Recent Changes for Boutique Bash Crew

  • We will not be allowing anyone to enter the event with purses, diaper bags, or backpacks! Small wallets and belt bags will be allowed.
  • Thrift & Sip! Enjoy a night out without kids for our opening night! This exclusive premier is for anyone who joins the Crew or buys a Platinum or Gold Ticket. We will have wine and charcuterie and fun treats to make our Boutique Bash premier a real bash! No children are permitted to our Sip & Thrift.
  • Diehard Crew does just 4 shifts! New diehards must do 2 of these before your shopping time. Gail will have to manually bump you to Die-hard, so please forward your confirmation email and request Diehard.
  • Marathoner Crew does any combo of 6 shifts regular or [S]! If you have previously been a Diehard or Marathon Crew member at our events, email to ask if you can become a Marathoner. Gail will have to manually bump you to Marathoner, so please forward your confirmation email and request Marathoner.
  • If you can't consign or help the Crew to shop our presale, you will need a ticket to shop full price and 50% off, even for our free Public Sale dates. This will ensure that we can monitor capacity and we can send you sale changes and updates if needed. Want to shop earlier? Join the Crew & shop first! Or grab a presale ticket instead and shop early!

Attention ALL BB Crew

  • Please keep cell phone usage to emergencies while working your shift.
  • Click here for pictures of where to park and enter.
  • Please check in at BB Crew Check-in to get your name tag and apron and a quick overview of what to expect. 
  • All BB Crew should wear comfortable clothing and bring a labeled meal or snack/water bottle as needed.
  • At the end of your shift, please check out at the BB Crew desk to return your name tag (throw away the insert & put the plastic sleeve in the bin) and apron and indicate you have completed your shift.
  • All late-night shift BB Crew should exit together. Please do not unlock doors to exit. See us. Thanks!