Is there a limit to the number of items a consignor can consign?
There is not a limit. Bring as many items that meet our Items Accepted requirements as you'd like!

My tags aren't printing correctly. Can you help?
In Acrobat, go to Advanced and choose "Print as Image." This should fix it. If not, email us and tell us your operating system, reader, and browser.


What is the purpose of the individual colors of cardstock?
The colors have greatly sped up the sorting process of unsold items. Rather than staring at the codes, we sort very quickly by color and put all of the white tags into boxes for donation. This frees up KE crew to help make the sale much more organized. Unlike other sales, we dedicate several days to make certain all items are acceptable, organized and optimally displayed. We also double check every rack throughout the sale for gender and size of items to ensure that people find consignors' things in the right spot and buy them. I don't know of any other sale that has the KE crew staff to remove unacceptable items (torn, stained, off-season) and to maintain this degree of order. People continue to tell us that our sale is the best due to quality and organization and the colored cardstock plays a huge role in this success!


Why do you charge consignors $15?
Our expenses are astronomical and have increased dramatically in the last couple of years as our rent has increased drastically. We now pay tens of thousands of dollars in rent, exorbitant sums in bank and card costs, oodles for storage and moving... The list goes on. We honestly can't continue the sale if we don't charge this amount, which incidentally is lower than other large sales charge. So many people tell us that they sell the highest percentage of things at our sale and tons of reasons why they prefer Kids EveryWear. 


Why was I not found on your online list?
If you have never consigned or been part of the KE crew, you will need to use New Registration to enter yourself into the online system. If you were on our list before and have moved, we may have updated your address already. Try it. Or, if we emailed you for an updated address and didn't hear back from you, then we have deleted your old registration information. In that case, please register again. If you have chosen to be taken off our Constant Contact email list, this also takes you off of our online list.


Can I get back my hangers?
No. We don't have time at checkout to remove hangers. So the shopper keeps the hangers.


Where can I find hangers?
Old Navy, Belks, Target & Walmart throw them away daily. Ask Old Navy! Some dry cleaners may provide a recycle area for wire hangers. Carters at Brier Creek and Crossroads may share. Walmart and dollar stores sell them. We offer them at Drop Off and Pickup when we can.


What kind of hangers can I use?
Plastic or wire hangers (we prefer plastic): Child sized hangers work best for clothing up to size 4. Adult hangers work well for sizes 5 and up.


How do I tag hats?
As with any item, if there is a label or a place to which you can attach a ziptie, use it. Otherwise, use a tagging gun if possible but use two tag pins per item and insert very carefully somewhere you will not damage fabric. As a last recourse, use a safety pin. If there is no pinning surface, use packing tape if that will stay securely. The goal is to be sure the tag is secure. Do not cover QR code with packing tape.


When I am attaching tags to toys or Ziploc bags, etc., can I cover the QR code with packing tape?
NO. Do not cover the QR code with packing tape!
Does a baby swing that can either plug in or run on batteries need to have batteries in it for the sale?
Absolutely yes! The baby swing, and any such item, does need batteries so that shoppers can easily tell that the item works without moving it from the sales floor to plug it in. You can get batteries at Dollar Tree.


I registered however I did not receive my code with my confirmation email. What should I do?
If you check your confirmation email, you will probably notice that it says Consignor=N, meaning you joined our mailing list but did not check the consignor option. Please reregister and check Consignor.


Can I sell a crib mattress?
Yes. You may sell it separately. Better yet, you may include it with your crib and mark the tag "free with purchase of this crib."


Is it required to sign-up to as KE crew once you become a consignor?
No, you do not have to join the KE crew to consign, but KE crew shop first and so get the best picks by far! Almost a third of our items are sold to KE crew. Likewise, you may join the KE crew without consigning.


What organization do unsold donated items go to? Is this tax deductible?
Most organizations are listed here. We provide a tax receipt (as well as an early shopping pass especially for White-taggers) at drop-off so be sure to show us your white tagged items before putting any out on the sales floor.


Do you allow light weight long sleeve shirts at your spring/summer sale?
We would prefer you bring these to our Fall/Winter sale unless they are clearly a spring item. Windbreakers, white cardigans and raincoats, for instance, are welcome!


Do you allow light weight long sleeve infant footed pj's at your spring/summer sale?
Yes. They need to be new looking since we get lots of these. No stains or wear at all.


Do you allow cloth diapers?
Yes, if in excellent condition.


Do you offer Consignment Manager for your sale?
No, we only accept tags printed off of our website.


Do you accept jeans and khaki pants in the Spring/Summer sale?
We think you should sell these at the Fall/Winter sale to get the most money for them. If you consign them at the Spring/Summer sale, we suggest you price them at $1-$2 less to ensure that they are desirable enough to be purchased at that time.


I cannot make it to Pickup. What are my options?
Unsold items NOT picked up at this time will be donated to charity that evening! We regret that alternate arrangements cannot be made. Please have a friend pick up your unsold items if you are unavailable to do so! They need to know your name and code. Forward your registration confirmation to them for the easiest pick up. Please do not email asking for us to hold your items or to come the following day if you forget Pickup. If you cannot make it to Pickup, you can work a 4 hour sort slot and take home your items on Saturday before Pickup if sort is complete by the end of your shift.


Can I give my neighbor permission to pick up my remaining items and my check for me?
Yes, you may forward your confirmation email to them to bring with a note saying so.


Can KE crew and consignors bring friends with them to shop?
No, friends have a special shop time of their own. They must bring your confirmation pass or tell us your name to shop. KE crew and consignors can bring their spouse, parents, and parents-in-law to help them shop.


Do you take bed rails?
Check Items Accepted list.


Are Ladies/Jr's items season specific?
Check Items Accepted list.


I am going out of town this weekend and will not be able to go to the consignor sale on Sunday. Is it okay if I go on the following Friday?
You are always welcome to shop anytime we are open after your designated shopping time.


I do not want to donate my Late Drop-off items. What other options do I have?
You may join the KE crew to sort in order to tag your items on colored cardstock and pick up your unsold items AND get KE crew status or you may come on 75% off day to pull your unsold Late Drop-off items. Remember, items that you tag with white cardstock will not be available at Pickup or Sort. You must join the KE crew online to sort or for 12 hours AND use colored cardstock in order to get Late Drop-off items back after the sale closes.


Is it okay to bring a grandparent to an early sale?
Yes, grandparents and spouses are always welcome at our special preview sales.


I have lost my early shop pass. What should I do?
Register and print it again. Leave everything checked as it was!


How can my friends check in for early shop times?
In order to shop early at the "Friends" sales, your friends need to show us a copy of your confirmation letter or give us your name and we can look you up! You do not need to come with them. You may invite an UNLIMITED # of friends to our Friends of KE crew and Consignors Sale! The more the merrier! Spread the Word! Remember, friends shop early for full price early. Due to schedule restraints, we do not have friends' discount days.


Can I combine barter slots and traditional slots?
Absolutely! Just register for both. Email if you need help.


Do coats and costumes hang in a special location?
If I am restricted to "Late Drop Off" as a late registrant and therefore required to tag on white cardstock, may I attend the Consignor shopping time?
Yes! Just bring your late registration confirmation as your pass!


Why do clothing items labeled with a size range, eg. 12-18 mos. hang with the largest size in the range?
In almost all cases, if you hold the 12-18 mos. garment (GAP, Old Navy, Gymboree, etc.) up to a garment with a single size on the label (often department store brands), you will find that its dimensions compare most closely with the 18 month, not the 12 month item. We do our best to get all the items that will actually fit a specific child on the same rack.


I registered but cannot consign. How do I unregister?
Register again but this time enter the word "unregister" where requested. Our consignor space is limited, so this frees up a spot for someone else. Thanks.



I am a first-time grandmother. Can I register as a first-time parent?
Yes, you may get a ticket to our first-time parents and grandparents event if your grandchild is on the way or under the age of 1.


Why do you separate shop times for first-time parents from expecting parents?
Two words: "Crowd Control!" 


Can my parents shop with me at the $5 Ticket event under my $5 Ticket, or do they need their own ticket?
Yes, parents & spouses are welcome under your ticket and do not need to purchase a ticket of their own.



Can KE crew and consignors bring friends with them to shop?
No, friends may attend our $5 presale or the special Friends Sale.
Why did my 6 hour slot and my 4 hour slot not make me super duper?
It takes 12 hours of work to receive "Super Duper" status. Your 6 hour slot counts for 6 hours (not really a full 8 - sorry about that), so if you do a 6 hr slot it will give you "Super Duper" status. But 6 hours plus 4 hours only puts you at 10, not 12. 6 hours is enough for special slots to count as "Super" but doesn't mean that another 4 will push it to "Super Duper." Only another 6 will do that.
Why was I not found on your online list?
If you have never consigned or been part of the KE crew, you will need to use New Registration to enter yourself into the online system.

Can I see available KE Crew Time Slots prior to registering?
You must go through registration to see available slots. But you don't have to choose one. 

What does the [S] mean on the KE crew registration slots?
It means this slot offers "Super" status although it is not 8 hours. These are slots that we find difficult to fill and therefore offer special status. Combining two [S] slots or three regular slots will give you Super Duper status.

Do I need cashier experience to KE crew?
Absolutely not! Anyone can help at our sale, even those who are 9 months pregnant and need a sit-down job!

I am considering bartering for an early shopping pass by donating a gift card. Would I just bring the card to the early shopping day?
No. We require you to send a $50 amazon egift card to gail at kidseverywear dot com in advance of the KE crew shopping day. Gail will then email you a receipt and that receipt will be your shopping pass to shop at Regular KE crew shop time. A $100 egift card lets you shop at Super KE crew shop time. A $150 egift card lets you shop at the Super Duper KE crew shop time.

Where do KE crew need to go to check-in & receive their assignment?
Please go to the KE crew check-in counter in the central checkout area to be checked-in, and to receive an apron and a name tag.

Is it okay to bring a grandparent to an early sale?
Yes, grandparents and spouses are always welcome at our special early shopping times.

I have lost my early shop pass. What should I do?
Register again. Print it or show it on your phone or just show your ID!

Can I combine barter slots and traditional slots?
Absolutely! Register for traditional slots, then forward your confirmation email to us to combine with your barter hours.

What are the responsibilities of a person who mans the door as a KE crew slot? I notice it says you actually specify those with physical limitations fill these positions. Why?
Think Walmart Greeter meets Mall Cop! Never fear, we DO NOT expect you to tackle those who attempt to enter early sales without early shopping passes! Basically, we need greeters to interface with shoppers. During presales, we ask our greeters to check passes and/or ID to ensure that we are honoring the commitments that those entitled to shop early have made to the sale. We need friendly, enthusiastic folks who can graciously explain to passersby why they might not be permitted to shop at a given time and to make them feel welcome to return at a later time. During preview sales and public shopping times, we also ask the door person to help us maintain security by checking receipts of exiting shoppers. Finally, those who serve in this position direct shoppers and answer general questions. Clearly, these tasks are of tremendous importance! We have found that by filling these positions with KE crew who MUST sit, we are able both to include people who otherwise might not be capable of joining the KE crew AND do a better job managing the doors!
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