Want a FREE ON-SITE VENDOR DISPLAY or FREE ADVERTISING OPTION at Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale? Details below!


Read about Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale on our home page here.

Free Vendor Display

**We are closed February 5-7.**

You will be registering as a VOLUNTEER and taking only one VENDOR DOOR POSITION SLOT.

You may only take one unless you have worked the previous sale for us and want to commit to more. Please read this entire page before registering. Please ensure that when you register, you choose volunteer, then check the checkbox for vendor and enter your vendor company name. Then among the many choices of slots, search for and choose one and only one of the remaining VENDOR DOOR POSITIONS (not the regular door positions). If you register this way, you will receive a confirmation email that lists the time you registered for as your timeslot. Then please come back to the website Free Vendor Display page in the Sponsor section to ensure that your slot now lists with your initials. Paid advertising and vendor opportunities are listed here.


Please Note: These vendors are already doing slots. Be sure and check this list before requesting a slot to ensure no competitor overlap. Thanks.



Sat 9/8 930am-2pm doTERRA - P.L.

Sat 9/8 230pm-8pm Trades of Hope_ Gretchen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - G.S.

Sat 9/8 230pm-8pm doTERRA - P.L.

Sat 9/8 230pm-8pm Flawless Jewels By Resha - R.B.

Sun 9/9 1230pm-7pm Maskcara Beauty - R.T.

Sun 9/9 1230pm-7pm Sadis Jewelry Box (Paparazzi Assecories) - S.F.

Mon 9/10 930am-2pm Paparazzi - C.P.

Mon 9/10 930am-2pm Porch Fly Supply Company - B.R.

Mon 9/10 130pm-6pm Ground Game Innovations - Y.R.

Fri 9/21 930am-2pm doTERRA - P.L.

Fri 9/21 130pm-6pm Paparazzi Jewelry - D.B.

Fri 9/21 430pm-9pm Attentively Yours Sleepovers - S.T.

Sat 9/22 930am-2pm Usborne Books & More - S.C.

Sat 9/22 930am-2pm Thirty-One Gifts - A.H.

Sat 9/22 930am-2pm Flawless Jewels By Resha - R.B.

Sat 9/22 130pm-6pm Mary kay - A.B.

Sat 9/22 130pm-6pm doTERRA - P.L.

Sun 9/23 1230pm-7pm Simply Jeweled by Alicia Jones (paparazzi) - A.J.

Sun 9/23 1230pm-7pm Shipt - K.M.

Mon 9/24 930am-2pm Ground Game Innovations - Y.R.

Mon 9/24 130pm-6pm Paparazzi Jewelry - D.B.

Mon 9/24 430pm-9pm doTERRA - P.L.




Free beyond cost of snacks.

Our shoppers and their kids find themselves wishing they had water and snacks at the sale! Your company can purchase bottled water or individually packaged snacks such as juice boxes, fruit snacks, and goldfish, granola bars, or trail mix. Attach your business card, sticker, or a magnet to each so that your business is advertised to each person taking one of these snacks at our sale. All items MUST be factory sealed, so no homemade goodies please. Snacks and waters may be delivered during setup, drop-offs, or any selling days- the sooner, the better!
This option DOES NOT GIVE YOU VOLUNTEER STATUS. It only offers you a way to advertise your business.

Park at the entrance on the food court side of the mall with the Kids EveryWEAR banner at the old Sears and see Gail Walker at Volunteer Checkin to drop-off your promotional snacks. No need to provide advance notice. Just bring the snacks/water and we will be certain to hand them out at checkout throughout the sale!



We offer free vendor table spots to companies willing to direct help, sort customer's unwanted items, or to check wristbands while covering your table display in a high visibility location.

  • This spot is for someone able to man your booth and at the same time direct Kids EveryWear traffic, check wristbands, sort and put back unwanted items, and answer questions during sale hours. Feel free to bring along a second adult to help you manage both tasks at once.
  • If you are new to doing the free vendor slot at Kids EveryWEAR, you may only register for ONE volunteer vendor slot. Unless you have preapproval from us and are a faithful previous vendor at Kids EveryWEAR, we only allow you to register for ONE of these slots. 
  • You register as a Kids EveryWEAR volunteer for one of our vendor volunteer positions via our Registration page. Take a slot clearly described as a Vendor Door Position. Your vendor booth time and this volunteer slot time are one and the same. You don't volunteer at a different time than you have a booth. You man your booth and sort items for us or watch the front door for us at the same time. Do not register for detagging slots or any other slots except a Vendor Door Position slot. NOTE: Because you are volunteering on our behalf, you also get a pass to shop at the volunteer sale! Take one 4-hour door slot and shop at 3pm. Your confirmation of registration is your shopping pass.
  • Our consignor full price shopping day is the very best day according to past vendors, but all of our days except the 24 hour shopping day are quite busy! Vendor spots are what you make of them!
  • You provide a table/tablecloth/display items.
  • You may also give out factory sealed snacks and water bottles at your booth and give them to us to give out throughout the entire sale.
  • We are relying on you to fulfill your slot. Please DO NOT sign up for a volunteer vendor position if you cannot fill it! 
  • If you and your team members wish to work together at the same time, only one of you should sign up and only one of you will receive an early shopping pass.
  • If you are unable to provide attention to consignment shoppers throughout the sale, then this option is not for you. Consider the paid option instead.
  • We strongly recommend that you offer a prize raffle to build your mailing list and offer samples and handouts to anyone interested!
  • We will assign your booth location when you arrive to your designated timeslot. 

What do I need to do if I would like to have the free display and man the door for you?

  • Register to see which slots are available. Look for slots clearly described as Vendor Door Position. Pick ONE Vendor Door Position slot which you can commit to . Remember, the list will change as people select them. You are committing. Please do not take a slot you will miss. This would leave us short-staffed. This is a commitment.
  • We post on the Free Vendor Display page of the Sponsors section of our website which slots are taken by which companies. You may not take a slot at a time at which your company is already represented by someone else. Check the list of vendors there.
  • Once you have registered, your company and your initials should be listed at the correct time on that Free Vendor Display web page. If they are not, you failed to register correctly. You most likely did not enter your company name, check the vendor checkbox, or take a slot described as Vendor Door Position. You must register again. On the page during registration with the Volunteer Agreement, be careful to check the vendor checkbox and enter your company name.
  • We provide a high visibility space approximately 6' x 8'. You provide your own display set-up: table, chair(s), product display, freebies, etc.
  • You may pull up to the curb and unload and leave your setup items inside the entrance. See Gail Walker at Volunteer Check-In for information about where to set up. This may take us a few minutes as we need to assess which vendors are doing a shift at this time and where to put each vendor to best meet your needs and ours.
  • The initial 30 mins of the 4-1/2 hr slots is for you to set-up. No need to come earlier!
  • If you have approval to work more than one slot because you are a previous KE vendor, and you are working one night and the next morning as well, you may leave your items in our store after closing and take them out again the next morning. Please be sure they are not in the way. You may cover your table with a tarp and leave it. We cannot be held responsible for any items you choose to leave in our store.
"Working the door at drop off and throughout the sale at Kids Everywear is great for us! We get excellent exposure to families along with the advantage of the mall shoppers. The best part is being able to talk with people as they bring items in and help with questions. They are then more interested in stopping by when they are done to see what you are advertising. Not only do we enjoy this, but we also have seen excellent business come from it!" - Jen Benoit - Tutor Doctor



  • Checking ID and handing our wristbands on early shopping presale days.
  • We will have racks for sorting customers' unwanted items by size. 
  • We ask that you get handfuls of unwanted items off of the round racks clearly labeled "Unwanted Items" and sort them for us during your shift as you have time. In between customers, when it is slower, we ask that you help in this way as your volunteer position. It helps us tremendously to keep up with the unwanted items throughout the day. We have overlapped shifts by 30 minutes, so at the overlap times if one of you is able to put back these items correctly by size and gender, this would be a tremendous help to us. 
  • We believe the free vendor volunteer position will be worthwhile to you, even with having to work as a volunteer on our behalf.
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