Share Kids EveryWEAR!

Media Madness!

We are developing a Media Madness Team to help spread the news about this amazing event!

What kinds of things can the Media Madness Team do to join the team?

  • ❤️and share all of our fb posts to each of your local fb groups. Like and comment on all prior fb posts from this season.

  • Watch our daily lives each day of the event and ❤️and comment throughout.

  • Create 5+ stories on instagram of pictures you take at the event while you shop, of pictures of your purchases, and of pictures of your kids playing with the awesome toys or wearing the cute outfits you get. Tag @kidseverywear in each story so that we can share them too!

Go ahead and do all of the things you can and then email to join our media madness team to earn KE Crew hours to shop super early! 

Share Kids EveryWEAR is our other awesome presale opportunity!

Print and distribute our handout advertising the upcoming consignment event to at least 100 people (maybe your child's daycare, your pediatrician's office or your neighborhood Chick-Fil-A)

OR choose THREE of the following super easy choices:

  • Mark our FB Event GOING
  • Share at least one of our fb posts to 10 FB local groups
  • Post a picture on Instagram of an item you bought at the sale and tag @kidseverywear
  • Email your HOA, your local yahoo list(s), etc. Follow these directions to register for early shopping as our way of thanking you for spreading the word.
  • Using the NextDoor App (free), post the following info (and updates) to your surrounding neighborhoods. Screenshot your post and email it to me with the name of your neighborhood and how many surrounding neighborhoods it sent to.

Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale at Cary Towne Center Mall is back for 3 weekends in September! The KE Crew is what we call anyone who helps out at the event for 4 or more hours. The KE Crew shops September 12!!! Would you like to shop the Kids EveryWEAR bargains 1st? The more you help, the earlier u shop! Details at https://www.kidseverywear.com/site/index.php/consignors/register2

Can't join the KE Crew? We make it EASY for u 2 shop b4 the public at our $5 presale event! 
Get your ticket today!


⭐ Pregnant shop early! Heroes shop early! Teens shop early! And you can join one of these folks as their friend. Each can bring a friend to enter with them!

Cary Towne Center, 1105 Walnut St, Cary, NC 27511 - park and enter at our Kids EveryWEAR banner & green enter sign (not from inside the mall!)

Mark our fb event GOING!

1200 families selling! Over 150,000 gently used items! Kids EveryWEAR GIANT kids consignment sale coming in September to Cary Towne Center Mall! Consignors & KE Crew shop FIRST - anyone can participate! Public shop dates: September 20 & 25 - Full Price; September 26 - 50% off black/green prices; September 27 - 75% off black & 50% off green prices. Ticket required for each event for every person including children. Tickets are free and can be registered for at https://kidseverywear.eventbrite.com - Want to shop earlier but can't join the KE Crew or consign? Join us for our Shop Early event for $1=5 entry fee and shop September 18! Ticket can be purchased at https://kidseverywear.eventbrite.com 

Have another idea? Email and let us know!

To register for this modified " KE Crew slot"

  • Go to our website.
  • First click the Join our email list button and join if you aren't on the email list yet.
  • Next Register as a KE Crew member.
  • On the following screen, enter password "share" at the top of the KE Crew agreement screen where it says: DAYCARE, MEAL KE Crew, and PRE-SALE KE Crew who have ALREADY completed or been approved for pre-sale work, you may enter your password here to register for your hours (otherwise this may be left blank).
    BE SURE to check the box beside the word "Handouts" on the next screen and enter the daycare/HOA/neighborhood name (or type facebook, pin, blog, etc) and details.

presale password entrydaycare checkbox

Please email if you have any questions!

KE Crew & Consignors! STOP!!! PRINT a copy of the first page of this SCREEN NOW; THIS IS YOUR SHOPPING PASS if you do not get the email! If you get the email, feel free to show it to us on your phone as your shopping pass. If you lose this, complete registration again to get a new copy. Your code will stay the same. You will need this confirmation and ID to enter the full price, half price, and 75% off days to shop.

Your KE Crew slot at KidsEveryWEAR for [VOL_INFO] is coming up.


  • We will have hand sanitizer at the entrance for use by each person as they enter. Please bring your own as well if you'd like to use it throughout the day where you are stationed.
  • All KE Crew will be offered a free mask.
  • Due to HIPAA and the 4th amendment, we will not ask questions if you are unable to wear a mask.
  • Kids EveryWEAR makes no warranties, either express or implied, that the masks we sell or the ones you bring prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases. We are not liable for any disease you believe you contract on our premises or elsewhere. You shop at your own discretion.
  • Please stay home if you have any respiratory illness symptoms or have had a fever within 24 hours or are positive and are in isolation.
  • We have face shields available. Please let us know if you would like to borrow a sanitized face shield during your Crew shift or shopping time.
  • Restrooms are available in the Food Court. Due to current circumstances, the mall door from within our sale will be closed. PLEASE use the restroom before coming! To use the facilities, you will have to enter from the Food Court.
  • All KE Crew should wear comfortable clothing and bring a labeled meal or snack/water bottle as needed. Some KE Crew also like to bring hand sanitizer.
  • Here's where to park and enter.
  • Please go to KE Crew Check-in and get your name tag and apron and get a quick overview of what to expect. Highlight your name on the check-in sheet.
  • If you arrive late, please note your arrival time on the check-in sheet and stay late at the end of the sheet to make this time up.
  • When you arrive, please let us know of any special needs or physical limitations as well as skills you might have such as typing or great organizational abilities.
  • You commit to shop only during your shopping time, not during any other times when you are onsite. If you are found to be shopping or stashing during your shift, you will be banned from all Kids EveryWEAR events. It is unfair to others to shop at any time other than your shopping time.
  • Please keep cell phone usage to emergencies only while working your shift.
  • We do not have wifi.
  • At the end of your time, please check out where you checked in and return your name tag and apron and indicate you have completed your shift.
  • All late night shift crew members should exit together. Please do not try to exit through locked glass mall doors when the mall is closed. Ask us to unlock the doors so that we can lock them behind you.


Thank you for registering for Kids EveryWEAR!

HINT: Shop even earlier than the times listed above! Join the KE Crew! By joining the KE Crew you are guaranteed first dibs on the best of the best! Remember, your spouse can help out, too! See KE Crew options on our KE Crew page or by clicking Register under the KE Crew menu.

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