Sunday, March 15, 1pm-6pm
Consignors Who Use Colored Tags shop: Sunday, March 15, 2pm-6pm
 KE Crew & Consignors are welcome to return for full price shopping: 

Monday, March 16, 10am-8pm

*We are closed March 17-19*

Friday, March 20, 10am-7pm

 KE Crew & Consignors 50% off GREEN and BLACK prices*:

Saturday, March 21, 10am-7pm
 KE Crew & Consignors Final Clearance (50% off GREEN and 75% off BLACK prices*): Sunday, March 22, 1pm-6pm

Public Pre-Sale Shopping Opportunities

Shop Our $15 Presale
(Ticket required)
Monday, March 16, 10am-8pm

Media Madness!
Share Kids EveryWEAR 
(Register here

Monday, March 16, noon-8pm
UNLIMITED # Friends of KE Crew & Consignors with a copy of the Crew/Cons confirmation email Monday, March 16, 1pm-8pm
First-time (child <1) & Expecting Parents & Grandparents
(Ticket required)
Monday, March 16, 2pm-8pm
Heroes (Military, Nurses, Doctors, Fire, Police, Teachers, Home schoolers, Public Servants) Badge/ID req'd
(Ticket required)
Monday, March 16, 3pm-8pm

Canned Food Drive - bring 3 canned food items PER PERSON (age 18+) to enter. 
Kids enter free
(Ticket required)

Monday, March 16, 4pm-8pm

 Meet Frozen's Anna! 
(Ticket required)
Sponsored by Daydream Events, LLC
Hire them for your next event!

Monday, March 16, 4pm-8pm

Teen Night - age 13+ - Parents welcome with your teen!
(Ticket required)

Monday, March 16, 6pm-8pm

Public Shops

Public Full Price Sale:

Friday, March 20, 10am-7pm

Saturday, March 21, 10am-7pm

Public Discount Day (50% off GREEN and BLACK prices*): Sunday, March 22, 1pm-6pm
Public Final Clearance (50% off GREEN and 75% off BLACK prices*): Monday, March 23, 10am-8pm




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