KE Crew Check-in and Checkout

  • If you have a scanning slot, please watch our Scanning Tutorial on Youtube before coming for your shift to get an understanding of how our scanning system works.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Bring a labeled meal, snack, drink as needed, and ask where to keep your items.
  • Bring hand sanitizer.
  • Face shields are available upon request at your shift.
  • Please wear a mask. We will provide them if needed.
  • Click here for a picture of where to park and enter.
  • Keep cell phone usage to emergencies while working.Stop at KE Crew Check-in to get your name tag, apron, and shift overview. 
  • Highlight your name on check-in sheet and note time if late. (If late, you must stay late to complete your full shift time.)
  • If no name tag, write your name on blank tag and insert in sleeve. Add name to check-in sheet that corresponds to your position and correct time.
  • Let us know of any special needs/physical limitations as well as specific skills you have.
  • Indicate you have completed your shift by returning your name tag and apron to the Crew Member at KE Check-in. Remove name tag from sleeve. Throw away insert and put sleeve in designated bin. 
  • All late-night shift KE Crew should exit together. Please do not unlock doors to exit. See us. Thanks!
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