Rollover Option for the EverythingELSE Sale

Bringing items to our February EverythingELSE Sale that are allowed at our March Kids EveryWEAR Sale? (Check our Items Accepted Chart to be sure!) No need to pick them up! Both white tagged and colored tagged items accepted in March can stay right where they are for the Spring event! For this reason, we do not sort after our EverythingELSE Sale. Everything is left right where it is. Feel free to come to Pickup to get your check and to pull any items that are not accepted at the Spring event or that you'd prefer to get back. Items not accepted at the Spring event will be donated if not picked up by 8pm on Pickup Day. This includes all clothing, furniture, lamps that aren't specifically for a child's room, and large appliances. (Nursery furniture is allowed to remain for the Kids EveryWEAR Sale.) 

Pick up your Kids EveryWEAR unsold items

Thursday, March 26, 4pm-8pm

*We are there earlier but don't have staff or restrooms available. If you absolutely must come before 4pm, please email. Thanks.

Pickup is busiest at 5 pm. Wait until 6pm and you will get out faster. 

Any colored tag unsold items that you wish to pick up will be available at this time only.

Use White Tags to Donate Unsold Items and Skip Pickup

  • Be sure to use white tags to indicate that you wish to have your items donated at the end of the sale so that we know not to sort your unsold items. This saves us valuable staffing resources.
  • White Tags indicate that your unsold items will be donated to one of several excellent charities post-sale. Tag on white card stock, help needy children, AND receive a tax donation receipt for donating your unsold items. 
  • Remember White Tag Consignors shop one hour before other consignors for full price!
  • If you use white tags, your items will be donated before Pickup. 
  • If you are using white cardstock to indicate that you will be donating your unsold items, but you would like to come during Pickup hours to receive your sale earnings check, we encourage you to do so!
  • Tax Donation Receipts are available to White Tag Consignors at Drop-off! See Donating Your Unsold Items for more details.

What to bring to Pickup

  • Bring your confirmation email (or have it on your phone) so that you know your code. If you send someone else to pickup your items, they MUST have your confirmation email. Can't find it? Register again and a copy will be emailed to you.
  • A wagon, luggage cart, rolling suitcase, stroller, rolling rack or dolly and bins (labeled with your name and cell # in case you leave them behind) will help you transport items to your car. 

What to do at Pickup

  • Pick up your check BY CODE - so know your code!
  • Get your items if you used colored cardstock. (All white tags have already been donated before Pickup day.)
    • Clothing items are sorted by consignor code. There is a separate row for each set of thousands of codes (1000's, 2000's, etc.) clearly labeled with signs! Find your code along the row and your items to the right of your code. If you don't see your code ask a KE Crew member for assistance. If they don't see your code, SEE GAIL. We have sort codes hanging for all registered consignors even if consignors sold all! If yours is missing, you must see us for assistance.
    • Shoes and accessories are sorted and bagged together and hung with your clothing.
    • Toys and equipment are sorted by code in rows in the Equipment area.
    • Housewares remains in Housewares unsorted. Please pull yours if you'd like to pick them up. 
  • Check the Items Missing Tags area for items that have become separated from sets or have lost their tags. You must sign for any items you claim as yours.
  • Check Stained/Torn/Off-season/Outdated items. These are on racks labeled as such near the Items Missing Tags. All items which fail to meet the criteria listed in our Items Accepted section will not be sorted. (But you didn't bring any, right?!) 
  • Have your bins, bags, and items ALL checked at the door before you may leave with any items. Please unstack bins and open bags for our KE Door Crew member.

What do I do if I think I am missing an item or have concerns at Pickup?

Please make Gail (not a KE Crew Member) aware of them before leaving Pickup! Once you leave and 8pm passes, we cannot help you find any missing items because all items left behind will have been donated.

*Remember, if you have ANY questions about your items or your check amount, only GAIL can help you ( KE Crew can't.)
You must see Gail before leaving the premises if you have any issues.
We can't help you once we have donated items and closed the doors to the Sale at 8pm! Items are donated immediately*

Don't forget:

  • It's YOUR responsibility to check for unsold hanging items, non-hanging items, AND Items Missing Tags area. Make certain anyone you send to Pickup is aware of this! If you or they leave Pickup without resolving any issues with us on location, there is no further resolution possible.
  • A KE Crew Member is not your final step if you have any concerns. Please see Gail before you leave if you have any issues or if you can't find an item/area.
No Sort of Housewares and No Sort at our EverythingELSE Sale.

We do not sort Housewares at any of our events. We do not sort any items after our EverythingELSE Sale. You may pull your own items and have them checked at the door. 

What do I do if I can't make it to Pickup, but I want to get my items?

You can send someone else to Pickup for you. They MUST have a copy of your registration confirmation email in order to pick up your items. If you can't find that email, register again and a copy will be emailed to you.

What happens if I miss Pickup?

  • All remaining items are donated to charity at 8pmNo exceptions!
  • Please do not email to say you forgot pickup or cannot make it to pickup. All remaining items are donated at 8pm.
  • Please do not email asking how to get your check if you miss Pickup. Checks are mailed the following day.
  • Please do not email unless you have not received your check after two weeks.


We will make every effort to have checks ready for our consignors at Pickup! We love to save the postage! Checks MAY NOT be available at Pickup in the event that we experience any equipment failures. We will email all consignors the day prior to Pick-up if checks will need to be mailed. Thankfully, we have always had them ready in the past. 

Any checks which are not picked up on-site by 8pm on February 26 for the EverythingELSE Sale or by March 26 for the Kids EveryWEAR Sale will be mailed to you the following day. Contact us ONLY if you have not received your check two weeks after Pickup.

Want Your Check But You Don't Want to Pick Up Items?

If you are planning to donate all unaccepted items to charity, but would like to come during Pickup hours to receive your sale earnings check, we encourage you to do so!

What if I don't come pick up my check but I didn't use white tags?

Any checks which are not picked up on-site by 8pm on Pick Up Day will be mailed to you the following day. Contact us ONLY if you have not received your check two weeks after Pickup.

A few deals you might be interested in at Pickup. Cash only:

  • White cardstock to tag and donate unsold leftovers next sale (20 sheets for $1)
  • 4" zipties (100/pack for $1)
  • Stickers (10 sheets for $2) for changing price or discount or to add the QR code to old Kids EveryWEAR tags.

Mark-down tip if you pick up any unsold items:

Anytime you have items at Pickup, we ask that you bring them home and mark them down right away or change your discount choice/ink color from red to green or green to black by using a NEW TAG or crossing out the price and adding a KE Sticker over the crossed out old price for the next sale. 

Thank you for consigning with Kids EveryWEAR!

...keeping down the cost of growing up!

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