Volunteer Information

Volunteers shop first! First dibs! Lowest prices! We need you!!! Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Kids EveryWear sale! 

Why Volunteer? Never volunteered before? Kids EveryWear volunteers enjoy the fellowship of fellow moms & dads! A change of pace. New faces. New friends... And FIRST PICK OF ALL THE GREATEST BARGAINS! It doesn't matter whether you sign up to work before during or after the sale, if you volunteer you shop first!  Imagine shorter lines, cheaper prices and all the good stuff still ripe for the picking! We offer extended weekend preview sales – the longest in town – exclusive to volunteers.

What Would I Be Doing?

Volunteer positions range from removing tags off items to be purchased (detagging) so that we can ring them up, to organizing toys, clothing and accessories before or during the sale, to sorting the unsold items after the final day of the sale, to setting up before the sale and breaking down the racks after the sale, to running the computers to enter the tags for the customers, to watching doors and answering questions, or helping at drop-off get consignors checked-in and directing them. When you register, you can tell which type of position you are registering for. We have sitting positions, standing positions, and positions for almost anyone. Email if you have questions!

But I have small children at home...
Believe it or not, almost NO schedule is too full. We'll find a way to work with you if you want to find a way to work for us! There are countless opportunities to serve before during and even after the sale! Mothers with newborn infants are welcome to babywear if you can successfully complete your volunteer obligations.


    • LOVE to organize? Wanna be a "department manager"? Seeking out one special volunteer per area to work 24 hours during drop offs and other times during the sale to keep up with organizing (and re-organizing). Wonder why our book area is so beautiful? It has a "manager"! 24 hour volunteers shop VERY first! 24s shop prior to Volunteer Day. This is the very best way to make sure you find all the goodies on your wish list - first dibs and no crowds! Looking for the inside track? This is it!
    • 10-keyers: If you are a veteran Kids EveryWear volunteer, trained by us on our 10-key checkout system or excellent at 10-key, please use password 10key to register if you would like to view and take 10key slots. We are attempting to improve even coverage of this specific task. PLEASE NOTE: This DOES NOT MEAN that you will only be doing 10key at the sale. Please be aware of ALL needs at the sale and willing to fill them. If the line for de-tagging develops, please de-tag. Our goal is simply to avoid over-scheduling 10-key, not negatively impact de-tagging. Thank you!
    • Some "4-hour" shifts actually involve a 4.5 hour time commitment to allow for training and staff "mobilization." These shifts still count as regular 4-hour shifts and should be tallied only as 4 hours, not 4.5 hours, toward your total volunteer hours.
    • Splitting Shifts - Husbands, grandparents, teens 16 and up, etc. may work all or some of the volunteer hours you sign up for. Keep in mind, the intent of these extended volunteer options is to limit the amount of training and shift changes necessary during the busiest sale times, and these volunteers are needed for critical, skill-specific jobs.

Non-Traditional Volunteer Opportunities/Bartering
Have a unique service to offer? A special talent? The generosity and help we receive, often in non-traditional venues, blesses us more than you can imagine! Click on Bartering to see what you might be able to trade us for a shop early pass! Let's make a deal!

How Do I View the Available Slots?
Click on the register button in the right sidebar, choose volunteer, and read through the volunteer terms. The next screen will show you all available slots, except meal slots which you can see after entering the password listed on the Barter page of the website.

Wanted: A Few Strong Folks
You can even send your husband! We need a few strong men to help out, especially at setup and breakdown! Or they can work with you to earn you twice the hours you would earn alone!

We Welcome Grandmas
We welcome Grandmas to work in your stead and even have tasks suited for those with physical limitations.

Reliable Teens
Reliable teens, age 16 and up, may volunteer for slots to earn you extra volunteer status.

Pregnant? Have physical limitations? We need you to man our doors! 
Think Walmart Greeter meets Mall Cop! Never fear, we DO NOT expect you to tackle those who attempt to enter preview sales without early shopping passes! Basically, we need greeters to interface with shoppers. During preview sales, we ask our greeters to check passes and/or ID to ensure that we are honoring the commitments that those entitled to shop early have made to the sale. We need friendly, enthusiastic folks who can graciously explain to passersby why they might not be permitted to shop at a given time and to make them feel welcome to return at a later time. During preview sales and public shopping times, we also ask the door person to help us maintain security by checking receipts of exiting shoppers. Finally, those who serve in this position direct shoppers and answer general questions. Clearly, these tasks are of tremendous importance! Nonetheless, when the lines get long and the store gets messy, we are often tempted to pull these volunteers off their door tasks to tackle the urgent. We have found that by filling these positions with volunteers who MUST sit, we are able both to include people who otherwise might not be capable of volunteering AND do a better job managing the doors!


Volunteer Shopping

Volunteers shop first at Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale! The more you HELP, the earlier you SHOP, the more you SAVE! Traditional volunteer positions are scheduled before, during and after the sale. These require time at the sale's location. Click on The Register button in the right sidebar to see and/or schedule your traditional volunteer slot(s) online. A limited number of off-site or at home barter options are also available.

  • Regular Volunteers choose a 4-hour timeslot.
  • Super Volunteers choose any (2) 4-hour regular volunteer slots OR 1 designated 6 hour [S] slot and shop for several EXCLUSIVE HOURS before regular volunteers. 
  • Super Duper Volunteers work 12 hours total consisting of (3) 4-hour shifts or (2) 6 hour [S] shifts. You shop the day before the Regular and Super volunteers for the Summer EverythingELSE Sale!
  • Die-Hard Volunteers (aka 24s) choose a total of 24 actual hours (six 4-hour shifts or four 6-hour [S] shifts). We request that each 24 work at least one EVENING or WEEKDAY shift if at all possible!You shop the day before the Regular and Super volunteers for the Summer EverythingELSE Sale and before Super Dupers on that day!
  • Marathoners (aka 32s for the Summer EverythingELSE Sale and 40s in the Fall/Spring Events) shop VERY FIRST on Thursday. You get the whole day to yourself. There will only be a handful of you and it is going to be amazing! Marathoners generally must work at least one sale as a Die-hard before being considered as a marathoner. Power consignors who buy to resell are not permitted to marathon.

NOTE: All shifts begin with an additional 30 minutes of training so shifts are actually 4-1/2 to 6-1/2 hrs in length. This 30 minutes does not count in the total hour count.

Volunteers & Consignors also shop early on our Discount Days!

Click the Schedule button in the right sidebar for shopping specifics and on the left side of most of our emails!


Reschedule Volunteer Time

Need to reschedule your Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale volunteer slot?

  • If it is more than one week before the event volunteer full price shopping day, simply click on register and run back through the registration process. Deselect the slot(s) that you can no longer work and choose new slots. If you also are consigning, please be certain to keep the consign option checked as well!
  • If it is less than one week before the event volunteer full price shopping day, use registration to CHANGE your slot to another time and forward your confirmation of this change with a note via email letting us know of the shift you must miss and the shift you have now registered for to replace it, keeping in mind the following volunteer agreement (which you accepted during online registration):

In an effort to ensure the quality of the sale by retaining a sufficient number of volunteer workers, Kids EveryWear will require that volunteers fulfill their pledged obligation to work the shift(s) they have selected. Volunteers are expected to be on time and fulfill entire shift. If you cannot fulfill your shift, please register, uncheck that shift, and choose another. If it is one week or less prior to the Volunteer Shopping Day, please also forward the confirmation to us at  and notify us of the change.

In the event that a volunteer does not fulfill her commitment or find a suitable replacement on her behalf, Kids EveryWear may deduct $50 for regular volunteers and $100 for super volunteers or $150 for super duper volunteers of the consignor earnings. Preferably we ask that you switch to another slot and let us know! Volunteers who are not consignors and cannot make up a missed slot are asked to use amazon to send a $50 gift card per missed slot to kidseverywear @ gmail . com (removing spaces) within 24 hours of missing their shift. Should a volunteer NOT additionally be participating as a consignor, that volunteer may not be allowed to participate again in future Kids EveryWear Volunteer Preview Sales unless they make up their missed shift or send a gift card. Extreme extenuating circumstances will be considered (such as death in the family).

Should extenuating circumstances prevent you from shopping at the Preview Sale, it would still be our hope that you would consider fulfilling your timeslot so as not to leave us short-staffed.

If it is within one week of the approaching volunteer shop date and you find yourself unable to fulfill your slot, we require switching to another slot or finding someone to fill your place. Please understand that these guidelines have been created in an effort to maintain a high quality sale and a spirit of fairness to all who give sacrificially of their time.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us at if you might be able to help in the areas listed below. Register online for the Share Kids EveryWEAR opportunities.

Things we might need:

  • A website graphic designer who can make graphics and post them on our joomla site.
  • A programmer proficient in perl
  • 18"x24" poster laminating
  • Posters -  Do you work for a printer? We need 22x28 b&w or color posters for volunteer status
  • Drone video after final drop-off as your volunteer position.
  • A website designer familiar with Joomla to help with our website on a volunteer basis.
  • 3/4" binder clips. If you get this free at work and could donate at least a large shoebox full, bring them to Drop-off and we will give you 4 hours of volunteer status. Please don't buy these for this volunteer slot; we need tons!
  • Graphic design work on a volunteer basis.
  • Share Kids EveryWEAR! Perfect for Daycare owners/teachers/doctors offices! Details for how to advertise for us as your volunteer position can be found here.
  • A photographer to take pictures during first and second dropoffs and our organizing day and post them to our dropbox and to our facebook page.
  • Media guru to post to homeschool and online groups for us. Email me a list of groups you could cover and I will send you text to send.
  • Rubber bands - If you work at a bank or somewhere that ends up with thousands of rubber bands we need them. Bring 10 lbs of #16 or something close to our dropoff for 4 hours volunteer status!
  • Window decals - If you work for a company and can make us window decals, we'll give you volunteer status in trade.
  • Gift Cards: Help us defer consumable sale supply costs by providing us with a $50 egift card from Amazon.com and earn four pre-sale volunteer hours to shop with our Regular Volunteers. Register online via volunteer registration for this slot. Slots disappear when full.
    • Your egift card needs to be sent at least one week in advance of the volunteer shopping day (see Event Schedule). Once received, we will send you confirmation of receipt and that confirmation will be your shopping pass!!!

To send the eGift card:

    • Go to Amazon eGift cards.
    • Under “Gift card details”, select a preset amount or enter a different amount in the [enter amount] box.
    • Delivery: select “Email.”
    • To: gail @ kidseveryWEAR dot com (remove spaces, replace dot with. - etc.)
    • The rest is self explanatory.
    • After everything is filled out, select Proceed to Checkout. (You will need to log into your Amazon account or create one.)
  • Meals: Do your friends and family consider you a great cook? We need GOOD HOME COOKIN' for 6 adults each day of the sale. We know it might sound absurd to ask for meals, but we are at the sale with our young kids for several weeks straight and and cannot leave the checkout area during the sale. Pizza delivery gets old QUICK! Thanks to everyone who has been so gracious as to provide for us in this way! You are wonderful! Click on MEAL SIGNUP for more information on providing meals as a volunteer.
  • Cooperative Advertising: If you have a website or publication and allow Kids EveryWear to place a banner ad on your site or print ad in your publication, we will allow you to place an ad on our site for free or will exchange for volunteer hours.
  • Access to Interstate Fence Line: If you own rural property on any of the major highways or interstates coming into the Triangle area and are willing to allow us to hang a light, all-weather corrugated sign on your fence line (they just zip-tie on) for a couple of months in the spring and the same in the fall, you'll earn four volunteer hours per event.
  • Organize a group of students/folks who might need community service hours to come and sort unsold clothing items on behalf of a 501c3 to earn 4 hours toward volunteer pre-sale privileges. The charity cab sign any volunteer paperwork for the service hours completed. The volunteer hours on behalf of the 501c3 are NOT on behalf of Kids EveryWEAR. Therefore each individual will not earn shop early privileges with Kids EveryWEAR. But the person who coordinates a group of students to help can receive 4 hours towards early shopping with Kids EveryWEAR for organizing the group. You would need to email for details about when the group could help. The most needed date is probably the Friday or Saturday after our Pickup date.
  • TV/Radio/magazine/newspaper coverage: Do you know someone who works in one of these? Get us in the news and you win big time!


Thank you for printing copies of Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale posters and helping us advertise by placing them in locations throughout Morrisville, Raleigh, Durham, RTP, RDU, Cary, Apex, Chapel Hill, Fuquay-Varina, Knightdale, etc.! The poster is a .pdf file and requires Adobe Reader to view and print.

Read how to shop early at our Share Kids EveryWEAR Media Madness Event for sharing sale details on social media and to daycares!

Advertising Poster for the Summer EverythingELSE Sale (.pdf file)



Advertising Poster for the Fall Kids EveryWEAR Sale (.pdf file)





Bags & Supplies Request Letter








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