KE Crew Member Agreement

In an effort to ensure the quality of the sale by retaining a sufficient number of KE Crew workers, Kids EveryWear will require that KE Crew members fulfill their pledged obligation to work the shift(s) they have selected.

KE Crew are expected to be on time and fulfill entire shift. 

You commit to shop only during your shopping time, not during any other times when you are onsite. If you are found to be shopping or stashing during your shift, you will be banned from all Kids EveryWEAR events. It is unfair to others to shop at any time other than your shopping time.

If you cannot fulfill your shift, please register, uncheck that shift, and choose another. If it is one week or less prior to the KE Crew Shopping Day, please also forward the confirmation to us and notify us of the change.

In the event that a KE Crew member does not fulfill her commitment or find a suitable replacement on her behalf, Kids EveryWear may deduct $50 for regular KE Crew member and $100 for super KE Crew or $150 for super duper KE Crew of the consignor earnings. Preferably we ask you to switch to another slot and let us know! KE Crew who are not consignors and cannot make up a missed slot are asked to venmo $50 to kidseverywear.

Should a KE Crew member NOT additionally be participating as a consignor, then that KE Crew member may not be allowed to participate again in future Kids EveryWear KE Crew  Preview Sales unless they make up their missed shift(s) or venmo $50 per shift to cover our cost of hiring replacement help. Extreme extenuating circumstances will be considered (such as death in the family).

Should extenuating circumstances prevent you from shopping at the Preview Sale, it would still be our hope that you would consider fulfilling your timeslot so as not to leave us short-staffed. We are always amazed and blessed by the people who serve so heroically at each sale; they are not soon forgotten. Please have the courtesy to contact us and leave word that you did not shop and will not be serving your scheduled time immediately so that we can attempt to make alternate arrangements. Please understand that these guidelines have been created in an effort to maintain a high quality sale and a spirit of fairness to all who give sacrificially of their time.

Friends of KE Crew & Consignors Sale

  • Consignors & KE Crew: Your confirmation email is your pass to shop. You do not need a ticket. Your spouse and/or child's grandparents are allowed to shop with or without you with your pass and ID.
  • Your confirmation email cannot be given to a friend to shop with you or in your place. Friends will need a free ticket to the Friends Sale and will need to have us scan their ticket at entry. Tickets become available on Friday, August 6. We DO NOT allow sisters, friends, etc. to accompany you at the presales.
  • Friends shop the Kids EveryWEAR Sale on Friday, September 17, 12pm-7pm with ticket and your name. 
  • For the full schedule of shopping opportunities, please see our Event Schedule.

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