This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us at if you might be able to help in the areas listed below. Register online for the Share Kids EveryWEAR opportunities.

Things we might need:

  • A website graphic designer who can make graphics and post them on our joomla site.
  • A programmer proficient in perl
  • 18"x24" poster laminating
  • Posters -  Do you work for a printer? We need 22x28 b&w or color posters for volunteer status
  • Drone video after final drop-off as your volunteer position.
  • A website designer familiar with Joomla to help with our website on a volunteer basis.
  • 3/4" binder clips. If you get this free at work and could donate at least a large shoebox full, bring them to Drop-off and we will give you 4 hours of volunteer status. Please don't buy these for this volunteer slot; we need tons!
  • Graphic design work on a volunteer basis.
  • Share Kids EveryWEAR! Perfect for Daycare owners/teachers/doctors offices! Details for how to advertise for us as your volunteer position can be found here.
  • A photographer to take pictures during first and second dropoffs and our organizing day and post them to our dropbox and to our facebook page.
  • Media guru to post to homeschool and online groups for us. Email me a list of groups you could cover and I will send you text to send.
  • Rubber bands - If you work at a bank or somewhere that ends up with thousands of rubber bands we need them. Bring 10 lbs of #16 or something close to our dropoff for 4 hours volunteer status!
  • Window decals - If you work for a company and can make us window decals, we'll give you volunteer status in trade.
  • Gift Cards: Help us defer consumable sale supply costs by providing us with a $50 egift card from and earn four pre-sale volunteer hours to shop with our Regular Volunteers. Register online via volunteer registration for this slot. Slots disappear when full.
    • Your egift card needs to be sent at least one week in advance of the volunteer shopping day (see Event Schedule). Once received, we will send you confirmation of receipt and that confirmation will be your shopping pass!!!

To send the eGift card:

    • Go to Amazon eGift cards.
    • Under “Gift card details”, select a preset amount or enter a different amount in the [enter amount] box.
    • Delivery: select “Email.”
    • To: gail @ kidseveryWEAR dot com (remove spaces, replace dot with. - etc.)
    • The rest is self explanatory.
    • After everything is filled out, select Proceed to Checkout. (You will need to log into your Amazon account or create one.)
  • Meals: Do your friends and family consider you a great cook? We need GOOD HOME COOKIN' for 6 adults each day of the sale. We know it might sound absurd to ask for meals, but we are at the sale with our young kids for several weeks straight and and cannot leave the checkout area during the sale. Pizza delivery gets old QUICK! Thanks to everyone who has been so gracious as to provide for us in this way! You are wonderful! Click on MEAL SIGNUP for more information on providing meals as a volunteer.
  • Cooperative Advertising: If you have a website or publication and allow Kids EveryWear to place a banner ad on your site or print ad in your publication, we will allow you to place an ad on our site for free or will exchange for volunteer hours.
  • Access to Interstate Fence Line: If you own rural property on any of the major highways or interstates coming into the Triangle area and are willing to allow us to hang a light, all-weather corrugated sign on your fence line (they just zip-tie on) for a couple of months in the spring and the same in the fall, you'll earn four volunteer hours per event.
  • Organize a group of students/folks who might need community service hours to come and sort unsold clothing items on behalf of a 501c3 to earn 4 hours toward volunteer pre-sale privileges. The charity cab sign any volunteer paperwork for the service hours completed. The volunteer hours on behalf of the 501c3 are NOT on behalf of Kids EveryWEAR. Therefore each individual will not earn shop early privileges with Kids EveryWEAR. But the person who coordinates a group of students to help can receive 4 hours towards early shopping with Kids EveryWEAR for organizing the group. You would need to email for details about when the group could help. The most needed date is probably the Friday or Saturday after our Pickup date.
  • TV/Radio/magazine/newspaper coverage: Do you know someone who works in one of these? Get us in the news and you win big time!
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