Boutique Bash Launch Team Share Squad!

Earn a Gold Ticket to our event! Better yet, bump it up to a Platinum Ticket!

Join our Share Squad aka Launch Team by December 1, 2023 and help spread the news about this amazing event on social media. You must have FB or Instagram account to be part of the Share Squad.

What's a Gold Ticket? 

The Gold Ticket allows you to shop on Crew Day, Friday, January 26, 6pm-9pm.
It does not allow you to shop early on our discount days.

How do I earn a Gold Ticket?

To earn a Gold Ticket, you must do ⅔ of the Share Squad options within 15 minutes of our posts posting -or- do 90% of the Share Squad options listed below but comment on only one platform - either FB or Insta - within 15 minutes of posts posting.

Step it up a notch!

Bump your pass to a Platinum Ticket by doing 90% of the options listed below on BOTH platforms within 15 minutes of our posting instead of the ⅔ on both platforms required for Gold or 90% on one platform required for Gold!
Or Venmo $25 to bump your Gold Ticket to a Platinum Ticket.
Our Platinum Ticket holders get to shop on Crew Day, Friday, January 26, 5pm-9pm with our Regular Crew on Full Price day AND with the Crew on 50% off day, Sunday, January 28, 2pm-6pm!

What does the Share Squad have to do?

  • First, reply to each GroupMe text with a heart in the GroupMe app.
  • Interact with our FB and Insta stories & posts with a ❤️ and comment on both FB and Insta, plus a gif on FB within 15 minutes of each post posting.
  • Share each of our FB posts to 3+ local FB groups and message the GroupMe app a reply with the groups to which you shared the post.
  • Turn on Story Notifications on our Instagram. Send us a sticker or a gif on each story we post.
  • Watch us & interact each time we are live on either platform - FB or Insta.
  • Keep the conversation going during our Lives! Reply to our comments and other people's comments too! Make it fun!
  • Share the Lives and our posts to your story on Insta using the airplane icon. Tag @kidseverywear in each story. If you don't know how to do this, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Share the FB lives to your personal FB page & the 3 FB Groups you are covering.
  • If you watch us live on Instagram, your comments help. But they disappear when we post the Live after it is finished. So please add a comment and ❤️ once the Live posts also.
  • If you watch the Lives on FB, please head to Instagram when it is done to add a ❤️ and add a comment on Insta.
    Mark our Facebook Events GOING and then invite 3+ local friends.
  • Using the Nextdoor App (free), post the info we will send you via email to your surrounding neighborhoods not just your neighborhood. Screenshot your post and email it to me with the name of your neighborhood. The screenshot MUST show how many surrounding neighborhoods the post is sent to

Using the GroupMe App

  • We use the GroupMe app to send group text reminders each time we post or are going live.
  • Please get the GroupMe app before joining the Share Squad.
  • Be sure to go into the GroupMe app and tell it to send notifications to your cell phone #. Do this under the person icon>settings>Enable SMS delivery
  • Please NEVER reply to our group texts except to tell FB Groups you share to! We don't want everyone getting unnecessary replies from the group.
  • Email the ShareSquad privately at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need to contact us or have questions.
  • You will receive a text from GroupMe each time I add or remove a member. I'm sorry about that! Just ignore those.
  • I'll only text other than that to tell you about posts.
  • Each time you get a GroupMe text, you need to heart the GroupMe text in the app in order to continue getting the GroupMe texts. So please heart every GroupMe text in the app.

How do I join the Share Squad?

  1. Like and follow Kids EveryWEAR on FB.
  2. Using the three ... on Fb, choose Following, and turn Posts, Videos, and Live Video settings to Standard. You want to see All Posts.
  3. Follow @KidsEveryWEAR on Insta.
  4. Join our Share Squad BB group on GroupMe.
  5. Then, complete this Google form to tell us you want to join the Share Squad!

If I'm on the Squad, do I need to do anything?

We added a separate GroupMe just for BB, so please join it. And complete the Google form so we know you want to do this season's BB Squad. 

When will you get your ticket?

We will send your ticket on Wednesday, January 24, before your shopping day, but we ask that you continue participating throughout the event!