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Register now to be a consignor and sell your homeschool items at Kids EveryWEAR's Spring & Fall events! 

Want to sell your homeschooling curricula at Kids EveryWEAR Consignment Sale? Here are a few things you need to know.

Homeschool tags use your same 4 digit code, but they are formatted specially for educational materials. Just click the homeschool tag radio button to print tags for these items.

Please put all multiple piece materials together in a large (gallon or 2-gallon size) Ziploc. Seal it shut with packing tape. Carefully note its contents and the condition of each on your tag, as well as items which would be needed to complete the set. You might also want to write the Publisher on your tag.

Please follow the guidelines for Pricing under our Consignors section if you have any questions. Note on the tag the Publisher, Subject, Grade, and Year Published, as well as the Retail Price if you can determine it (online search for the item helps). We recommend selling your items for 1/2 the retail price or less if they are in excellent condition and are the current edition. For older editions, please drastically reduce your prices as people typically look for the most recent edition of the items they need!

Drop off homeschool items with Books. We will shelve them by subject. 

Please bring tagged books neatly stacked in cardboard boxes and leave them in the box for us to shelve. Thank you!

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