You do not need a ticket. This is your shopping pass.

You will need to show ID and this confirmation as your shopping pass each time you shop - full price, half price, and 75% off. On discount days, you will need to show ID and this confirmation at the scanning station as well.

Your spouse and/or child's grandparents are allowed to shop with or without you with your pass. You are welcome to shop more every day we are open!

Please invite your friends to get a

FREE Ticket to our Friends of Kids EveryWEAR Sale when they become available.

FREE Ticket to our Friends of KE Crew EverythingELSE Sale when they become available.

You may invite as many friends as you can and they can bring as many friends with them as they'd like! 

KE Crew Check-in and Checkout

  • If you have a scanning slot, please watch our Scanning Tutorial on Youtube before coming for your shift to get an understanding of how our scanning system works.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Bring a labeled meal, snack, drink as needed, and ask where to keep your items.
  • Bring hand sanitizer.
  • Click here for a picture of where to park and enter.
  • Keep cell phone usage to emergencies while working.
  • Go to KE Crew Check-in to get your name tag, apron, and shift overview. 
  • Highlight your name on the check-in sheet and note the time if late. (If late, you must stay late to complete your full shift time.)
  • If no name tag, write your name on a blank tag and insert in the sleeve. Add a name to the check-in sheet that corresponds to your position and correct time.
  • Let us know of any special needs/physical limitations as well as specific skills you have.
  • Indicate you have completed your shift by returning your name tag and apron to the Crew Member at KE Check-in. Remove the name tag from the sleeve. Throw away the insert and put the sleeve in the designated bin. 
  • All late-night shift KE Crew should exit together. Please do not unlock doors to exit. See us to let you out if the doors are locked. Thanks!

What's New for the KE Crew

We've changed our scanning steps just a bit:

  • When scanning, check the screen after EVERY scan to ensure the item scanned properly and the price is correct.
  • Scan clothing FIRST. Bag it and handbags to customer BEFORE scanning big items next.
  • Scan big items SECOND. Be slow and careful not to miss any.
  • Scan loose smaller items THIRD. Bag as you go! 

Thanks for joining the KE CREW!

Contact Us

Did you know we have a Search tool in the right menu of each page of our website? Just scroll down to find it. Try that first if you need to find info on our site!

We also have a FAQ! If you have read the Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale FAQ and cannot find the answer to your question, and you have read through the sections of our website which might pertain to your question, and you cannot find an answer, then please email

Thanks for reading the website first!

Our Facebook Group for Consignors only is also a great resource. Ask there!



  • Drop-off for Kids EveryWEAR on August 28 & September 5, 2pm-6pm, and/or September 8, 4 pm-8 pm.
  • Pick up your check and unsold items for Kids EveryWEAR on Tuesday, September 28, 4 pm-8 pm. (Note: only items tagged with your assigned color of cardstock will be available to pick up not items tagged with white cardstock. All toys, housewares, and equipment will not be sorted. They automatically roll over to the EE Sale. You may pull those items if you do not want to sell them at EE. The consignor fee for EE is only $5 and is deducted from your EE check.)

You will need to show ID and this confirmation as your shopping pass each time you shop - full price, half price, and 75% off. You may screenshot it and show it on your phone as long as we can see your code and that it says you are registered to consign at this event.

Your spouse and/or child's grandparents are allowed to shop with or without you with your pass. You are welcome to shop more every day we are open!
Consignors will not need a ticket - only this confirmation shopping pass.

You may need this confirmation at Drop-off and at Pickup (ID required to pick up your check). If you will be having someone else pick up your unsold items, you need to forward them a copy of this confirmation. They can't pick up your items without showing us your confirmation. If you are registered as a consignor for the UPCOMING SALE, your pass will say so in the subject line and will list your code and the correct month and year in your shopping times.

If you cannot consign after all

Please unregister by registering again. Type the word unregister in the box beside the consignor checkbox. Thank you. 

Important Consignor Details from our website.

Top Ten Tagging Blunders

How to Tag

Items Accepted

Boutique Brands


Cardstock Color List

Donating Unsold Items

Print Tags

Dropping Off - Check this for specialty racks at each event!

Consignor Shopping

Homeschool Items

Ladies, Juniors, Mens & Housewares


What's New for Our Consignors

Each sale we try to find ways to make our sale better for everyone: our consignors, our shoppers, & our great KE Crew! Thanks to all who give suggestions to make our sale great! The best way to make suggestions is on our Facebook Group for Consignors! We are looking for your VERY BEST like new items. In some categories, items must be new in the package.

Here are changes for Fall 2021:

  • Swaddlers, sleep sacks, and magic sleep suits will only be accepted at Kids EveryWEAR, not at the EverythingELSE Sale.
  • All fall & winter holiday decor will be allowed this season at the EverythingELSE Sale, not the KE Sale, but no spring/summer holiday decor will be allowed this season. No Easter, Fourth of July, etc will be allowed at the EE Sale, only Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, plus Valentines and St. Paddy's day because they occur before our Spring KE Sale in March.
  • All fall & winter holiday children's clothing will be allowed this season at the Kids EveryWEAR Sale, but no spring/summer holiday clothing will be allowed this season. No Easter, Fourth of July, etc will be allowed at the KE Sale, only Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, plus Valentines and St. Paddy's day because they occur before our Spring KE Sale in March.
  • Yes to Halloween costumes in all sizes at KE and in adult sizes only at EverythingELSE Sale.
  • No generic stuffed animals. Stuffed animals must be LIKE NEW Beanie Boos or Beanie Babies only and will hang in the shoe pockets on the back of the bookcases.

These changes were made in Spring 2021:

  • Maternity and nursing clothes/bras will only be allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale and must be season appropriate for a fall or winter day in NC. Maternity clothing must be limited to items worn during one pregnancy only - the best of your best.
  • Monogrammed items should have one initial or one name only and must be like new.
  • Children's backpacks will be accepted at KE, not at the EverythingELSE Sale.
  • No porcelain dolls. All other dolls must be like new with new-looking hair.
  • New in package or muslin baby blankets only like Aiden & Anais only; Like new muslin blankets should be hung on a hanger. No used blankets except muslin gently used blankets will be accepted.
  • We are limiting bedding. We will no longer accept crib quilts or crib comforters, only gently used crib or pack 'n play sheets plus gently used muslin blankets like Aiden & Anais. Brand new baby blankets of other types will also be allowed, but muslin baby blankets are the only blankets that can be gently used. These are allowed at both events.
  • Twin, Full, Queen, and King bedding may be gently used and is allowed only at the EverythingELSE Sale and need a clearly marked size on the tag.
  • We are limiting curtains. Like new children's curtains in current trendy styles purchased within last 3 years will be allowed at all sales. Mark tag with length x width and # of panels; hang on a hanger. Other curtains will only be allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale. Again, they must be like new current trendy styles. Mark tag with length x width and # of panels; hang on a hanger.
  • New baby bath towels and hooded towels are allowed at all sales. Like new towels will be allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale; Regular towels and beach towels must be like new as well and are only allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale.
  • Only nursery lamps will be allowed at Kids EveryWEAR. Like new current trendy lamps and chandeliers will all be allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale.
  • Artificial plants and flowers must be like new, current, and will only be allowed at the EverythingELSE Sale.
  • Coffee mugs, disposable containers, cutting boards, cheeseboards, and garbage cans must be new. Dishes, glasses, and silverware must be like new. Water bottles must be new. No plastic cups will be allowed. Teflon pans may not have scratches.
  • Only nursery pictures will be allowed at Kids EveryWEAR, no pictures for other rooms, no handmade or hand-painted items. Canvas, wood, metal, or word art pictures will be allowed at both sales, no handmade or hand painted items. At EverythingELSE we will accept pictures with a glass front or plastic front but not at Kids EveryWEAR.
  • Rugs must look new and be current and trendy. No stains or wear. They are only accepted at EverythingELSE. 
  • Office supplies, gift wrap, and stationery must be like new.
  • Liquids such as cleaners, perfumes, oils, lotions, etc must be new in a sealed package and not outdated.

Our Fall & Winter Sale in September is our regular Kids EveryWEAR Sale

Our regular Kids EveryWEAR Sale does not include Adult Clothing, Adult Shoes, Adult Accessories, Purses, Ladies Jewelry, or Furniture. It features Children's Clothing, Books, Homeschool, Toys, Baby Equipment, Nursing and Maternity, Housewares, Shoes up to size 8.5, and so much more! Any items not accepted that are dropped off will be donated immediately and not returned at Pickup as we do not have space or manpower to manage them at Pickup. Please err on the side of not bringing questionable items. Please read the Items Accepted Chart carefully to help you know what to bring to each event. This thing is your go-to tool! Use control + F to search for any item on that chart! So easy!

Our EverythingELSE Sale in October features all of this except kids clothing and kids shoes plus so much more --- EverythingELSE! 

It features ladies' and men's adult and junior clothing, adult shoes size 5 and up, adult clothing accessories, children's toys, baby equipment, bikes, indoor and outdoor equipment, furniture, appliances, housewares. You name it! But we won't be selling children's clothing or children's shoes at this special event! Having no kids clothing or kids shoes at this fabulous event gives us the room for furniture, appliances, and everythingELSE you can imagine.

Think Craigslist gone wild! The most epic indoor yard sale EVER! Facebook Marketplace on steroids. This is the most awesome sale!
EverythingELSE all in ONE PLACE!

Read our Drop-off for EverythingELSE Sale page for rack configuration and categories to make your EverythingELSE Drop-off easier!

Alternative Tagging Options

Drop 'N Go and We Tag for You options! If you want to tag and price your items, but you just don't have the time to put out your items, we are now offering Drop 'N Go. If you don't have the time to tag or just don't have a clue about pricing, and you want the full-service option to get the most while you do the least, use our We Tag for You service! We Tag for You availability for KE is listed here and We Tag for You availability for EE is listed here.

Rollover Option

Our awesome Rollover Option! Bringing items to our Kids EveryWEAR Sale that are allowed at our EverythingELSE Sale? No need to pick them up! They can stay right where they are for the next event! For this reason, we will only sort children's clothing, shoes, and accessories plus backpacks after our Kids EveryWEAR Sale. Everything else is left right where it is. Feel free to come to Pickup to get your check and any items that are not accepted at the next event. Items not accepted at the EverythingELSE event will be donated if not picked up by close on Pickup Day.

Don't make these Tagging Blunders

Important Things to Know

  • QR Tags as of June 2019. Superfast sticker and full-page pdf options available. We have a fast checkout system with QR codes that contain the price, code, and optional description. Description can be handwritten, but the price and code must be entered online. We have never changed our tags before and hope to never do so again! 
  • Items Accepted Chart to help you know what to bring to each event. This thing is your go-to tool!
  • Selling large hard-to-move items or items priced above $25? We are making it better for you! At Drop-off, attach a “Large Item Claim Ticket” to them. See Drop-off for the details. These are only for hard-to-move items or items which need to be zip-tied directly to high-end racks for security.
  • Pricing Guidelines to help you price.
  • Boutique items & High-end $25+ items like purses and baby wraps at our Kids EveryWEAR Sale will be displayed on specially marked rounders to show them off!
  • Halloween costumes and heavy winter coats will be displayed on specially marked rounders at our Kids EveryWEAR event to make shopping easy!
  • We will pull and donate any VCR tapes and any adult-rated R or above DVDs dropped off. We do not take accept these and do not have the staff to sort and return them.
  • We will not be accepting adult-oriented books! No adult novels. No cookbooks.
  • If you are selling hangers, you must price them at $1 or under for 12 hangers.
  • If you bring a carseat, you must write the expiration date across the top of the tag with a thick red marker like this: EXP 10/28. You will be charged an additional $10 fee if you bring an expired carseat. We will destroy the expired carseat and not return it.
  • We will be charging a $10 fee per 10 items dropped off that are very clearly off-season, stained/torn, not on our Items Accepted Chart for the current event, or dropped off in the wrong gender or size. Please place your items correctly.

Most Asked Questions about Consigning

If I've sold with you in the past, should I register again?

Yes. Please register for each event so that your consignor spot is reserved for you, and so that you get a shopping pass. Your pass says SEPTEMBER if you are registered for Kids EveryWEAR and OCTOBER if you are registered for EverythingELSE.

If I have leftover items with QR code tags, do I need to retag them?

We request that you retag or print our QR stickers to place over the QR portion of your existing tags and reduce your price by $1 or more if the item didn't sell as well as changing the discount choice from red to green or green to black on all returning items. This is a great pricing strategy for returning consignors!

Will my assigned code or tag color change?

No. But be certain you throw away your old barcode tags from prior to July 2019 before you start printing the new ones. We don't want you to accidentally tag with the old ones!

Where do I access and print tags?

When you register, you will receive a confirmation email. That email has the link to Print Tags. If you don't get the email, register again and save the final screen. There is a direct link to Print Tags in the Consignor menu and on the right menu of every page of our website as well.

When I am attaching tags to toys or Ziploc bags, etc., can I cover the QR code with packing tape?

No! Please do not cover the QR code with tape! It will not scan properly.

Do I pay the consignor fee when I register?

No, your fee is deducted from your check for every sale in which you sell items.

Can the new consignor tags be photocopied or does each item require a unique QR code?

You may enter prices + discount choice for an entire page of tags, save it as a pdf, and print as many copies as you'd like. You would need to handwrite descriptions. Do not handwrite or alter the price or your discount choice! Please don't photocopy as the QR code becomes too blurry. Printing hundreds of pages of tags from the pdf is fine, but photocopies of a page are not.

Who can shop with me?

Your spouse, your parents, your in-laws, and your children are welcome to shop with or without you with your consignor confirmation or by giving your name at the door. Send your friends the information about the Friends Sale so they can get a free ticket to that event! You want them to come to buy your stuff!

Read about Pricing next!

Print a color copy of this guide here. Print a black & white copy of this guide here.

THANK YOU for consigning and helping Kids EveryWEAR keep down the cost of growing up!

Launch Team!

Earn a Gold Ticket to our event! Better yet, bump it up to a Platinum Ticket!

Join our Launch Team and help spread the news about this amazing event on social media. You must have FB or Instagram to be part of the Launch Team. 

The Gold Ticket allows you to shop on Crew Day from 4 pm - 7 pm. It does not allow you to shop early on our discount days.

Want to step it up a notch? Earn a Platinum Ticket by doing ALL of the options except distribution of handouts! Our Platinum Ticket holders get to shop on Crew Day from 2pm - 7pm with our Regular Crew at Full Price, Half Price, AND 75% off days! You can also combine this Platinum Ticket with your crew hours to shop even earlier!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to say you want to join the launch team! Here's what we need to know:

  • Tell us if you want a Gold Ticket, or if you hope to go for Platinum!
  • Include your cell phone #
  • Include your mailing address (required for Platinum ticket registration)
  • Include your profile name on FB and Instagram. Let us know if you are not on one of these platforms.

We use the GroupMe app to send group text reminders each time we post or are going live. Please NEVER reply to our group texts! Email me privately if you need to contact me. Please get the GroupMe app before emailing to join the Platinum team. You will receive a text each time I add or remove a member. I'm sorry about that! I'll only text other than that to tell you about posts. Remember, never reply to the GroupMe group! You can email me if you have questions.

To earn your Gold Ticket, you must do any 3 of the following options. To bump it up to Platinum, do all except the handout distribution.

  • Add a recommendation on our Facebook page. Then mark each of our FB Event(s) GOING and invite your local friends. The invite option is super easy to use, and you can choose friends by location.
  • Share our FB event(s) or one of our Facebook posts to 3 local Facebook groups and email me a list of the groups in which you posted.
  • ❤️ and comment and add a gif on all of our FB and/or Instagram posts within 10-15 minutes of their posting. Share them on your stories using the airplane icon on Instagram.
  • Share all of our Instagram posts to your stories within 24 hours of our posting them, using that same airplane icon.
  • Turn on all notifications on FB and Instagram. On Instagram, you can go to any one of our posts, click the ... and Turn On All Notifications. Watch our live videos on either FB or Instagram (while we are live if at all possible) and ❤️ like crazy, comment, and interact throughout. If you miss the video while we are live, watch it after it posts, comment as you watch, and give it a ❤️ and a gif. If you watch it live on Instagram, your comments help. But they disappear when we post the live after it is finished. So please add a comment and ❤️ once it posts also. If you watch the live on FB, please head to Instagram when it is done to add a ❤️ and add a comment on Insta.
  • Turn on Story Notifications on our Instagram. Send us a sticker or a gif on each story we post.
  • Create 5+ stories on Instagram. Your stories can include pictures you take while you tag your items if you are a consignor, items you see while you shop, your purchases, and photos of your kids playing with the awesome toys or wearing the cute outfits you get. Tag @kidseverywear in each story so that we can share them too! If your Instagram is private, you either need to make it public and tag us, or screenshot your stories and dm them to us.
  • Print and distribute our handout advertising the upcoming consignment event to at least 100 people (maybe your child's daycare, your pediatrician's office, or your neighborhood Chick-Fil-A)
  • Using the Nextdoor App (free), post the info we will send you via email to your surrounding neighborhoods. First, email us to request the Nextdoor image and post content so that you can use our prepared content! Be sure to tell it to send to all surrounding neighborhoods! Screenshot your post and email it to me with the name of your neighborhood. The screenshot must show how many surrounding neighborhoods it sent to

We will register you for your Gold or Platinum Ticket the week before the event if you have faithfully participated in sharing the sale on social. 

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