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Preparing Your Items

  • Check the Items Accepted page for our chart of what is accepted at each season's event. Tag the big items that get the most money first, such as large out - think garage sale gone wild. When done, tag items accepted at both sales. Then tag the items only accepted at the Kids EveryWEAR Sale, such as children's clothing and books.
  • Please check for your equipment on this recall list. We do not accept recalled items.
  • Kids EveryWear only accepts quality, clean, and current items applicable to the current season! Scrutinize each item as though YOU were going to buy it.
  • Check for stains, holes, missing parts, etc. These are unacceptable.
  • Thoroughly clean baby equipment, including washing fabric covers to car seats and strollers to make sure yours sell.
    • A magic eraser is your friend!
    • Lestoil and Dawn dish detergent work wonders on grease stains!
    • Lysol wipes also are amazing to help clean toys and equipment.
  • A fresh laundering and ironing will help sell your item. 

Supplies Needed

  • 65 or 67 lb Cardstock - Use your assigned color if you want to pick up your unsold items at the sale end. Please use white cardstock to tag any items that you wish to donate if they do not sell! This helps tremendously reduce our sorting time, but most importantly blesses needy children. Please consider donating! See Donating Unsold Items for more info on who gets donated items. 
  • Red pen if you choose No Discount.
    Green pen if you choose 50% off Max Discount.
    We REQUIRE THAT YOU USE THE CORRECT COLOR PEN TO CIRCLE THE PRICE to ensure your discount choice is clear to our shoppers. The word under the price is not enough to help the shopper understand the discount.
  • Black pen to complete size, brand, and description fields if you don't complete those online. *Remember your seller's report, should you pay the additional fee to be sent one, will list only prices and not items by description if you do not enter your descriptions online. If we must hand key a tag because it does not scan, we will not key the description - sorry - so for any that are hand keyed, description will not show on the Sellers Report.
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Hole punch
  • Plastic hangers: Child-sized hangers work best for clothing up to size 4. Adult hangers work well for sizes 5 and up. Wire hangers are allowed but not preferred. They snag fabrics and are hard to separate on the racks. We recommend you ask Old Navy for hangers, especially on Sunday afternoons. They throw away hundreds every day!
  • Cable ties (zip-ties). These are available in the electrical dept. of Home Depot, Lowes and Wal-Mart) to secure tags to clothing. Note: Cable ties are mandatory - no safety pins except when impossible to cable tie!!! Cable ties are cheaper, easier to use and prevent tag removal. See below for details on how to use them. Northern Tool has the best prices on cable ties! DO NOT ATTACH CLOTHING TO HANGERS WITH CABLE TIES!!! Shoppers want to try on your items!
  • A tagging gun is allowed but zip-ties are always more secure! Attaching tags with TWO tag pins is better than attaching them with safety pins for items without a way to use a cable tie. 

  • Safety pins (Safety pins are not accepted unless it is impossible to attach tags with cable ties as in the case of many new "tagless" tees and PJs. Safety pins are fine for these, but be careful not to damage delicate knit fabric! A tagging gun is preferred over safety pins, but use cable ties every time there is a place to attach them to!) You may attach slippery clothing items to hangers with safety pins. Do not use zip-ties for this purpose!
  • Ziploc bags (assorted sizes) for toys, socks, etc. Large sizes are the cheapest at Dollar Tree. Be certain to seal them shut with packing tape and attach the tag to the outside of the bag. Items that can be displayed without putting them in a Ziploc should not be put in one - for example, shoes, slippers, socks, bibs, etc. Only use Ziplocs when necessary. They make items more difficult to view.
  • Packing tape for attaching tags to toys, etc. DO NOT TAPE OVER THE QR CODE!
  • Painters tape for attaching tags to books and game/puzzle boxes (prevents tearing).
  • Scotch tape to reinforce tags at hole punch, especially on shoes, toys, and heavy items as these fall off easily.
  • Long cable ties for hanging shoes - a string of two long cable ties is great for displaying shoes at the sale!
  • Rubber bands for grouping all same-size, same-gender items after pricing
  • Batteries to bring toys to working condition

General Tag Information

When tags become separated from items, everyone loses! We will not sell items without tags because the consignor cannot be properly paid. Help us sell as many of your items as possible by making every effort to ensure those tags stay put!

What if I have items tagged from another consignment sale or from a previous Kids EveryWEAR SALE?

We do not accept any tags from other sales!!!

You will be assigned a unique QR code at Kids EveryWEAR and you must use our tags! We have rewritten our checkout software and are requiring ALL PREVIOUS KIDS EVERYWEAR CONSIGNORS to switch to our NEW TAGS with QR CODES on them as of June 2019. We have never changed tags before and hope to never require it again!

If your items are leftover from other sales (including ours), please evaluate their condition in light of Kids EveryWEAR pricing guidelines and mark them down in price and/or discount choice when you re-tag them! If they didn't sell last time, they most likely won't sell at the same price again!

See our Print Tags Page for an explanation of the four types of tags available: Regular (most used), Home School, QR Sticker Sheet (for old tags), and Duplicate Tags for sets as well as an explanation of the Discount Options and some helpful printing tips.


Next check out Tagging Blunders so you can avoid them!

Tagging clothes

  • All clothing must be on hangers (except undergarments, including "Onesie" undershirts).
    • Undergarments are the ONLY clothing items that are to be in clear Ziploc bags! Sleepers, pj's, snap-crotch shirts, etc. will not sell in bags!
  • Place all clothing on hangers with hook opening such that as you face the item, the hook looks like a question mark "?". See photo.
  • Snap all snaps and button all buttons to ensure they are all accounted for and that the item will display well.
  • DO NOT attach clothing to hangers using cable ties. Use safety pins if you think your item will slip off of the hanger easily. Customers want to try on items before purchasing and cannot do so if you zip tie your item to the hanger.
  • Pants should be hung full length, not folded over the hanger. If using a wire hanger, run the safety pin through the thinner pocket fabric, catch the TOP angled part of the hanger on the back, and run the safety pin back to the front of the pants. Don't attach the safety pins to the bottom straight part of the hanger. The pants will fold in half and slide around  
    easily if you use the bottom straight part of the hanger.
  • Selling infant onesies as sets of 2 or more safety pinned together on a hanger is recommended over selling individually. Selling infant separates as outfits is also recommended if they are the exact same size. Do not mix sizes. Hang the pieces of the set back to back in the following manner: hang the shirt on the hanger, turn the hanger over and attach the pants to the shirt at the shoulders with the front of the pants facing the opposite direction of the shirt. So on one side you see the front of the shirt, but when you flip over the set you see the front of the pants. 
  • Separate all clothing into piles by price to expedite tagging.
  • Use the link from your registration confirmation email to go to the Print Tags page of our website. Enter your code and last name. Then enter the details for 12 tags at a time and print them on your assigned color of 65 or 67 lb cardstock or white cardstock if you are choosing to donate the leftovers after the event. Read the Print Tags page carefully!
  • Complete Descriptions are REQUIRED on all tags. You may handwrite descriptions. You must include 3+ words with Brand/Color/Description that is not generic but specific such that if your tag falls off, we can match it back up, and so that no one can find your tag and use it on another lost tag item. Customers get extremely frustrated when they set their minds on an item and we can't match the tag to the item!


    Books must have the TITLE on your tag as well as the word BOOK and be taped fully around all 4 edges of tag so the tag can’t fall off. We will change your code to receive 55% of your earnings if you do not write complete descriptions on your tags or if you do not use your assigned color of 65lb cardstock or white cardstock.

  • Boutique Brands - On all Boutique brand items, please write the word "Boutique" in the top right corner of your tag and tie a 1/4” curling ribbon to your hanger at the top of the triangle going around the hook and triangle. 
  • When your items are tagged, sort them for Drop-Off according to the categories on our Drop-Off page for a speedy Drop-Off!

Clothing Sizes

  • For children's clothing sizes, do NOT use S, M, or L as this means absolutely nothing from one brand to the next! Use only numeric sizing. 
  • Items with a size range, i.e., 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 12-18 months, or 18-24 months will hang with the LARGEST size in the range or compare them to other items and mark and hang them as the size they are closest to.
  • If you KNOW an item fits weird, a 2T fits exactly like all your other 18m items, for instance, label item "fits like 18m" as the size and place it with the other 18m items. Be careful you're not biased by the size of your child, but by comparable items of clothing!
  • You may leave the description blank online and handwrite it if you'd like. Some folks will prefer to save a pdf of and print a page of tags of the same price/max discount or a variety of prices and their chosen max discount and then complete the description and size information with a pen as they attach the tags. This is fine. The PRICE and MAX DISCOUNT MUST BE ENTERED ONLINE. We do NOT store this information for you. You may print this pdf of tags with prices again and again and handwrite descriptions!
  • Use the description space to "sell" your item. Be sure to point out if it's a name-brand label, if it's new and has the original sales tags attached, or other important information such as the current retail price if it is a big-ticket item. Tags DO fall off. We make every effort to match tags back to items so that they can sell! We absolutely cannot do this with descriptions like "shirt" or "toy." The more specific you are the better! Clear descriptions also increase the security of items!
  • Attach tags to garments as you complete them.
  • Cable ties work best for almost all clothing items and some other miscellaneous items like Snuglis and diaper bags. Once a cable tie is fastened properly, it cannot come open.
    • Be sure to strengthen the top left corner of tags with a small piece of scotch tape prior to hole-punching to reinforce its security.
    • Simply punch a hole in each tag in the designated spot, slip the cable tie through the hole and loop it through garment label, buttonhole, belt loop, etc. Make certain to zip the cable tie correctly so that it cannot slide open! Check that you didn't insert it through the tie zipper backward!
  • Do not attach cable tie to hanger, only to garment, so customer can try the item on.
  • If there is no secure place on the garment through which to loop a cable tie (tagless t-shirts for example), use a safety pin through your hole punch and position tag on the garment's upper left, i.e. "over the heart". NEVER attach tags to hangers, but only directly to garments!
  • When hanging pants, be sure you PIN the pants to the hanger shoulders, not the straight bottom edge, to keep them from sliding around and to display them best. Pant hangers with clips are ideal. Do not fold pants over hangers. Do not attach clothing to hangers using zipties. Customers want to try on items.
  • For sets, hang the shirt on the hanger and then pin the pants to the back of the shirt at shoulders, catching the top of the hanger, so that both pieces can be viewed fully without unpinning or raising the shirt, with the pants facing the opposite direction of the shirt. This allows shoppers to see the pants easily and prevents them from becoming separated from the outfit. Be sure both items of your set are the same size, otherwise please sell separately! See directions for pricing sets on the Pricing page.
  • If you choose to hang pieces of a matching outfit on separate hangers (i.e. delicate fabric that may be damaged by pins), secure the necks of the hangers with a cable tie. Do not use rubber bands for this purpose! Make certain pants will stay on the hanger!

Tagging Multiple Piece Items and Clothing Sets

  • On all multiple piece clothing items and on large multiple piece items (i.e. crib and changing table set or car seat with 2 bases) write "1 of 2" and "2 of 2" with descriptions on each piece, but ONLY put a price on the tag on the most visible part of the set!!! Use one of the Duplicate Tags on our Print Tags page for the 2nd piece or additional pieces of the set with no price on that piece so we can't accidentally scan the set twice. If pieces of the set get separated, the duplicate tags help us match them back up.
  • Do no attach tag to hanger! Only to garment! Customers want to try on these items. If you cable tie the item to the hanger, they can't try them on and your items won't sell as readily.
  • Please use TWO tag pins if you use a tagging gun and DO NOT push the tag pin through the main fabric, only through a seam where it absolutely can't damage the item.

Tagging Socks, Undergarments, Accessories, etc.

  • Group like items of same size together so that they can be priced at a $1 minimum. Put these neatly in Ziplocs and seal with clear packing tape. Tape tag with detailed description on outside of bag. Do not tape over QR code. We only accept socks and undergarments that are in new condition. 
  • Hang bra on hanger with safety pins not zipties. Do not bag bras! As with all clothing, do not use zipties on the hanger as consignors want to try on items, and we want your items to sell!
  • Belts - Do not put in bags but add ziptie in order to hang on hooks.
  • Hair bows and headbands - do not put in bags but add ziptie in order to hang on hooks.


Tagging Jewelry, Purses, and Hats, etc.

  • Attach tags to jewelry. Feel free to attach jewelry to cardboard or the original earring plastic if you have it.

  • Attach the tags to purses, clutches, and wallets with a cable tie to the zipper or a strap that can't be removed.

  • For hats, as with any item, if there is a label or a place to which you can attach a ziptie, use it. Otherwise, use a safety pin.
  • Hang all Snuglis, Bjorn Carriers, Slings and Head Supports on hangers.


Tagging Shoes

  • Shoes should be joined with extra-long cable ties so that they display well at the sale. If you only have short ties, use one to secure the pair together and then add one or more cable ties to create a chain. This helps them to display well on our rack system. Add one to two cable ties through the one joining the shoes so that the tie will be long enough to hang the shoes neatly on our shoe rack.
  • If shoes have no way to attach a ziptie, you may want to rubberband them together and use packing tape to attach tag to one shoe's bottom. Be sure not to tape over the QR code.
  • Please, no Ziploc bags! Shoes in Ziploc bags or tight/short cable ties do not hang and display well!
  • Shoes must be clean and like-new with no scuffed toes! "Magic Erasers" remove superficial scuffs!
  • Make sure descriptions are detailed.
  • Please do not put a price tag on each shoe, only one tag per pair.

Tagging Books

  • Check books for missing, torn pages. 
  • Painters tape is best for attaching tags to books and game/puzzle boxes (prevents tearing).
  • Cover the book's original barcode with painter's tape. This helps us scan the QR code and NOT the original barcode!
  • Attach the tag with painters tape around all four sides securely but don't cover the QR code.
  • If you group multiple titles, seal them in a Ziploc with clear packing tape, attach tag to bag and list all titles under tag description.
  • The title is required in the description.

Attach tag to books, puzzles, and games with blue painters tape. Then cover the original barcode with blue painters tape so we don't scan it!

attaching tag to books cover original barcode with blue painters tape so we don't scan it

Tagging LOTS of books? Pre-sorting into the following categories will make for a quick drop-off! Because we sort our books so carefully, we sell a much higher percentage of them than other sales! Print this list here.

  • Board Books
  • Musical or sound-making books
  • Hardback Picture Storybooks
  • Paperback Picture Storybooks
  • Early Readers (labeled as Early Reader, My First Reader, Readers Levels 1-4)
  • Early Chapter Books (i.e., Magic Tree House, Junie B. Jones, Box Car Kids, Geronimo Stilton, Captain Underpants, Cam Jansen, Rainbow Magic, Horrible Harry, Barbie, Scooby-Doo, etc.)
  • Parenting (for toddler and above)
    • NOTE: Infancy and Pregnancy books go in the Infant Supply Department.
  • Chapter Books for Older Girls and Boys (This area includes series such as American Girl, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Animal Ark, Encyclopedia Brown, Judy Moody, books by Jerry Spinelli, Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Andrew Clements, etc.)
  • Young Adult Books
  • Teacher-aides
  • Non-fiction
  • Biblical or Inspirational
  • NOTE: We do not accept adult-oriented books! No adult novels. No cookbooks except baby food cookbooks. Sorry.

NOTE: If you bring your books sub-divided into boxes/containers that you do not want returned, you can just hand them to our KE Crew for us to immediately take to the back to be shelved and you do not need to separate them into bins. This saves you time and helps us by keeping the bins from filling up so quickly. Thank you!  

Tagging Games & Puzzles

  • Prior to taping these items shut, count the # of pieces and write "all pieces included" on the tag. Blue painters tape is ideal for sealing these as it is less likely to tear delicate surfaces. Even if you think it is new, it is often the case that pieces are missing. Please count pieces!
  • Be sure to wrap wooden puzzles in plastic wrap first before taping or tape ruins the front of the puzzle! Seal the plastic wrap with clear packing tape, but be sure packing tape does not come in direct contact with the puzzle! 2-gallon Ziplocs also fit puzzles well and help prevent damage.

Puzzles, games and all multi-pieced items MUST be complete. Assemble them or count items to verify completeness, then mark "all pieces included" on tags and seal to prevent loss.

If an item is in a ziploc, please attach the price tag to the ziploc and use packing tape to seal the ziploc well.




Tagging Toys, Equipment, and Housewares

  • Consider providing manuals and/or internet reviews for high-dollar items, especially if they have unique features. Secure them to items in a Ziploc bag.
  • Make sure DVDs, CDs, etc. are in their CORRECT packages and seal with masking tape. Open DVD cases and puzzles to count pieces and to check content before sealing.
  • Open DVD cases to check content, close, seal, then mark "DVD checked."
  • Packing tape and/or cable ties are usually ideal for toy items.
  • Strengthen the top left corner of tags for toys with a small piece of scotch tape prior to hole punching to reinforce its security. Many tags fall off when people rummage through shelves and bins.
  • Toys get played with! Secure pieces carefully! We cannot be responsible if your toy parts get separated. If there are multiple pieces being sold together, secure them well.
  • Batteries MUST be included with all battery-operated items. NOTE: Consignors bringing items requiring batteries without working batteries may be charged $1 for each battery that Kids EveryWear installs in the item in order to sell it. Deductions will be made from consignor checks. Because Kids EveryWear is committed to customer satisfaction, we reserve the right to pull any items of questionable condition from the sales floor. We cannot offer returns, so shoppers are quite wary to purchase items that may not work. Dollar stores sell batteries.
  • Cribs, swings, and pack 'n plays MUST be set up by you! We have a 100% selling record for all assembled cribs!
  • Please print this comprehensive list of toys if you think it will help you at Drop-Off.
  • Ziptie electrical cords!
  • Battery powered ride-ons should have batteries. They sell well and you will recoup the cost of the battery and more if you order a battery in order to sell your ride-on! 

Tagging Other Items

Comforters, Crib sets/Bumpers, Baby Blankets, Bibs, Swaddles, etc.

  • We do not accept crib bedding except muslin blankets. We accept twin and above at the EverythingELSE Sale only.
  • Put bedding in its original plastic bag or use appropriately-sized Ziploc bags. These are available at Dollar Tree. Tape over the hole punch area of the tag and then hole punch, and ziptie the tag to the zipper of the bag or tape tag to outside of bag without taping over QR code. If you don't have a large enough bag, you may tie twine or ribbon securely around your set to keep it folded.
  • We prefer bibs NOT be in bags, so people can clearly see that they do not have stains.
  • We only accept brand new baby blankets of any type or muslin baby blankets. Muslin blankets should be on hangers. Hang them on the blanket rack in the Infant Department at Drop-off. If you can't hang new blankets, we have baskets for them under the racks of muslin blankets.

Housewares, Home Décor Accessories, and Similar Items

Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Ballard Designs, Pampered Chef, Creative Memories, Stamping Up, and any other like new, hot items you are sure will sell.

  • For paintings/art work at the EverythingELSE Sale, please tape tag to the front of all pictures and hang pictures on nails on walls. No pictures with glass front or plastic front are allowed - only canvas, wood, metal, or word art, no handmade or hand painted items at the Kids EveryWEAR Sale. We will accept nursery pictures or nursery frames with glass at the Kids EveryWEAR Sale. All other pictures and frames with glass should be brought only to the EverythingELSE Sale.
  • For all other items, tag as you would anything else.
    • Zipties are optimal when there is a way to attach them so they can't be removed without scissors.
    • Blue painter's tape works well; packing tape is also an option, but only when its removal will not damage the item.
    • Be sure the tag is adhered to stay, but won't cause damage when removed.
    • If there are multiple items in a large set, be sure to tag and label all items. For example, an out of the box crock pot with lid: put the price on Tag 1 and write "See Tag 1" as the price on tags 2 & 3.
    • For smaller sets of items, use ziplocs bags to keep them together and label the bag.
    • Zip-tie electrical cords

Houseware items will NOT be sorted at sale end. This is to provide enough staff to create a smooth sale. We do not have the staff available to sort Housewares. Please prepare to locate any items you wish to pick up. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your Houseware items, although we do our best to protect everything we sell!

  • Unsold items will be donated at sale end if not picked up so please don’t forget to pull them from the racks at Pick Up.

To avoid the crowds at Pick Up, feel free to take a KE Crew slot to work the afternoon sort shift and bring your items home at the end of your shift or come the 75% off evening of the sale to pull your items that you don't want to rollover instead of waiting until Pick Up. 

Read about Pricing next!

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