Consignor Shopping

Wanna shop first? JOIN THE KE CREW! We'll even allow you to send your spouse or child's grandparent in your stead! So... take a glance at the KE Crew Opportunities and Bartering sections!

White Tag Consignors

Consignors who use all white tags to designate that they will donate their unsold items at sale end shop one hour before colored tag consignors! At Drop-off, before putting out your items, show us your tags and ask for your early shopping pass and tax donation receipt at the check-in tables! Don't forget to also highlight your information on the check-in sheets. Thanks for donating!

*White tag consignors are welcome to tag a few special or high dollar items they'd prefer to hang onto with colored cardstock. So long as you tag the majority of your items in white, you enjoy all the privileges of White Tag Consignors!

Consignor Shopping Times

See Sale Schedule

Friends of Consignors

Shop our Shop Early $15 Presale or at our Friends Sale later that day. Forward your confirmation email to them for them to enter the Friends Sale, or they can give your name at the door, but that is slower!

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