Cardstock Color List

We require 65 - 67 lb cardstock.

Any weight equal to or heavier than 65 lb paper is allowed but 100lb does not go through most printers, so we recommend 65 or 67 lb weight!

Circling the price: IF you do not have a color printer we require all consignors who price at No Discount to CIRCLE the price with RED pen or 50% discount to CIRCLE the price with GREEN pen. 

Why do we assign cardstock colors? It helps us sort the unsold items at the end of the sale much more quickly. You will be able to find your sorted unsold items more quickly at Pickup as well.

If your code is in the 3000s: If you can get it, please use LIGHT PINK instead of RED PAPER for code 3000s. The lighter paper scans much more easily. It is ok to use RED if you can't get LIGHT PINK.

Tape: We recommend that you add a dab of scotch tape or packing tape over the hole punch corner of each tag before punching the hole. This strengthens the tag so it does not rip off. You should do this for all of your tags, but at least do it for heavier items like shoes, please.

Find out more about using white cardstock to donate your unsold items at the sale end to our wonderful, carefully chosen charities!

Find your paper & other supplies easily at our Amazon link: