Brief Descriptions of Volunteer Opportunities:

Traditional Volunteer Positions: Traditional volunteer positions are scheduled just before, during and after the sale. These require time at the sale's location. Click on "Register now to be a volunteer" at any point to schedule your traditional volunteer slot(s) online. You do not have to consign to volunteer!

  • Regular Volunteers choose a 4-hour timeslot and shop the day before consignors.
  • Super Volunteers choose any 2 4-hour regular volunteer slots OR 1 designated 6 or 7-hour slot and shop for several EXCLUSIVE HOURS before regular volunteers.
  • Super Duper Volunteer options for the die-hards! Super Duper Volunteers must work 12 hours total consisting of 3 four hour shifts or (2) 6 hour shifts. You shop first on volunteer shop day! (Note - a 4 hour men's shift which gives 6 hour credit cannot be combined with a 4 hour shift to obtain Super Duper status.)
  • Marathon Volunteers work 40 hours (5 8-hour days during our busiest times only - subject to our approval) and get to shop very first! This select group also gets the privilege of receiving 100% commission on any items they sell. These spots must be applied for. We are looking ONLY for people with availability during busy sale times and with cashiering/cash register experience. Because this is a money handling position and because we are accountable to more than 1000 consignors who might turn angry quick if we lose their earnings, we are MOST comfortable with folks we've come to know over the years! We reserve the right to not accept folks as Marathoners based on response. If you are interested, please contact us before registering!

All volunteers should wear comfortable clothing and bring a labeled meal or snack/water bottle as needed. When you arrive, find Volunteer Check-in. Your name must be highlighted by us for you to be checked in officially. Please let us know of any special needs or physical limitations as well as skills you might have such as typing or great organizational abilities. At the end of your time, please check out as well to return your nametag and apron and be marked as having completed your shift.

Non-Traditional Volunteer Opportunities/Bartering: Have a unique service to offer? A special talent? The generosity and help we receive, often in non-traditional venues, blesses us more than you can imagine! Click on "Bartering" to see what you might be able to trade us for a shop early pass! Let's make a deal!

Needed: A Few Good Men! We need a few good men to help out, especially at setup and breakdown! Also, we welcome Grandmas to work in your stead and even have tasks for those with physical limitations.


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