Volunteer Shopping

Volunteers shop first at Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale!

The more you HELP, the earlier you SHOP, the more you SAVE...


  • Marathoners & 24s (work 24+ hrs) shop Friday, September 7, 10am-8pm through all items.
  • Super Dupers (work three regular shifts or two super shifts for a total of 12 hrs) shop Saturday, September 8, 10am-8pm through all items.
  • Supers (work two regular 4 hr shifts or one specially marked 6-8 hr Super shift) shop Saturday, September 8, 1pm-8pm.
  • Regulars (work one 4 hr shift) shop Saturday, September 8, 3pm-8pm.

NOTE: In addition to the early shop times above, ALL volunteers are invited to shop:

  • Early for 50% off on Saturday, September 15, from 10am-8pm
  • Early for 75% off on Sunday, September 16, from 1pm-6pm.

Post this EVERYWHERE!!! Sell your items! Bless your friends! An unlimited number of your FRIENDS may shop before the general public:

  • Early for full price on Monday, September 10, 1pm-8pm.
  • All Friends must park in the lot with our Kids EveryWEAR banner above the door at the old Sears, to the left of JCPenney and go to those glass doors to show their pass/tell your name and get a wristband to gain entrance to the sale.
  • Due to weekend scheduling issues, friends will not be entitled to early shopping for discount days.

Note for Friends:  Everyone is invited to attend our Shop for a Cause charity event on Monday,  September 10, 10am-8pm with a gift in hand! See Shop for a Cause for details.

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