As COVID-19 has begun to impact our community, we want you to know that we have been monitoring it closely. Our hearts go out to those affected. Everyone's safety is our concern.
We have come to the difficult decision that it is right to close the sale. However, we would increase the crowding if we asked 1200 consignors to come sort their own items and remove them. We don't have the staffing to sort all of the items which have been dropped off. This move would increase risk to consignors, not decrease it. 
KE Crew:
If you have already served your Crew slot and can't shop, please email privately.
Please register for equivalent Crew slots when we reopen registration. All Crew slots after Sunday are canceled.
We have had to close. I will print and mail checks Wednesday morning. I will email you if you are getting a check. I will email you to let you know if you are not getting a check. Then our current plan is to allow express tagging until the sale can resume. We will add a drop-off just before we reopen. With the elimination of adult clothing at this sale, we have plenty of space! Then we will do a Saturday crew re-shop, a Sunday consignor re-shop, and take off with our presale shopping Monday as usual. Tentative dates are May 16-18, closed May 19-21, public sale and discount days May 22-25. We hope this positions everyone for a successful sale!
In terms of consignor fees, we will deduct the fee from your check next week if you made enough money to do so. If you did not sell enough to cover your fee, we will deduct it from your May check. But be assured, you will only pay the fee one time. Those who already paid the fee via Drop 'N Go will not be charged the fee. Those who registered during the discount period will receive the discounted fee.
Ticketed Presale:
If you bought a ticket to the Monday event, we will transfer it to the May event. If you prefer a refund, please email to request one. Thank you!
If you have concerns, please communicate directly with KE so we can address your concerns clearly and directly.  It is our hope that this will ensure the most accurate information and keep conjecture to a minimum. 
Thanks friends! We are so grateful for you!


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