KE Crew Shopping

KE Crew shop first at Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale! The more you HELP, the earlier you SHOP, the more you SAVE! Traditional KE Crew positions are scheduled before, during and after the sale. These require time at the sale's location. Click on The Register button in the right sidebar to see and/or schedule your traditional KE Crew slot(s) online. A limited number of off-site or at home barter options are also available.

  • Regular KE Crew (4s) choose one 4-hour timeslot.
  • Super KE Crew (8s) choose any (2) 4-hour regular KE Crew slots OR 1 designated 6-hour [S] slot and shop for several EXCLUSIVE HOURS before Regular KE Crew. 
  • Super Duper KE Crew (12s) work 12 hours total consisting of (3) 4-hour shifts or (2) 6-hour [S] shifts and shop for several EXCLUSIVE HOURS before Super KE Crew. 
  • Diehard KE Crew (aka 24s) choose a total of 24 actual hours (6) 4-hour shifts or (4) 6-hour [S] shifts). We request that each 24 work at least one EVENING or WEEKDAY shift if at all possible! You shop FIRST, a day before Super Dupers, Supers, and Regulars.
  • Marathoners (aka 40s) shop VERY FIRST with 24s. You work 40 actual hours consisting of ten 4-hour shifts or seven 6-hour shifts. Marathoners generally must work at least one sale as a Diehard before being considered for marathoner. This select group also gets the privilege of receiving 100% commission on any items they sell up to $1200 in sales commission free. These spots must be applied for. Power consignors who buy to resell are not permitted to marathon. 

NOTE: All shifts begin with an additional 30 minutes of training so shifts are actually 4-1/2 to 6-1/2 hrs in length. This 30 minutes does not count in the total hour count.

KE Crew & Consignors also shop early on our Discount Days!

Click the Schedule button in the right sidebar for shopping specifics and on the left side of most of our emails!


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