NEW TAGS as of June 2019.

All consignors must use our new tags with your QR code on them. The QR code contains your code, price, and discount choice for each tag. Code, price, and discount choice MUST be entered in our online system and can NOT be altered by hand.

Example of a QR code:

qr code example

To reprice or change discount, you must retag or print one of our sticker tags (see Tag Options below).

You may NOT create your own template and enter your own prices or discount offline.

You may not alter price or discount by hand.

The QR Code will scan your code, price, and the correct discount for whatever day it is! Speedy checkout! 

Printing Tip

If you have at least 12 items you will be pricing at a specific price point, like $3, and you'd rather handwrite your Size, Brand, # of pcs, and Description, then:

  • Fill in ONLY the $3 PRICE on each of tags 1-12 below at your chosen discount (we recommend 75% off BLACK to sell all, but it's your pick).
  • Don't fill in the Size, Brand, Color, # pcs, Description.
  • Click PRINT.
  • Save the page as a pdf with a name to clearly indicate the price and discount of the pdf. For example, call it "kidseverywear_tags_$3 black.pdf" and VOILA!
  • Now print as many copies of that page as you need! For each copy, you will have 12 tags at that price and discount!
  • Just print, cut, hole punch, attach, add the Description fields, and you are set to go!
  • Do this at each of your favorite price points. We'd recommend doing a page of $2, $3, $4, $5, and $6 to start.
  • Cha-ching! You are on your way to being DONE!
  • If you'd like to, you can send the pdf to an Office store and have them print copies for you. Be careful that your printing is very crisp and clear so that we can scan your QR code!
  • And remember, if using tape to attach tags to toys, etc, do not tape over the QR code!

There are four types of tag pages you can print:

All four tag types include your pre-printed consignor ID number and QR code as well as our Kids EveryWEAR logo. You MUST enter your price and discount choice ONLINE (below) and choose whether to handwrite the description information or enter it online. The choice is yours!*

Regular Tags - This is the default tag needed for almost everything. The default discount choice is 75% off on the final day. If you want to choose no discount or 50% off, you may. You must enter a price and discount choice for each tag. If you would like to complete the other fields, you can, but you may hand write the Size, Brand, #pc's, and Description on the tags once you print them. Your Tag information (code, price, & max discount) is embedded in the QR code when printed, but we do not save it for you. Once you print, if you do not save the tag page, there is no record of it other than on the tags themselves, which we will scan when the item sells.

Homeschool Tags - If you have homeschool books to sell, use these. They have fields to enter Subject, Grade, Yr Published, and Retail Price. Feel free to also add Publisher. Do NOT use these on other children's/young adult books. They are ONLY for homeschool books. (Remember we do not accept Adult Books or cookbooks.)

Avery 5160 Sticker Labels - These are GREAT to lower prices on items which do not sell. We sell a HUGE percentage of items, so if yours don't sell, please retag or sticker over the old QR code area at $1 lower and consider changing the discount rate also.

If you have hundreds of items already tagged with our OLD TAGS without the QR code, you can either retag with Regular Tags or you can print these stickers with the QR code containing your Consignor Code, Price, and Discount Choice, and stick them on your existing old tags. You will need to purchase the Avery 5160 address labels. Then select this option for the QR tags. Enter your last name, code, discount choice, and price for all 30 labels. Insert your sheet of labels into your printer, being sure the arrow is pointing in the right direction so the sheet feeds in top first. You MUST save a download of the sheet and open it. Use your PRINTER DIALOGUE BOX to be SURE that ACTUAL SIZE is selected. Or test one sheet and check that every row prints entirely within the label and no QR codes are cut off at all.


Do not use the "Fit to Page" print option or your stickers will not line up with the QR codes!

You must print as "actual size 100%" in your printer settings.

Blank Duplicate Tags for Items with Multiple Pieces

If you are selling a two-piece clothing set or multiple piece set, print a page of these. Do not add a price to these tags. Put one of these on the second piece or each additional piece of the set. Handwrite the Size, Brand, #pc's, and Description on the Duplicate Tag. Attach the Regular Tag (with price) to the first piece of the set. (These are for use when you sell a table with chairs sold with it or a shirt with pants sold with it... things that might get separated easily. If they do get separated, we are able to match them back up because of the duplicate tag.)

Discount Options

  • If you do NOT wish your items to be discounted, fill out tag info and choose MAX DISCOUNT NONE, and it will fill out the price and mark your discount choice/price "red". We suggest you use red ink sparingly for those treasures you'd rather get back than discount. We require that you also circle the price with a red pen.
  • If you would like to have your remaining items reduced to 50% off for both the 50% off day and the 75% off day, choose MAX DISCOUNT 50%, and it will fill out the price and mark your discount choice/price "green". We require that you also circle the price with a green pen.
  • If you would like to have your remaining items reduced to 50% on the second to last day and then to 75% off on the final day of the sale, after they have been offered at full price for several days, then choose MAX DISCOUNT 75%, and it will fill out the price and mark your discount choice/price "black". You do not have to circle these but can circle them with a black pen.

Discount Tip *If you would like to try to sell ALL, choose MAX DISCOUNT 75%. But don't price higher just because you use black ink! This is the best option if you want to sell all!! 

Tag information is NOT saved once printed. KE does not retain a list of your unsold items. Keep your pdf's if you'd like a copy.

NO tags will be printed for lines without price entries.

You may print QR tags without descriptions, but you MUST ENTER PRICE AND DISCOUNT CHOICE ONLINE before printing your tags.

Descriptions are required! 

If you do not enter them online, you MUST handwrite them. Use the description field to sell your item. If the item is new with tags, write NWT! Like new? Say so! Also, if the tag gets separated from your item, we use your description to match the tag back up.

If you only have a black and white printer, circle the price with the pen color that matches the discount code you chose online. Do not write on the price or QR Code. The discount choice is also printed in parentheses below the price.

Please refer to our Items Accepted Chart and open our Pricing Page in a separate tab. Refer to them as you complete your tags below.

Be sure to read our How to Tag Page carefully!


Seller's Report

Find out more about how to get a Seller's Report here.


Remember, if you enter no prices online, you will create a blank pdf.

Fields highlighted in RED are required for all 12 tags.

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