Here's What's New for Our KE Crew

Each sale we try to find ways to make our sale better for everyone: our consignors, our shoppers, & our great KE Crew! Thanks to all who give suggestions to make our sale great! Thanks to all who give suggestions to make our sale great!

  • Marathoner KE Crew Members will be required to do 40 hours for the Kids EveryWEAR Sale in March. 
  • Claim Tickets
    • Hard to move Large items & items priced above $25 now have a “Large Item Claim Ticket” attached to them. For items too large to bring to Holds, the  shopper must fill out Buyer Name and Phone on the top portion of the Claim Ticket. Then remove the bottom portion (it should list Code and Description of item and have original tag stapled to it at all four corners of original tag) and bring it to the Holds KE Crew Member. They will keep it while you continue to shop. The shopper will retrieve the bottom portion of the Claim Ticket from Holds while his/her items are being processed at Checkout so that the scanner can scan the tag.
    • At Checkout, the Claim Ticket is scanned and held by the KE Scanner Crew Member until the receipt is printed. The KE Scanner Crew Member will staple the Claim Ticket to the receipt and hand it to the customer with their bagged items. The shopper will then pay for their items at the Payment Station.
    • The shopper must show their Receipt and Claim Ticket both stamped "PAID" to pick up their item. If they are unable to pick up the item immediately, the KE Holds Crew Member should help them move the item to Paid Holds and mark the top portion with the date and time they can return. Customer must return within our selling hours or during Pickup. See Sale Schedule when arranging return time. 
  • Marathon spots are limited. To marathon for our Sale, you are required to do 24 hours at a previous sale. Interested? Do 24 hours this sale and let us know you would love to marathon in the future.
  • SCANNING! No more detag. Hopefully this will make for shorter lines! Sign up for detag slots but you will be scanning, not detagging!
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