Shopping Tips

Public shoppers You will need a free Eventbrite ticket per person who accompanies you to shop. Help the KE Crew for just 4 hours and shop first! Consign and shop next! Register again to choose those opportunities on our website! (Consignors & Crew will not need Eventbrite Tickets. Their confirmation email is their shopping pass.)


Sears at Cary Towne Center
1105 Walnut Street, Cary, NC 27511


Follow GPS directions to Cary Towne Center and park near the glass doors with our Kids EveryWEAR banner and a green ENTER sign at the former Sears location. This is the only entrance for the sale although we do have banners on the other sides of the building. You can't enter from within the mall, so be sure to park here!  



Forms of Payment

At Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale, we accept Cash, MasterCard, and Visa with ID. No fee! We do not accept checks, AMEX, or Discover! 

All Sales Final - No returns or exchanges

Testing Items

Be sure to open games, puzzles, and DVD's at our checkout counter in order to ensure that they are complete! 

Test batteries and plug-in items at our Testing area in Holds area next to Checkout. 

  • Shoppers are encouraged to Bring Your Own Bags and a wagon. We also sell HUGE Ikea bags for $2. 
  • A laundry basket can be a helpful "shopping cart." Some drag them along with rope to keep from bending over again and again. Attach a laundry basket to a luggage rack with a bungee cord and you're in serious business. Please label with your name and phone # as these are often forgotten at the sale.
  • Be sure to check out what changes we have made to keep you safe!
  • Restrooms are available in the Food Court. Due to current circumstances, the mall entrance from our store is closed. You will have to exit our store and go through the parking lot to the Food Court entrance and reenter the mall there. Please use the restroom before coming!
  • Fitting Rooms are available but, please, as a courtesy to the consignors selling those items as well as to other shoppers, return unwanted items to their proper size location! KE Crew staffing is limited. Please only try on items if absolutely necessary. The risk of contamination via fabrics seems extremely low. But we want to minimize risk. That said, we understand that some children are exceptionally hard to fit. To serve those families, we will allow minimal trying on of items when needed.
  • It PAYS to shop FIRST! You get the best dibs. "How," you ask? Join the KE Crew - they shop first. Consign - they shop 2nd. Or, buy a ticket to our Special $5 Presale Shopping Day! There are tons of free early presale shopping tickets too!
  • We offer many other presale shopping opportunities to shop before we open to the public. Read details and ticket options on our Sale Schedule.
  • Our Kids EveryWEAR sale in September will have all the rest except Adult Clothing, Furniture, and Appliances. It features Children's Clothing, Toys, Baby Equipment, Nursing and Maternity Wear, Housewares, Shoes in all sizes including adult sizes, Books, Purses and so much more!
  • Speaking of entering, if you are shopping a presale day, bring your ID and your confirmation email shopping pass. Your children, spouse, and parents are allowed to shop presale dates with you. Your friends are not allowed to shop early shopping dates with you if you are KE Crew or a consignor. They may shop the Shop Early $5 Presale or our Friends Sale. 
  • Remember, you can shop any day after your presale day!
  • There is only 1 centrally located checkout for all of your purchases. Checkout uses a 2-step process. Look for the signs marking Checkout! At the computer - a KE Crew member will scan your tags. Then you will head to payment.
  • Bring a list of specific items you need. Now's the time to think birthdays and holidays, even Christmas!
  • Come prepared to make a day of it! Be sure to think ahead and pack drinks/water bottles (label with your name) and plenty of food/snacks! And wear comfortable shoes! A fanny pack or backpack keeps hands free to browse and haul! We do check bags as you exit.
  • Please treat items as you would want your items treated. If you do not want an item, please return it to the proper rack.
  • Purchasing large items? Easy Peasy! We offer a HOLDS area for items you are 100% certain you will purchase. Please don't put items in HOLDS that you might change your mind about. 
  • To buy any items that you are certain you wish to purchase and you can easily move but you want to have them held for you while you continue shopping, take them to Holds where the Holds KE Crew Member will give you a laminated card with a number on it. This works like a coat check. You leave your items with him and return with your "number" to retrieve your items when you are ready to pay.
  • For items too large to bring to Holds, you must complete the top portion of the Claim Ticket with your name and phone number. Then remove the bottom portion and bring it to Holds for the KE Crew member to keep it while you continue to shop. When you have completed your shopping and get to the Checkout Processing Station, tell your KE Crew Member you have a Claim Ticket and go retrieve the lower portion of your ticket from Holds while the crew member begins processing your items. When you pay for your items, your Claim Ticket and Receipt must be stamped PAID. You must show them both at the door to remove the item with the matching top portion of the Claim Ticket from the store.
  • We can hold large items overnight once paid for, except on the final day of our sale. But you can only pick the item up when we are open to shoppers. See Sale Schedule!
  • We love kids, but if possible, leave yours at home to make your experience a bit easier for you. If you bring them, please keep your children with you at all times. Children are not permitted to be in the store without parents, to run, to ride on, or to play with toys. Unattended children will be given an espresso and a puppy. Children age 3 and under must be in a stroller, wagon, or baby-worn.

Print a copy of our Fall/Winter shopping guide or a copy of our Spring/Summer shopping guide or save the image to your phone!

Pregnant mommas, print a copy of our Pregnant Moms shopping guide too or save to your phone!


Kids EveryWEAR Sale Store Layout

You can download and print our Fall Store Layout to help you find your way to the items you want most!


You can download and print our EverythingELSE Store Layout to help you find your way to the items you want most!


Thanks for shopping with Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale!

... keeping down the cost of growing up!

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