We Tag Taggers

We Tag needs Taggers committed to arriving on time and completing their consignor's items in full before the final drop-off date.


  • Fall Sale Express Tagging Drop-offs are now available!
  • You will receive 20% of the consignors' sales if their items need full tagging service.
  • If you do not complete and put out a consignor's items BEFORE the event's last Drop-off date, the person who completes and puts out those items for you will be paid in full for express tagging those items. No exceptions. 


  • Before beginning tagging each season, you must read the What's New page. Ask Gail what is new if reading so much content is hard for you.
  • Before beginning tagging each season, you must read the How to Tag page because we alter some tagging rules each season.
  • As consignors drop off items, please be sure that they are marked as having dropped off to ensure they get paid for ALL of that consignors' items.
  • In a spirit of fairness to all Express Taggers, when you are ready to begin actual tagging, you will pick ONE consignor's items to tag from all available consignors. You may not earmark additional consignors until that consignor's items are 100% out on the sales floor. Add your name to the spreadsheet as the tagger for this consignor.
  • When you are DONE in full AND those items have been properly placed on the sales floor, add the number of unacceptable items to the spreadsheet and mark the consignor as done. Only then, when you are there and ready to begin tagging another consignor's items, you may pick your NEXT consignor's items to tag.
  • You may not pick a consignor's items to tag until you are there and ready to begin working on that consignor's items. If you are leaving, don't pick your next consignor. Pick when you arrive and are ready.
  • All written/phone communication with the consignor must be done by Gail not by you. Ask Gail to communicate what you need to say please.
  • Please do not use stickers for We Tag. They don't scan well and are easy to switch unless taped. But when taped, they scan even worse.
  • If you decide to change the price or discount choice on an item YOU MUST REPRINT THE TAG. You may not alter discount code or price with a pen. 
  • You must write full descriptions adequate enough to match the item to the tag.
  • There is a helpful Pricing Chart on the website to which you should refer for pricing ideas.  When still in doubt, ask another Express Tagger. These pricing guidelines are merely suggestions. Use your best judgment.
  • Please attach Claim Tickets on large items and high-end items and staple the tag to the claim ticket. Be sure to complete the claim ticket information. Read how here.
  • People have overheard folks talking about aspects of the sale that they wish to see fixed. Please discuss these with Gail but be careful who else hears you. We heard this more than once last sale. We value and would love your input, but let’s keep it private. Folks recognize you all, so we don’t want them hearing what we’ve seen people do wrong or what we suspect or what frustrates us. Thanks for understanding! Please no drama and no whining and complaining. Keep it fun for all please!
  • We ask that you never discuss other consignment sales with anyone. Never discuss other consignment sales with your consignors.


  • You will be responsible to check items for stains and tears. You will check that they meet the requirements of the Items Accepted Chart on the KE website. You will check that all items are complete and working. 
  • You will need to keep note of how many unacceptable items a consignor brings. A printed form will be available for each consignor at Express Tag Drop-off. You will be responsible to complete that form and turn it in to be paid for that consignor. Once done the consignor, please transfer the form information to the online sheet.
  • You must NOT TAG adult clothes at the Spring/Fall Sales except nursing and maternity. 
  • There is a max of 25 clothing items in infant size newborn - 12 months PER SIZE.  (25 - size 3 months, 25 - size 6 month, 25 - size 9 month, 25 - size 12 month) for the Spring/Fall Sales. You will donate the worst of items if the consignor brings more than 25 per size.
  • If items are stained or torn or outdated, you will put them in the DONATIONS PILE and dispose of them that day in the dumpster at the sale location. Exit doors, turn left and drive towards JC Penney. Dumpster is on the way. If items are wrong season but sellable, please put them in the Donations room at the sale location. The Donations pile is in the far stockroom. There is an exercise machine there and adult items.You will break apart and dispose of all empty boxes daily in the dumpster at the sale location.


  • You must clean up your area thoroughly before leaving it each day and remove trash from the premises.
  • Only paper trash can go in the bathroom trash. Please use the can, not the wall trash receptacle. No food or diapers in the bathroom trash please.
  • Clear tables of all trash.
  • Remove all food.
  • Take your trash to the dumpster. Trash should not remain in the space over night.
  • Crush all boxes and bring all empty boxes and rejected items to the dumpster before you accept another consignor as yours.
  • Bring all donations to the donation pile before you accept another consignor as yours.
  • When you leave at night, make time to do this. Your area should be spotless each night. Look at the space a final time before you leave to ensure there are no trash, no boxes, and no rejects left behind.


  • You may not remove any consignor items from the premises.
  • You may not bring your children with you unless you have asked Gail for approval and she has agreed. If you have approval to bring your children, they are not permitted to wander the sale space, to "shop", or to touch any of the sale items. They are not permitted to ride any riding toys inside the sale space, even ones belonging to them. They must remain with you at all times.
  • You must honor the Mall rules: You will not smoke in the store or near the entrance. You may not bring animals into the store; only certified service animals are permitted in the mall.
  • You may not bring alcohol in the store.
  • YOU MUST PROMISE NOT TO SHOP/STASH/HIDE/LOOK THROUGH CLOTHING OR OTHER CONSIGNED ITEMS.  We all know this, but it still needs to be said because some people asked me where they could put the items they wanted to buy?!?! It simply is not fair, no matter how many hours you do. If you desperately want something, you must put it where it belongs and run to it first during your shopping hours.
  • You must not enter the sale space during SELLING HOURS via the Express Tag glass door entrance. During normal drop-offs and selling hours, if the main glass doors are unlocked, please park and enter at the main doors. Please don’t enter through the back glass doors if the main entrance is open. Please. Customers are following you. Last sale people came in that way with no clue that they aren’t allowed in. **Only use the main doors during selling hours.** Also, PLEASE don’t move the curtain that we use at the back of the toys area to block off the back area and scoot through it. 
  • If you need to use the restroom and anyone else is in the space and you are express tagging (for example during drop off hours or organizing hours), you must go through the doors behind the shopper checkout area into the stockroom, NOT through the blocked off area at the back of toys. You must try to leave the restroom cleaner than when you entered and check that the toilet flushed completely.
  • **Please don't use the restrooms in our space when it is your SHOPPING time. (We really, really, really don’t want people wondering what is back there or using the toilets that barely flush. They are watching you and assuming they can do the same. We had customers with kids saying they heard they could go back there.) You may not allow your children to use the restrooms within our store during your shopping time. Children must use the mall restrooms. Please honor this rule. 
  • You may not use, unlock, or exit through any glass doors except the Express Tag entrance during NON-selling times. The glass doors do not lock correctly, especially the ones on the food court side of the mall. Do not use them if they are locked. If you need to go to the food court, you must exit the Express Tag doors, ask someone to lock the doors behind you, and walk or drive to the food court.
  • Every single time you enter or exit through the Express Tag doors, you must ensure that someone locks you out, and you must pull on the doors to ensure that they are locked. We have taken responsibility for items worth thousands of dollars, and we need to be extremely careful. If someone arrives when you are entering, you will still lock the doors and have the next person unlock them to ensure that only people with the key code are entering unless they are on the list of approved key code holders that Gail will send to all Express Taggers. DO NOT LET ANYONE IN.
  • You may need to be given the key code. We do not expect to need to give out the key code, but if it does need to happen, and you are given the key code, you may NOT for ANY reason share the key code with ANYONE no matter what they say. You also may NOT let anyone into the sale space with or without you. You can give someone Gail's cell number without opening the glass doors to them and ask them to call Gail. (Note:  For security reasons, we are very limited in the number of key codes we can give out.)
  • You must text or call Gail when you arrive and when you leave during non-selling hours and need to use the Express Tag doors.
  • If you need to be given the key code, even if you are only staying for a few minutes, you must put the key back, lock the door, and get it back out when you need to leave to lock the door again. The key must always be in the holder unless you are unlocking the door. You must pull on the doors to ensure that they truly are locked.
  • You must arrive 15 minutes BEFORE your drop-off appointment window(s). Consignors are awaiting your arrival. **If you have an emergency, please text or call Gail to let her know.  

Thanks for your understanding and for tagging for Kids EveryWEAR!

...keeping down the cost of growing up!


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