Drop 'N Go

You've dreamed about it - we've got it! It's Kids EveryWEAR's Drop 'N Go! It's a time-saver!  No having your kids begging to take home all of the awesome toys they see right then and there! No trips in and out and putting all of your items out. We do it for you! You tag it but WE PUT IT OUT!

Tag your items. Arrive. Put your car in park. Work with our volunteer to get your items unloaded. We do the rest!


You pay a $5 fee up front. The standard consignor fee will also be taken out of your check. You earn 55% of your total sales instead of the usual 65%. 

You get to shop our Consignor Pre-sale for full, half, and 75% off!



Prepay your $5 Drop 'N Go consignor fee via paypal.

  • Paypal via gift to friends and family option (not payment for goods and services) this nonrefundable $5 fee to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • You must include in the Paypal notes field - the name you registered under, the words "Drop 'N Go" plus April 2021, and your code, and email.
  • Your Drop 'N Go spot is NOT confirmed until we have received this $5 fee and you have completed the form to complete to pick your Drop 'N Go appointment time. 



Complete this form to choose your drop-off time. If none work, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with a list of dates and times that work for you.


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us you have paid via PayPal and completed the form to use Drop 'N Go. Please let us know if you have large items like nursery furniture. NOTE: We will not assemble large items for you.


  • Tag your items. Double check that every item has a tag. We donate any item missing a tag unless we deem the item worth over $10. In that case we will tag it for a $1 fee.
  • Sort your items by size and gender. Next sort them by type of article. Then rubber band them by group or slide the hangers through an upside-down trash bag.
  • Use boxes, tubs, or bags that you do not want returned.
  • Group loose items by department.
  • Be sure to adhere to our Items Accepted list. Any items listed under the current sale column are allowed to be dropped off but we can't accept large items except during normal drop-off times! Any items dropped off that are not on this list will be donated as we cannot store and return unacceptable items. We do charge a $10 fee for each 10 items which you bring that are not accepted, off-season, stained, torn, etc, because you have not checked your items carefully or referred to our Items Accepted list. It is your responsibility to check your items carefully. 

All items should be freshly laundered and ironed as needed. Your items must be clean, pressed or neat, and complete. No stains, tears, or off-season items. We will donate all damaged or unacceptable items. PLEASE check your items and discard all unacceptable items before dropping off.
All items must be in working condition. Items requiring batteries must have working batteries or we will donate the item.
Your items must be in boxes or large garbage bags tied shut that we can throw away. A plastic bin is fine but you WILL NOT get it back. 
You drop them off during our regular Drop-off time or the time you arrange with We Tag and select on the form that we send you to confirm. Be sure to note the correct doors shown on the form and add your appointment and our phone number to your calendar. Do not just show up at Drop-off without completing this form two weeks in advance of Drop-off.


...keeping down the cost of growing up!

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