Brief Descriptions of KE Crew Opportunities

Traditional KE Crew Positions: Traditional KE Crew positions are scheduled just before, during and after the sale. These require time at the sale's location. Click on "Register now to be a KE Crew Member" at any point to schedule your traditional KE Crew slot(s) online. You do not have to consign to join the KE Crew!

  • Regular KE Crew choose a 4-hour timeslot and shop the day before consignors.
  • Super KE Crew choose any (2) 4-hour regular KE Crew slots OR 1 designated 6 or 7-hour slot and shop for several EXCLUSIVE HOURS before Regular KE Crew.
  • Super Duper KE Crew choose 12 hours total consisting of (3) 4-hour shifts or (2) 6-hour shifts. You shop first on KE Crew shop day! (Note: a 4-hour men's shift which gives 6 hour credit cannot be combined with a 4-hour shift to obtain Super Duper status.)
  • Die-Hard KE Crew (aka 24s) Had fun joining the KE Crew last time? Kick it up a notch! Work a total of 24 actual hours (6) 4-hour shifts or (4) six-hour shifts. We request that each 24 work at least one EVENING or WEEKDAY shift if at all possible!
  • Marathon KE Crew work 40 actual hours for our Kids EveryWEAR Sale and get to shop very first! This select group also gets the privilege of receiving 100% commission on any items they sell up to the first $1000 in sales. Marathon positions must be applied for. 

    LOVE to organize? Wanna be a "department manager"? Seeking out one special KE Crew member per area to work 24 hours during drop-offs and other times during the sale to keep up with organizing (and re-organizing). Wonder why our book area is so beautiful? It has a "manager"! 24 hour KE Crew shop VERY first! 24s shop prior to KE Crew Day. This is the very best way to make sure you find all the goodies on your wish list - first dibs and no crowds! Looking for the inside track? This is it! 

    To register as a 24 or 40, select any combination of shifts totaling 24 or 40 actual total hours (no extra status for [S] slots; you may use those but they will count only as actual hours, not giving extra status). The half hour at the beginning of each shift to get you trained is not included in the calculation of total hours. NOTE: If you work drop-off or organizing shifts, we ask that you remind us upon your arrival that you are a die-hard. ***See additional notes below

    ***NOTES for TRADITIONAL KE Crew***

      • 10-keyers: If you are a veteran Kids EveryWear KE Crew member or marathoner, please use password 10key to register if you would like to view and take 10key scanning slots. We are attempting to improve even coverage of our scanning process. PLEASE NOTE: You will be scanning, not doing 10-key. Please be aware of ALL needs at the sale and willing to fill them. Thank you!

      • Some "4-hour" shifts actually involve a 4.5 hour time commitment to allow for training and staff "mobilization." These shifts still count as regular 4-hour shifts and should be tallied only as 4 hours, not 4.5 hours, toward your total KE Crew hours.

      • Splitting Shifts - Husbands, grandparents, teens 16 and up, etc. may work all or some of the KE Crew hours you sign up for. Keep in mind, the intent of these extended KE Crew options is to limit the amount of training and shift changes necessary during the busiest sale times, and these KE Crew are needed for critical, skill-specific jobs.

    Non-Traditional KE Crew Opportunities/Bartering
    Have a unique service to offer? A special talent? The generosity and help we receive, often in non-traditional venues, blesses us more than you can imagine! Click on Bartering to see what you might be able to trade us for a shop early pass! Let's make a deal!

    How Do I View the Available Slots?
    "Slots Available" in the KE Crew menu will show you slots currently open. These disappear as KE Crew register for them.
    To register for slots, click on the register button, choose KE Crew, and read through the KE Crew terms. The next screen will show you all available slots, except meal slots which you can see after entering the password listed on the Barter page of the website.

    Needed: A few strong folks! We need a few strong folks to help out, especially at setup and breakdown! We request that men fill these slots as most females can't lift the heavy bookcases and items we need to move during these slots.

    We Welcome Grandmas
    We welcome Grandmas to work in your stead and even have tasks suited for those with physical limitations.

    Reliable Teens
    Reliable teens, age 16 and up, may KE Crew for slots to earn you extra KE Crew status.

    Pregnant? Have physical limitations? We need you to man our doors! 
    Think Walmart Greeter meets Mall Cop! Never fear, we DO NOT expect you to tackle those who attempt to enter preview sales without early shopping passes! Basically, we need greeters to interface with shoppers. During preview sales, we ask our greeters to check passes and/or ID to ensure that we are honoring the commitments that those entitled to shop early have made to the sale. We need friendly, enthusiastic folks who can graciously explain to passersby why they might not be permitted to shop at a given time and to make them feel welcome to return at a later time. During preview sales and public shopping times, we also ask the door person to help us maintain security by checking receipts of exiting shoppers. Finally, those who serve in this position direct shoppers and answer general questions. Clearly, these tasks are of tremendous importance! Nonetheless, when the lines get long and the store gets messy, we are often tempted to pull these KE Crew off their door tasks to tackle the urgent. We have found that by filling these positions with KE Crew who MUST sit, we are able both to include people who otherwise might not be capable of joining the KE Crew AND do a better job managing the doors!



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