Your KE Crew slot at KidsEveryWEAR for [VOL_INFO] is coming up.


We are so thankful to have your help! The Crew makes this sale the very best! Thank you!

  • Here's the location and where to park and enter.
  • We are following NC mandates.
  • Please go to KE Crew Check-in and get your name tag and apron and get a quick overview of what to expect. Highlight your name on the check-in sheet.
  • Please keep cell phone usage to emergencies only while working your shift.
  • We do not have wifi.
  • All KE Crew should wear comfortable clothing and bring a labeled meal or snack/water bottle as needed.
  • Please stay home if you have any respiratory illness symptoms or have had a fever within 24 hours or are positive and are in isolation.
  • We will have hand sanitizer at the entrance for use by each person as they enter. Please bring your own as well if you'd like to use it throughout the day where you are stationed.
  • Restrooms are available in the store.
  • If you arrive late, please note your arrival time on the check-in sheet and stay late at the end of the sheet to make this time up.
  • You commit to shop only during your shopping time, not during any other times when you are onsite. If you are found to be shopping or stashing during your shift, you will be banned from all Kids EveryWEAR events. It is unfair to others to shop at any time other than your shopping time.
  • All late night shift crew members should exit together. Please do not try to exit through locked doors when the mall is closed. Ask us to unlock the doors so that we can lock them behind you.
  • Please do not use our stockroom door or any doors other than the main entrance for any reason without our express permission.
  • At the end of your time, please check out where you checked in by returning your name tag (throw away insert and put plastic name tag in basket) and apron and indicate you have completed your shift.
  • For heavy lifting setup and breakdown slots, please bring work gloves.
  • For door slots, if you could download the EVENTBRITE ORGANIZER app to your phone, that will help. Thanks!

Thanks for helping the KE Crew!


Thank you for registering for Kids EveryWEAR!

HINT: Shop even earlier than the times listed above! Join the KE Crew! By joining the KE Crew you are guaranteed first dibs on the best of the best! Remember, your spouse can help out, too! See KE Crew options by clicking the Register button!

THIS IS YOUR SHOPPING PASS. You do not need a ticket. Screenshot the top portion now. You may print it or show it on your phone. You will need to show ID and this confirmation as your shopping pass each time you shop - full price, half price, and 75% off. On discount days, you will need to show ID and this confirmation at the scanning station as well.

Your spouse and/or child's grandparents are allowed to shop with or without you with your pass. You are welcome to shop more every day we are open!

Please invite your friends to get a FREE Ticket to our Friends of Kids EveryWEAR Sale. Tickets become available August 6.

Consignor Agreement

As a participant in the Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale, please read and acknowledge your acceptance of the following terms of the agreement:

Consignor agrees that any issues with their check/items picked up or considered missing will be brought to the attention of Gail (not to a KE Crew) prior to leaving the premises on Pick-up day. No issues can be dealt with once the consignor has left the premises as all remaining items are donated that evening and it becomes too difficult to determine if items were simply overlooked or misplaced.

Consignor agrees to hold harmless and make no claim against Gail Walker, the lessors of the space where the sale is held, any KE Crew or paid participants in Kids EveryWEAR, or the insurer of Kids EveryWEAR for the damage, theft, or loss of any items consigned to Kids EveryWEAR. Kids EveryWEAR does not anticipate any thefts, damage, or loss but these events may occur.

Consignor agrees that they have checked the CPSC recall lists at http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prerel.html for recalls on any items they are selling and can certify that they are not consigning any recalled items.

Consignor agrees to waive any and all claims for personal injury resulting from participation in Kids EveryWEAR from whatever cause either foreseen or unforeseen against Gail Walker, the lessors of the space where the sale is held, any KE Crew or paid participants in Kids EveryWEAR, or the insurer of Kids EveryWEAR.

Consignor agrees that on Half Price Day, all unsold items will be sold for half of the price set by the Consignor unless the No Discount option is chosen when entering your tag information online and the price is circled in red ink. Additionally, on 75% off day, all unsold items will be sold for 50% off if the max 50% off discount is chosen and the price is circled in green and for 75% off if the max 75% off discount is chosen and the price is printed in black.

Consignor gives permission that items with no price indicated on the tag will be sold at a fair market price to be determined by the opinion of Gail Walker or by two KE Crew members. Consignor agrees to accept this pricing as final.

Consignor agrees that items with no Consignor code on the tag will not be sold but will be placed in a lost and found area at the end of the sale. Any items not claimed from the lost and found by the designated close of the pickup period will become the property of Kids EveryWEAR.

Consignor agrees that any items not picked up by the end of the designated pickup time will become the property of Kids EveryWEAR unless they are allowed to roll over. No exceptions. Consignor must make arrangements by forwarding their confirmation email to a friend to have a friend pick up their unsold items if they can't. Checks are mailed if Consignor does not come to pick-up.

Consignor agrees that no claims will be made against Kids EveryWEAR for any discrepancies involving items placed in the sale.

Consignor agrees to cash issued proceed checks within two months of the date of the check. Consignor proceeds checks will be mailed within 3 days of the sale. Please give the sale owner approximately 2 weeks after the close of the sale before enquiring. Any checks not cashed within six months of the check date will become null and void.

Consignor agrees that the distribution of proceeds from the sale of each item will be as follows: Consignors will receive 65% and Kids EveryWear will receive 35% of consignors' final sales.

Consignor agrees that a $15 registration fee will be deducted from their earnings check for the Kids EveryWEAR Sale to help Kids EveryWEAR cover their rent and mailing expenses unless you register during the discount fee days. Consignor agrees that this fee will be deducted from their earnings at each event, even back-to-back events with a rollover option. A $5 registration fee is deducted for the EverythingELSE Sale.

Consignor agrees to bring only items that meet the standards set forth in Kids EveryWEAR policy.

Consignor agrees that any items that clearly do not meet the standards set forth in Kids EveryWear policy will be handled in the manner detailed in the Kids EveryWEAR Items Accepted policy.

Consignor agrees that an additional $10 fee will be deducted from their earnings check per 10 clothing items dropped off that are very clearly off-season, stained/torn, not on the Kids EveryWEAR Items Accepted Chart for the current event, or dropped off in the wrong gender or size, or which use old barcode tags.

Consignor agrees that an additional $10 fee will be deducted from their earnings for bringing an expired carseat and understands Kids EveryWEAR will discard the expired carseat and not return it.

Consignor agrees that if they would like to know what they sold at the end of the sale, they will purchase a seller report in advance of Pickup or at Pickup. 

Adding your cell number to this agreement will add you to our Consignor Texting service. Our consignor text subscribers are our VIPs. You will receive notifications and reminders about consigning, the schedule & other updates to help you succeed as a seller with us. We will do our best not to bug you or send you messages when you're asleep. It's super easy to unsubscribe if you don't want to continue getting texts! 

Drop off and shop at your own risk. We are not liable if you contract any illness while at Kids EveryWEAR. Protect yourself. Thank you.

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