Step 1 

Please read through the meal information first:

Step 2 

Pick an available date or dates to bring meals. You will do this by registering as a KE Crew member, but you will need to enter the password presale during registration in order to see available meal slots. Pick date(s) you are able to bring meals. Again, the password is presale. Enter it during KE Crew registration at the top of the KE Crew agreement page. Choose a lunch slot for Regular KE Crew status or lunch/dinner combo slot for Super KE Crew status.

Step 3

If you have completed steps 1-2, then you are ready to enter your approved meal choices by entering your name and house # on this page!! You cannot enter your meal selection here unless you have already registered for specific meal dates via KE Crew Registration. Enter your information below and you will be able to see what dinners and lunches have already been scheduled and indicate what you will be bringing. If you would like to join the KE Crew by bringing meals, BEFORE registering here to tell us which meals you will be bringing, first register as a KE Crew member for the dates you would like to bring meals.

If you have previously registered with us, please enter your firstname, lastname and your house number from your address below:   (Example: 100 Maple Ave Apt D would be entered as 100, PO Box 250 would be entered as 250)

*House Number or PO Box number:

If you are new to Kids Everywear or have not previously registered, please go to