Dropping Off Your Items for Kids EveryWEAR

  • Be SURE to have your phone to TAKE A PHOTO of your shopping pass!
  • Be SURE to have your confirmation email out or a screenshot of it READY when you arrive and show it at Consignor Check-in!
  • If you come more than once to drop-offs, just show us your photo of your shopping pass when you arrive to the next drop-off!
  • Go to Consignor Check-in just inside the entrance in front of the Large Outside Ride-ons area before putting out any items!
  • We must check all items each trip into the store.
  • If you have all white tags, show your tagged items at Consignor Check-in to get your donation receipt and early shopping pass.

You are welcome to drop off items at ONE, TWO, or ALL THREE of our pre-sale drop-off times! We make it easy to fit into your schedule!

ke consignor schedule

No time? Sign up for Drop 'n Go!

Details about Pickup

What to do in advance of Drop-off

  • All tags should have tape on the hole punch corner.
  • We require that you handwrite or type a complete and thorough 3+ word description in our online system or write it by hand that clearly matches your item to its tag. (Blue dress matches 1000 items in our store. Be specific about any distinguishing features.) Typing descriptions is faster and puts the description in the QR code so it appears when scanned but you can handwrite them if you want. If you buy a Seller Report, you won't have descriptions if you don't type them online. (We require typed tags for Boutique Bash.)
  • We will check your tags at the door. If your tags do not have 3+ word complete thorough descriptions, we will change your code to a 55% Drop 'N Go code or charge $1 per item and replace your tags. Your items will not be permitted to be put out without completed tags with thorough descriptions.
  • Zipties must be used when possible or a tagging gun, not safety pins unless there is absolutely no place to use a zip tie or tag gun. If using a tagging gun, still add tape to the tag corner and attach the tag to the SEAM of the item, not to the main fabric. Do not hole punch if using a tagging gun. Use safety pins in the seam only when absolutely necessary when a zip tie or tag gun can't be used.
  • Make sure you have your confirmation email, and that it says you are Registered for Kids EveryWEAR in the subject line and lists the correct month/dates in your shopping time.
  • Attach tags to trading cards, $25 and up high-end items, and large bulky heavy items with blue painter's tape so you can staple the tag to the Claim Ticket at Drop-off.
  • Check out our Items Accepted Chart to ensure you only bring the items we are accepting at this sale.

Are you bringing...

  • A car seat? Write the EXPIRATION date of your car seat on the tag front with a red Sharpie.

Attach Claim Tickets provided at Drop-off to these items and zip-tie them to our rack:

  • Trading cards and Pokemon cards
  • Diaper bags priced at $25 or higher
  • Baby carriers priced at $25 or higher

Attach Claim Tickets to ALL larger items and hard-to-move items:

(Attach tag with blue painters tape in advance of Drop-off since you need to staple tags for these items to a Claim Ticket. Watch this video to understand how to complete the Claim Ticket at Drop-off.)

  • Cribs
  • Bassinets
  • Play tables (matching chairs need our Duplicate Tags)
  • Changing tables
  • Exersaucers
  • Highchairs
  • Desks
  • Pack 'n Plays (Claim Ticket needs to be attached to bag handle and bag attached to pack 'n play)
  • Sandboxes
  • Train tables
  • Large outdoor play equipment
  • Sand tables & water tables
  • Glider Rockers (also attach Do Not Sit on Chair sign we provide)

Attach Item Not Paid For laminated signs provided at Drop-off to any item for sale that a shopper might bring to shop with:

  • Strollers
  • Wagons

Finish Getting Ready

  • If you are bringing books to sell, please bring them neatly organized in a cardboard box that you leave at the book store. You will not get back your box. We will shelve your books for you. Tagging lots of books? Pre-sorting into the categories in the Tagging Books section of our How to Tag Items page will make for a quicker drop-off! We only take children's books - no cookbooks or adult books. Books must say BOOK + title and have tape around all four sides.
  • If you are bringing a crib, pack 'n play, or other equipment or a teepee, tent, or tunnel, you must assemble them at the sale. Please bring any needed tools.
  • Double-check that items have been properly hung and tagged.
  • Double-check that tags and pieces are secure.
  • Double-check that tag info is accurate and complete.
  • Pack an emergency kit with pens, packing tape, cable ties, and safety pins just in case you arrive and find a tag has wiggled loose!
  • Bringing a wagon, luggage cart, rolling suitcase, stroller, rolling rack, or dolly will help you transport large quantities of items from your car to the racks and shelves. (Be sure to label it with your name and cell # in case you leave it behind.) We will carefully check all items as you leave.

Drop-off Procedure

  1. If you have large, bulky toys or infant equipment to unload, pull up to the curb and quickly unload only those items to the curb. Do not block the handicap ramp while you unload.​
  2. Immediately move your car to a designated mall parking spot. The mall does tow illegally parked cars at drop-off! Do NOT block the fire lane or handicap ramp.
  3. At the door, we will check your tags for taped corners (recommended but not required for ke/ee), complete descriptions, and QR codes. We will also check that you didn't cross out prices and handwrite them.
  4. Go to Check-in just inside the entrance. If you have all white tags, show your tagged items to get your donation receipt and early shopping pass.
  5. If you are selling a stroller, attach a Stroller Tag that says "This Item Is For Sale" at Drop-off
  6. Selling trading cards like Pokemon cards or cumbersome large items or high-end items priced above $25? At home, please attach the tag to these items with blue painter's tape. We want it to be easy for a shopper to buy your large items, and we want to protect your high-end items! 
    Hard-to-move items such as cribs, pack 'n plays (please attach Claim Ticket to bag handle of pack 'n plays and zip tie the bag to the pack 'n play so when the customer folds the pack 'n play the tag is on the outside of the bag), large outdoor play equipment, train tables, large furniture, bassinets, changing tables, rocking chairs, sand/water tables, and even bikes need a Claim Ticket attached to them at Drop-off at the Claim Ticket tables. At Drop-off, we ask that you complete the top portion of a Claim ticket plus the consignor # and description on the bottom portion. Write your chosen discount % on the Discount Y/N line and write the tag color on the Item # line. Then staple all 4 corners of your tag to the Large Item Claim Ticket and attach the Claim Ticket to your large item. Trading cards and items priced over $25 must have the claim ticket zip-tied to them in order to use a Claim Ticket. Wrap zipties in both directions around high-end items such that they can't slide off. Attach tag with blue painter's tape. At the sale, staple that tag to the Claim Ticket. See Shopping Tips for details about how Claim Tickets work when the customer wants to purchase the item.
  7. If you bring a car seat or a separate base, you MUST write the expiration date across the top of the tag with a thick red marker like this:  EXP 10/28. You will be charged an additional $10 fee if you bring an expired car seat. We will discard the car seat and not return it. Read here to find your car seat's expiration.
  8. Place all items in the correct designated places on the sales floor. Racks, bins, and shelves are clearly labeled and there are ceiling signs and KE Crew Members available to direct you. 
  9. Stack large sturdy, empty, unlabeled boxes behind the tan curtains in front of Books near Housewares. Please do not leave small or weak boxes.
  10. Once your items are in the proper spots and assembled as required, please exit quickly! No browsing!
  11. As you exit, our staff will check your bags/luggage/bins as a security measure. We know you, as a consignor, will understand.

*There is a $1 per item fee if we find that you have any items dropped off that are very clearly off-season, stained/torn, not on our Items Accepted Chart for the current event, or if you have multiple items clearly dropped off in the wrong gender/size.

PLEASE keep your children with you at all times! Unsupervised children will be given an espresso and a puppy! 

A few deals you might be interested in at Drop-off. Cash only:

  • White cardstock to tag will be available for cash purchase (10 sheets for $1)
  • 4" zip ties will be available for purchase (100/pack for $2)
  • Large ziploc bags will be available for purchase ($1 per bag)
  • Sticker sheets to change prices or cover old Kids EveryWEAR tags that don't have a QR code (10 sheets for $2). Stickers are not allowed for our Boutique Bash.

Details about Late Drop-off

Details about Rollover of some items

drop off wagon cart stroller example

Next, it's time to shop and then pick up your check! Cha-ching!