Launch Team!

Earn a Gold Ticket to our event! Better yet, bump it up to a Platinum Ticket!

Join our Launch Team and help spread the news about this amazing event on social media. You must have FB or Instagram to be part of the Launch Team. 

The Gold Ticket allows you to shop on Crew Day from 4 pm - 7 pm. It does not allow you to shop early on our discount days.

Want to step it up a notch? Earn a Platinum Ticket by doing ALL of the options listed below on both platforms! Our Platinum Ticket holders get to shop on Crew Day from 2pm - 7pm with our Regular Crew at Full Price, Half Price, AND 75% off days! You can also combine this Platinum Ticket with your crew hours to shop even earlier!

We use the GroupMe app to send group text reminders each time we post or are going live. Please NEVER reply to our group texts! Email me privately if you need to contact me. Please get the GroupMe app before emailing to join the Platinum team. You will receive a text each time I add or remove a member. I'm sorry about that! I'll only text other than that to tell you about posts. Remember, never reply to the GroupMe group! You can email me if you have questions.

Download the GroupMe app. Here’s a link to the group so you can join it.

Then, complete this google form to tell us you want to join the team!

To earn your Gold Ticket, you must do all of the following options and do the commenting on either FB or Insta but not both. To bump it up to Platinum, do ALL on both platforms within 15 minutes of our posts posting, plus the extras below. If a few of your comments happen late, we understand! But try to consistently comment immediately.

  • Add a recommendation on our Facebook page. Then mark each of our FB Event(s) GOING and invite your local friends. The invite option is super easy to use, and you can choose friends by location.
  • Share our FB event(s) or one of our Facebook posts to 3 local Facebook groups and email me a list of the groups in which you posted.
  • ❤️ and comment and add a gif on all of our FB and/or Instagram posts within 10-15 minutes of their posting. Share them on your stories using the airplane icon on Instagram. If you consistently share quickly but take longer on a few, we understand! Just do them as soon as possible once we post!
  • Share our Instagram posts to your stories within 24 hours of our posting them, using that same airplane icon.
  • Turn on all notifications on FB and Instagram. On Instagram, you can go to any one of our posts, click the ... and Turn On All Notifications. Watch our live videos on FB or Instagram (while we are live if at all possible) and ❤️ like crazy, comment, and interact throughout. If you miss the video while we are live, watch it after it posts, comment as you watch, and give it a ❤️ and a gif. If you watch it live on Instagram, your comments help. But they disappear when we post the live after it is finished. So please add a comment and ❤️ once it posts also. If you watch the live on FB, please head to Instagram when it is done to add a ❤️ and add a comment on Insta.
  • Turn on Story Notifications on our Instagram. Send us a sticker or a gif on each story we post and share our story to your stories.
  • Using the Nextdoor App (free), post the info we will send you via email to your surrounding neighborhoods. First, email us to request the Nextdoor image and post content so that you can use our prepared content! Be sure to tell it to send to all surrounding neighborhoods! Screenshot your post and email it to me with the name of your neighborhood. The screenshot must show how many surrounding neighborhoods it sent to

We will register you for your Gold or Platinum Ticket the week before the event if you have faithfully participated in sharing the sale on social. 

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