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Public shoppers:
You will need a free ticket (tickets launch Wed, June 26, 2024) for each day you plan to shop - full price and 50% off.

Register for a shift to help the Crew for just 5 hours and shop super early! The more you help, the earlier you shop!

Consign and shop next!

Register again to choose those opportunities on our website! (Consignors & Crew will not need Tickets. Crew confirmation email is their ticket to full price and discount days. Consignors take a photo of your shopping pass at Drop-off. ID required for Crew & Consignors.)

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South Hills Mall
1213 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh, NC 27606


Follow GPS directions to South Hills Mall and park near our Boutique Bash banner between Walgreens and the former D&S Cafeteria. This is the only entrance for the sale. You can't enter from within the mall, so be sure to park and enter here!  

Forms of Payment

At the Boutique Bash, we accept Cash, MasterCard, and Visa with ID as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. We do not accept checks, AMEX, or Discover! 

All Sales Final - No returns or exchanges!

Testing Items

Be sure to open all items and test batteries and plug-in items at our Inspection Station at the Fitting Rooms in order to ensure that they are complete and they work! 

Shopping Details

  • NO purses or backpacks or diaper bags will be allowed in the Boutique Bash. All items are carefully checked at exit. Small wallets or belt bags are allowed.
  • We offer presale shopping opportunities to shop before we open to the public. Read details and ticket options on our Sale Schedule.
  • Shoppers are encouraged to bring a wagon. We also sell HUGE Ikea bags for $2. 
  • A laundry basket can be a helpful "shopping cart." Some drag them along with rope. Attach a laundry basket to a luggage rack with a bungee cord and you're in serious business.
  • We offer fitting rooms so you can try on items. Please hang unwanted items neatly and give them to our Fitting Room Crew. You may also open items, count parts and pieces, and test items at the Fitting Room area. We have batteries available there as well. Please open and inspect all items, even those marked "Complete" or "New" with our Fitting Room Crew.
  • Bring large items or full laundry baskets to our HOLDS AREA so you can continue shopping. Holds is for items you are 100% certain you will purchase. Please don't put items in Holds that you might change your mind about. We offer flatbeds to move large items to Holds, but return them immediately for use by others. They are not for shopping.
  • For items too large or difficult to move to Holds, you must complete the top portion of the Claim Ticket with your name, the date and phone number. (Pencils are on our sign stands.) Then remove the bottom portion and hold onto it while you continue to shop. When you have completed your shopping and get to the Checkout Processing Station, give your KE Crew Member the Claim Ticket to ring up the item. When you pay for your items at the Cash Registers, your Claim Ticket and Receipt will be stamped PAID. Get your items from the sales floor after paying. A Crew Member from the front table can retrieve high-end items attached to secure item racks. Please accompany them to show them your item. You must show both the Claim Ticket and Receipt at the door to remove the item with the matching top portion of the Claim Ticket from the store.
  • We can hold large items overnight once paid for, except on the final day of our sale. But you can only pick the item up when we are open to shoppers. See the Sale Schedule!
  • We do not sell items with missing tags. All tags we find are kept in Holds. Head to the Holds area if you want an item, but it is missing a tag.
  • Restrooms are available towards the back of the store.
  • Look for the Checkout signs! At the computer, a Crew member will scan your tags. Then you will head to Payment.
  • Bring a list of specific items you need. Now's the time to think about birthdays and holidays, even Christmas!
  • Come prepared to make a day of it! Be sure to think ahead and pack drinks/water bottles (label with your name) and plenty of food/snacks! And wear comfortable shoes! A fanny pack keeps hands free to browse and haul! We do check all bags and bins as you exit.
  • We love kids, but if possible, leave yours at home to make your experience a bit easier for you. If you bring them, please keep your children with you at all times. Children are not permitted to be in the store without parents, to run, ride on toys, or play with toys. Children ages 3 and under must be in a stroller, wagon, or baby-worn. Remember, children are not allowed at the Premier Night Sip & Thrift.

Thanks for shopping with the Boutique Bash!

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